Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My motivation to blog has been low. I've been working and knocking out again. I will get to each and everyone of your posts A.S.A.P.


I have some vacation days saved up and I was planning on using them to either GO to NY and visit my Bro and SIL at Christmas time or use them when they CAME to visit.

It doesn't look like either is going to happen.

SO...Angel mentioned that he was taking 2 days off of work next week so that he can go to Corpus for his doctor visits. He asked if I could take a couple of days off so that the kids and I could go with him and we could stay up there for 4 days.

Guess what he wants to do.....

Go on..

Take a guess.

YUP. Fish and camp.

He actually thinks it will be "different" this time.

I don't see how.

We are still going to the BEACH. We are still going to set up CAMP. The only thing that may be different is that we won't actually be setting up the tent ON the sandy beach. We're going to set up in the background on a campsite with grass.
So that means, I won't be sleeping on sand, I will be sleeping on the ground. Okay, so knowing me it will actually be an inflatable mattress BUT still....

Angel is super excited as always.
He's running plans in his head about what we are going to do.
All I can think about is how fucking HOT it's going to be.

I know, I know...

Stop bitching and go enjoy your family.

I will...


Yesterday I took the kids and myself to the dentist. My company received dental insurance so I jumped on that train. Found a dentist here and set up an appointment (which happened to be for the next day). I got us all there and they took X-rays of all of us. None of the kids have cavities (AWESOME). That's something to be a proud Momma about. I can't stand to have my kids talking and smiling and I see stuff on their teeth. All conversation is halted immediately and the kids are ushered to the restroom to take care of business.

7 yrs straight and no cavities for either of them.

Okay, so the math isn't exact seeing as how Devyn is 8 and Dom is 14 but still...NO CAVITIES!




tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lol congrats on the no cavities. my son should be so lucky. i have to chase him down & hold him down to brush his teeth. if i let him do it himself he just taps his front tooth and licks the toothpaste. i know he's gonna have a bizillon cavities cause all he eats in sweets & he got like a million teeth. so him & his mama gonna have to deal with that.

as for the camping & fishing. again that sounds like fun. it make seem redundant to you. and it may seem "hot" and "outside" but it will def be memories to the kids that can never be replaced. chilling with the entire family, taking trips to the beach, camping. they'll always remember family time and trips like that. so take one for the team. lol

Beyond Danielle said...

I think the camping thing sounds like lots of fun

Danielle said...

I wush i had time to go camping. go, have fun. Enjoy.

~Sheila~ said...

I'm a freak when it comes to the kids brushing their teeth. I will be sitting there talking to them and then I will zoom in and focus on their teeth while they talk and they know EXACTLY why I'm staring at those bones.
UGH...I can't stand it.

I know, I go on these trips with the kids and Angel precisely for those reasons. To make memories. Still, doesn't anyone remember that I'm black and I just can't take all of this heat and wilderness stuff?

Beyond Danielle:
I'm sure it will be fun. I just get so frustrated with the heat and the sand and the sweat and the bugs...(must not think about it...must not think about it...)

I'm going, I'm going...