Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, this weekend Angel has to go to his Dr's appointment in Corpus.

He asked me if I wanted to meet him up there.
What would we do up there?
Go fishing?
It IS closer to the water and can make a quick trip to the beach but that would mean getting a motel room and we don't want to have to pay for a room again.
My co-worker said that if we don't go to Corpus maybe we could make a quick trip to Mexico for some liquor bottles.
I do love a trip to Mexico.
So..let's see........

Mexico....sleep at liquor....cheaper all the way around


Corpus...Angel is already driving his truck...I would have to drive up there in my truck WITH the kids resulting in 2 vehicles needing gas...renting a room....spending more and more money PLUS having to put gas in both vehicles for the ride home.......NO THANKS.

I think I prefer to stay home and relax and maybe have a small get-together.

I like staying home. It helps with my anxiety. For some reason, I've been having a lot of it.


On another note, it isn't looking very good for Dom as far as being able to attend Med Tech.

Since I've placed him in this school for him to be able to work at his own pace, he seems to have chosen a slow pace. He has these packets he's supposed to have completed to be able to graduate into the 9th grade and he is behind on his Language Arts packets by 3. He doesn't have enough time this week to complete and test on these packets in order to finish this school year and make it into the 9th grade.

This means he will have to stay in this same school next year as an 8th grader until he completes those packets and tests on them then he will be considered a 9th grader.


I believe Med Tech will only allow students to attend coming into the school as a 9th grader once school starts.

I'm a little disappointed and really just frustrated with Dom for letting himself just slack off the way he did.

Of course, if you have read any of this blog from the beginning then you will know that this is the story of my life.

This is what we go through every year.

It's nerve racking.

What really gets me is that he may be missing out on an opportunity and he blew it. Whether he knew he wanted to go to Med Tech before or if it's something new he wanted to do...he should have kept up with his work.

Whatever the will be a lesson learned.


Another reason for my anxiety is that Angel may be leaving in a few months with the company to go work in either Dallas or New Orleans.

For how long?

I don't know. But I know it will be until the job finishes. And if anyone has ever worked in construction or knows of anyone who works in construction, then you know that deadlines are never met and work takes longer than anticipated.

It could be years.

This sucks.

Just when I need him most with my kids changing and growing and needing a father around them.

What do I do? How do I manage this by myself? I know I used to do it before but they were much younger then and idle threats were major components in discipline back then.

It used to work.

Now they are just shrugged off.

I guess we will see what happens and if you guys will see me on some talk show cause Devyn has become lead pimp in the neighborhood or Miah is head of the local gang...then....

Send help.....Please.


Beyond Danielle said...

is it too late for Dom to go back to regular school? Dom is still young and has time to make decisions. And you should be thankful Angel has opportunity to make money, these days... Wayne does that too, he wants to go to Minnesota I say I could use the break. And when kids are old enough these jobs pay for college.

~Sheila~ said...

Beyone Danielle:
Regular public school is too slow for him. He just gets bored and then gets into trouble. I found this school because he can do his work at his own pace and he had plans on excelling faster than regular school but he got too comfortable and slacked off.
I still have him enrolled in both schools in case he pulls it off but I'm not sure.

We will see.

Angel always has the opportunity to make money. I just wish not that the kids are getting older and wiser that he could be home with me to help keep them on the straight and narrow.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i was gonna say the same thing. Dom is just being a typical teenager. he'll prioritize sooner than later. he already sees what his slacking can cause. and i'm sure he's not too keen on the idea of being an 8th grader at the beginning of next year. so just stay on him, he'll jump back in sync..

as for your husband, i'm saying sometimes you gotta go to the money. especially in these times. i feel you though, wanting/needing him to be there to help you. but maybe his doing this, will help yall as a family more.

~Sheila~ said...

I'm starting to pic up on Dom and "what's going on" because we went grocery shopping and he blurted out that he wanted to be vegetarian. Now, if that was what he wanted...he should just do it and not's what he wants. I think he is just going along with other people.
Also, he DID just realize the severity of his consequences because of not completing his work to be promoted to 9th. He thought there was still a chance after school starts next year to be transfered because he will only need 1 week to complete his work an be promoted.

I know all about going to the money. We've been living like that since we ment (11 yrs ago). But he's sick (RA) and a couple of times had to be hospitalized.
It's a lot more than just leaving me with the kids.

We're still talking about it.

Ace C said...

Lol. Cracking me. The picture is priceless. What the hell is a "lead" pimp? Why not a regular pimp?