Wednesday, August 5, 2009




I have a great idea!
I know how much you love Raspas. I love them too.
When you guys move down to Texas we can buy it and start our own Raspa business. We may have to take turns working it since it's so small but I promise you I won't eat all of the supplies.
Of course, I know you can't actually make that same promise but we'll work on it as time goes on.
We will make a killing in the summer time because everyone loves Raspas. We can go to Sam's Club and get the supplies. All we really need is cups, spoons, straws and the flavored syrups.
Water for ice and it already comes with the ice machine and it has an A/C unit to keep us cool.
We'll be in Raspa heaven....
Think about it.
Even if we don't use it for a business.....
We can make Raspas FOR US!!!


Danielle said...

oh that sounds good. i love snow cones, thats what we call them in philly

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

danielle that is what they are called everywhere except by Sheila. lol.

and you know you'd be out of business & sick from eating all the Raspas yourself. *smh* a crack addict working in a crack factory. YOU AIN'T SELLING NOTHING! lol

Sassy Mama said...

hey! my original comment didn't post! Anyway I SAID that I couldn't stop laughing because at first I was like what the hizelle is that?! Then as I read on, even though I know it's a joke I'm still like what a great idea! We would start off small with just a couple of flavors...(my favorite & your favorite) We would let people observe us making them & eating them until they finally try to buy one and then we'd let them know this is just a Raspas playhouse. Sorry. But we're really building interest and momentum in the place and our motto would be Raspas. So good we're not sellin em!"

Sassy Mama said...

BTW who are you the wicked witch of the west? You're MELTING! MELTING!
But really, you look great! I can't get under 170 & its almost time to go back to work. That's why I can't blog. Every time I sit down I keep thinking I should be up doing something to lose weight! Like jog to the fridge and stand up while I have a snack.

ysfb said...

from a distance i thought it was a outhouse. and wondered why you would sell snow cones from an outhouse then I put 2 and 2 together and realized what a raspa is. it's been a long day. how ya been?

honkeie2 said...

Haha I thought I was an outhouse too lol. Add booze and I will be there!

Andy said...

Actually, you can make it a combination outhouse/snow cone shop... either way, you'll get business.

~Sheila~ said...

I call them snow cones too but here in "Mexicanville" they are called Raspas..(pronounced...rrrrrraspas). If I called them snow cones they would look at me like they didn't know what I was talking about. They would probably even look at their menu to see if they had it.

I called them snow cones when I lived in other places. Here it's RRRRRRASPAS!
You're right. I probably wouldn't sell nothing. BUT at least I can say I have my own

Sassy Mama:
RASPA PLAYHOUSE!! AWESOME!! I'm loving the motto too (Of course we would need to find a bigger playhouse because we will need inflatable beds for naptime). I'm on the hunt for a new playhouse.
It's gonna be awesome. Laugh, nap and eat raspas....ahhh. Dreamin already.
Oh and Thanks. I'm still working on my weight. I finally bought a 2 piece and retired my maturnaty bathing

Hey MAN!! I'm glad to see you are still ranting about life as an alchy. An outhouse...we may need to install a bathroom...away from the raspas. Or just use the woods.
I'm good, Thanks. Glad you're still here.

Alcoholic raspas?!?!
Awesome. We'd sell our "treats" to the older adults outside of the clubs. Sassy Mama said..

"We would let people observe us making them & eating them until they finally try to buy one and then we'd let them know this is just a Raspas playhouse. Sorry."

Of course, we'd get drunk and passout in our playhouse with our inflatable beds for naptime.


Now, that's just gross. I don't think we will be letting anyone into our playhouse. ESPECIALLY not to take a dump!