Thursday, May 7, 2009

My very own!!

When I take the kids to school every morning, Dom is the last one to get dropped off. He kept brushing his hair and brushing his hair and telling me how he flat-ironed it, but only in the front...etc.

I couldn't help but keep looking at him because he reminded me of something and I just couldn't pinpoint what it was.
The way he looked, his hair...the color...the purpleness of smelled of grape (still).

What is it?..........

What is it?..........


(He's gonna be mad when he reads this.)

You guys remember Strawberry Shortcake, right???

Well, when I was little, I never had a strawberry shortcake doll (or any of those friggin dolls for that matter).
I know I've always wanted one and all of my friends either had THE Strawberry Shortcake doll or one of the chick's friends.

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't like Strawberry Shortcake, I do.
I'm just a little resentful of the fact that I never got a stupid doll OR one of her friends.
Whenever my mom would take us somewhere and if they had a little girl. I just knew she had a doll.
I could smell it on her.
And then they'd break out this whole collection of Strawberry Shortcake crap.
And none of them would let you be the one who actually plays with the Strawberry Shortcake doll itself know..."It's theirs, so they get to be Strawberry Shortcake!" So then, before you leave, you get a little bit of satisfaction when you sneak the doll and drop it in the toilet hoping it doesn't EVER smell like strawberry anymore (cause they will forever smell like damn strawberries!!).

Whateva! I'm not bitter.

Uh......Anyhoo...back to Dom...

My point I was looking at Dom, I felt a slight calm, an overall feeling of relief.
As if something, deep inside, has been fulfilled.

I know what it is people.

I have my very own doll.
No, really.

His name is Plum Pudding! I found him on this site.

I finally have my own Strawberry Shortcake friend doll!!
Of course, I have to feed him and clothe him and get after him to do his homework but at least he's mine!!!

Now, if only I could get him to wear a similar hat.

Have you guys checked out Dom's blog lately?


Andy said...

You must have been holding on to that Strawberry Shortcake resentment for quite some time. It must feel good to let it out...
Can you start calling him Plum now? I think he'll loooovvvvvvve it.

honkeie2 said...

I was going to say something about the karma crap but you beat me to it. I dont think there was anything i wanted so badly that I did not get as a kid. I am not saying I got everything I wanted....I am still waiting for that sex doll Santa! But this was a funny post. And how dare you dunk my cake baby in the toliet...I always thought it was you but now I have the proof! I am coming for you!

Beyond Danielle said...

OMG he does look like Plum Pudding, I quess the saying, "be careful what you wish for." is true

Now I'm not up to date as to why is his hair purple

Dana said...

Oh my! I remember those dolls! Does his hair really smell like grape? I know he dyed it and all but I've never had hair dye that smelled all too good. Grape...must be fabulous. I bet all the girls are swooning over his scent....and, you know, his sexiness! LOL!

Marshmallow Circus said...

just found your blog...

Too funny. I had the lemon doll but hated my sister. She had red hair and my mom insisted that was why she got the strawberry shortcake I hated her for that. :)

Your kiddo looks cute in his plum hair.

Sassy Mama said...

Uhhh, I know that I was your sister from another Mister (til now) because I had Strawberry AND her homie Blueberry Muffin - who's blueberry breath still lingers in the the nostrils of my mind.... I can almost smell it again. (Don't hate me) LOL Years later I would see the dolls(esp Strawberry Shortcake) & squeeze and yup still flavorlishous! I don't remember Plum but tell Dom instead of Sexy he should call himself Plum Rock!

~Sheila~ said...

Yeah, it was a deep seeded resentment. He's already read the blog and not he asks me "why are you looking at me like that?".
I think he knows I want to dress him up now.

Yeah, I know all about karma.
That sex doll you are waiting on...Santa has been using it and he ain't giving it up.

Beyond Danielle:
Yup, I'm liking how this is working out. Maybe my other kids will turn into life long longings...hmmm.
Read back a few posts and see why Dom's hair is purple.

Yeah, now they've "updated" the dolls to look like hoochies...or maybe it's just the cartoons.
Yes, his hair really smells like grape. It's a dye that he bought at Hot Topic for $12. It's called Raw Color.
Here's the link.

Marshmallow Circus:
See, that's just what I mean. There is always SOME reason why you can't get the damn doll!!

Sassy Mama:
I knew you would probably say you had the dolls when I wrote this. It's the best way to get out those secrets about someone.
Yeah, I know those scents still linger. They are lingering in my mind again now too. I just have to go and sniff Dom's head and those voices in my head will subside.

To all:
Dom read these comments and just shook his head.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

hahahaha that's too funny. He's not going to like it one bit though lol.