Monday, May 18, 2009

Crappy Weekend.

This past weekend was shitty. With the exception of 1 AM thru the rest of Sunday.

All I want to know is:

How come you can put yourself out there to help and be there for everyone but when the time comes when you need a shoulder to lean/cry get crap?

I drove to Corpus by myself and spent Friday evening and all of Saturday there. I decided to come home early because the support that I was looking for just wasn't there. Was I expecting all of Corpus to rally together and throw me a pity party?


I just wanted my best friend to "be there".

Wasted. Fucking. Trip.

Wasted. Fucking. Money.

But, rest assured.....I won't be sticking my neck out to help ANYONE the way I've been helping. Everyone can just worry about their own damn selves. Please, no one call me with your problems.

I don't want to hear them. I really don't care anymore.

Obviously, I've got my own problems so there will no longer be room for yours.

Or yours.

Or yours.

I won't be traveling anywhere to be helping anyone. Those times are past.

I'm just going to be worrying about Me and Mine.

Now, with that being said, I had a better Sunday so I guess that makes up for the shit weekend I had.

Angel was at the beach with the kids so when he came home with them Sunday afternoon, we all had movie night.

Yes, with Pickles and Popcorn.

(Only Miah and Devyn are in the pic because Dom went with Angel to my Mom's house to clean up doggie poop. So, Bro....tell Mom and Dad that we're on top of it and that the house is secure.)

We watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Madagascar 2.

Miah had been wanting to watch Ben Button so we did and it was really good. Madagascar....Hilarious. None of the kids got bored. We watched both movies and had a good time. Then it was time for the kids to get ready for bed.

I got to lay in bed and watch a marathon of Medium that I had been saving to watch with Angel but I figure they will be well into the next season by the time Angel actually sat to watch them.

At the moment, UFC is taking priority.

I've been tagged by Cheryln over at The World Through My Eyes.

I'm going to get to that this week, don't worry.
I was just looking at her post and it has a '8 Things I did yesterday' section. I was thinking...I didn't do much yesterday but sit on my ass and watch Movies. So the list would look more like:
1. Took a shit.
2. Wiped.
3. Wiped again.
4. Flushed.
5. Washed hands.
6. Sat on the couch (again)
7. Ate pizza.
8. Watched movies.

Yeah, not to appealing huh?

Anyway, to me, these things take thought. It's too early to think. I will work on it tonight. I might have to make some stuff up for filler.

Can't wait until this weekend. I should have 4 days off (if I can play my cards right) so we will most likely be spending it at the beach.
I don't know if I will survive 4 days on the beach. Maybe there will be a motel involved to help me get through the rough times. (and by "rough times"...I mean when the sun is out).



Mom Taxi Julie said...

Hope everything is ok :( You sound really down.

Beyond Danielle said...

Yeah well I've learned that the only person better to have a pity party with than friends is myself. I throw my own pity parties monthly, you read my blog. But aren't kids a blessing to make you feel better when no one else can. I hope you enjoy the beach this weekend. I wish I could be there. Maybe I will take my kids out to the beach too. Oh, and a little sun wouldn't hurt it's good for you, mentally

honkeie2 said...

Yeah I learned that lesson over and over again! I was there for them but the moment you go to them you seem to get nothing in return. I really do not have time for the bullshit and the games. Facebook has shown me that as well, I put the olive branch out and all I got was the fuzzy end of the lollipop....I didnt need you back then and I dont need you now. With friends like that who needs to whipe?

honkeie2 said...

and oh yeah....that pizza porn had me so hot until i read about you droppin a load...women dont pop, they make fary dust!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

unfortunately when dealing with other's you have to also deal with disappointment. i hate when i go to someone (because i rarely do), and they don't have the time or patience to deal with my problems, yet when they have a problem my world has to stop for them.

at least your had a good close to your weekend. kids can work your nerve, but something about just being with them makes everything better.

Ace C said...

Can a brother get a a few slices of that pizza. I just got really hungry.

Jennifer said...

so even though you already knew i was going to do something else for a few hours before you even came you still want to be mad cuz i had something else to do for a short time while you were here. knowing that in the past when you have "something" to do i have happily waited without complaint. and now you are ignoring me. i told you days before you decided to come about the plan i had. before you actually came you you changed your mind yes i am coming no i am not coming, then you get here on friday and then its OK well i am leaving early on saturday morning cuz i miss my fam i want to spend some time. then later you change your mind again which is fine ilove for you to visit but everything does not stop. i know you were having a bad time but i still maintain that we talked about it b4 you came so i still dont see why me doing my own thing for 2hrs on saturday night is such a problem. i understand that you feel i should have been there for you more that day and i am sorry that i let you down. but we have been friends to long for you to actually ignore me and not talk to me. i love you kitty i will keep trying to talk to you and wait for you to call me back.

~Sheila~ said...

I was.

Beyond Danielle:
I will be heading out to the beach this weekend. I've already reserved a room for 2

Yeah, people are self absorbed.

Yup it was a good close, and it will be a better weekend this time.

Ace C:
It's not's Digornio!!

Need time.