Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IF there a class to teach someone how NOT to lose their debit card?

I would definitely sign Angel up for one!

A couple of days ago, Angel lost his Debit card.
It disappeared like magic, right before our very eyes.

Okay, so it didn't vanish into thin air but we don't know what the hell Angel did with it.

He had it with him in his truck and we were all with him. We went through one of those drive through stores and bought a few drinks for us and the kids, then we never saw it again.

YES, we did go back and check the store.

YES, we did search the whole truck (and cleaned it in the process).

YES, Angel was subjected to a cavity search.

Well, there wasn't actually a cavity search but if you were to get one every time you lose a wallet or debit card or checkbook, then I bet he's lose his habit of losing things....QUICK!

I don't know how many time's he's lost his wallet.

Just gone.

So, who had to call the bank and say they were Angel (because we have separate bank accounts, it's a good thing the name works both ways) and give all of Angel's bank account info and order a new card for him.


No, just kidding.


We have separate bank accounts for this very reason. I'm afraid because of the many times Angel has lost his card/wallet. I can't afford for anyone to just take it all away. I rarely/hardly ever/never lose my wallet.

I keep mostly all of the money in my account.

I also keep the checkbook.

Don't worry, I would never leave my husband and take all of the money.
Wouldn't dream of taking all of the tens of hundreds of dollars that we have.

Anyway, this happened on Saturday. We are still waiting for the new card to come in.

Trust me. No one is waiting more anxiously than I am.

Then...he asked me if he could use my card or keep the checkbook.

My heart almost stopped.

I could feel my body getting cold.

My skin tightened.

My mouth got dry and it was hard to swallow.

OMG. What do I do?

I can't tell him "NO" because, well, he makes some of the money too.



I can give him cash and he will be happy like a child and forget about MY card and the checkbook.

What?! What do you mean, "you need more money than that"? All you need is $20.

Here, take the checkbook, then.

Huh?! What?! You don't like to write checks? But you asked for the checkbook!!

My card? Really? Do you really need my card?, what are you going to get? What are you going to do? Please don't hurt it.

So, I had to lend him my card.
As I was handing it over, I kept thinking...NO, don't do it!!! HOLD....ON....TIGHT!

Let me tell you, I was sweating it for a long time. All day.

Then he came home from his outing and I forgot to ask him about the card and then next day came and he went to work.

That's when I realized I forgot to get my card back from him and I was driving around in my work car.

I have needed an oil change for a looooong time and I've been putting it off. Finally, I thought I felt the car sputter a little bit and I was starting to freak out because I didn't want the engine to lock up on me on the highway.

I pulled into the first oil changing station I came across and they took the car and got to work.

Now with my company, I pay for any repairs the car needs (any minor repairs that I can afford like gas, wipers and oil changes) and they reimburse me.

So, I'm sitting in the waiting room and I start thinking about how much it's going to be and then I started thinking about getting my card.

Uh....I don't have my card.

Slight panic.

It's OK.
I have the checkbook.
The checkbook isn't even in MY name. (separate accounts and I don't want checks) I don't think they will accept it.

I ask them anyway and they said, "Doesn't your company have a FLEET account with us?"

FLEET account??? What's that?


They check, and my company does.


I didn't have to pay a damn thing!
I'm going back on Thursday because they said my transmission fluid needs changing.
Whateva!! Just put it on the Fleet account!!

Let me just say. I got home after work and snatched my card back from Angel. He's going to have to just wait it out for his. I can't be put in these predicaments.


I took my parents to the bus station yesterday morning so that they could ride the bus aaaaaaaalllllllllll the way to New York to go visit my bro and my SIL for a month.

I feel bad because I missed a call from them (they don't have a cell phone) but my mom left me a message this morning at almost 8 A.M. saying they were in Montgomery, Alabama and that they are doing fine.


As I was checking those messages.........

I got a voicemail from my brother. I don't think he meant to leave me a voicemail but you know those new Iphones....touchscreen and all....

Yeah, bro.

*tsk. tsk. tsk.*

Quit talking on the phone while driving...or was it because you were in the HOV* lane....solo?
Sounded like no amount of apologizing was going to make that officer happy!!!



honkeie2 said...

I lost my drivers liscense and still have yet to go get a new one. And the easiest thing to say when he wants your lost yours so now you have to wait!

Sassy Mama said...

LMAO! Bobby is always calling someone with his butt! I didn't even know had been stopped until I read about it here. & poor Angel, that could have been written about me! You meanie. I did think you were going to lie & say you lost yours too!

~Sheila~ said...

We are still waiting for his card to come in (keeping fingers crossed) and hoping that it comes in today.

Sassy Mama:
I know, I get lots of calls from Bobby and I'm the idiot the people see yelling into the phone "HELLO?!, HELLO?!!...BOBBY!! ARE YOU THERE???".
If you call me later today, I will let you hear it on 3-way.