Monday, August 3, 2009

Typical Text between Angel and I.

I bet you are wondering who's bright idea it was to start doing some yard work right when the devil wants to set the earth on fire?

Any ideas??

Let's see who the dipshit is...

First, let me set you up.

Angel is wanting to go to the Island (again) but this time just He and I. We can leave the kids with my parents (along with my vehicle) and do some pier fishing on Friday night and some wade fishing on the beach on Saturday. He wants to stay for 2 nights. The rooms are very expensive (around 169 a night) and I'm not trying to pay that much.

There is the other issue that he "promised" we could do this weekend. And that was to section off a part of my yard for the dogs to mainly stay in so that we could have a social part of the yard with some grass. That sounds like home improvment that would benefit because weather stays pretty good here in the fall and we can take advantage of our yard.

So, here's the texts:

Angel: Before we do anthing what would you like to do this weekend if I don't work

Angel: Let's go shoot pool let's go to fast eddies me u

ME: No, not into that anymore

Angel: Good, just making sure

Angel: Well if I don't work Sat. I want to leave Friday to the island for two nights to unwind

Me: OK

Angel: Or do you want me to do the fence this week

Me: Let's do the fence so we can enjoy the rest of summer in some of our yard

Me: I will help

Angel: Ok or we can measure it and get an estamit from fence people so we can buy a small gate door or ben might have one

Me: whatever

Angel: And we can start on the grass

Me: Yeah

Angel: It would have been perfect for me to go to P.I. to see if those rooms were there then come get u but i know we got work to do just imageing

Me: If you want to go then we can go. make up your mind.

Angel: You need to make up my mind please

Me: No, just decide

Angel: Don't want to make the wrong decision u help now

Me: No, u decide. Who is going to help get school supplies and when?

Angel: I will get them Sunday at walmart promise and cook. Now decide

Me: I want to get them when they are cheapest. Did you go to quest?

Angel: That tells me nuthang

Me: Are you still over there?

Me: My brother is coming at xmas time.

Angel: Yes just got here. decide

Me: Got where? Quest? Don't be bossing me around.

Angel: Yes, decide I am the boss of u

Me: Then we can stay and do yard work



Angel: Oooooookayyyyyyyyyyy

Me: See, why you make me decide?

Me: Going to cash my check

Angel: Can I over rule u with my powert

Me: Um...powert?

Angel: Power what if that was the wrong answer to me

Me: You made me decide. I used MY powert.

Angel: For real I was just testing your judgement and I think ur not on the same page thought you were my soul mate. Mate

Me: I am your soulmate, that's why my sensible judgement comes in and decides when needed. See, I look after you.

Angel: I think that's not right my soul mate would've pick the fun stuff

Angel: And sorry if I don't agree with ur poor judgement and feeble thinking process

Me: Did you price a room?

Angel: I was going to drive over there to find that place but we can still go.


....YUP, It was me.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Needless to say. These texts were between Angel and I this weekend and we NEVER went to the beach. We also never really got to work in the yard. We are "watering" the yard in order to moisten the soil because the metal rake we bought was sucking at pulling powdered dirt.

We will be planting grass for sure this Sept!!



honkeie2 said...

wow that sucks....I want to go to the beach!

Danielle said...

wow reading that gave me a headache. in a good way! lol

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

just like a woman. women always pick the works option. and it's like he kept giving you hints that "option #1" was what he wanted. but you kept on. even after you picked it he's like.."ooookay". trying to get you to change your mind. because men know.

we have some power. but if we make a decision and yall don't like it we can't even enjoy the better decision. and instead of sitting on the beach enjoying time off with your husband. yall watched the soil & the earthworms. *smh* time let him rule you with his "powert"

Mom Taxi Julie said...

LOL you guys crack me up. Scott always calls me after a couple of text messages, it's much more fun to annoy him via text!

~Sheila~ said...

We ALWAYS go to the beach!
I want to go do something different for a change..

It always give me a headache..

I don't know why he didn't just say what he wanted to do. I kept telling him to pick but he wanted me to. ANYWAY...all we do is play and our yard looked like we were tredging through the woods "blair witch" style.
I have to push him sometimes or he and the kids will become beach bums.

We text all day...just stupid shit.