Friday, May 22, 2009

Heading Out...

First of all, I just want to thank all of the commentors on my last post.

I really appreciate the advice, all of the info and the fact that you shared some of your experiences with me via

This is going to save me sooo much $$$ in therapy. I will be able to refer back to the last blog when the time comes for Miah and Devyn to start doing the same thing. Hopefully, this won't be happening ANYTIME soon.

One child at a time, please.

Now, It's Friday and we are getting ready to head out to the beach this evening. Angel is off today so he will be doing most of the packing. I'm supposed to be working. I'm here because I only have one patient left but not until another 20 min or so.

So, technically, I'm not even here...

We rented a room for 2 nights at the beach and a few of Angel's friends will be out there hanging out with us and I believe one of my friends from work will most likely head out there for awhile too. She works with me. Now, normally I don't want to hang out with the people I work with but she's already gone to Mexico with me's cool.

Hopefully my SIL and BIL can make a trip out there.

It's going to be a great weekend. I already re-arranged my patients so that I can be off Monday.

I'm ready!

2 whole days on the the hot sun....drying up like a prune.
(Stop thinking like that Sheila!!)

No,'s gonna be fun standing in line to use the Port-A-Potty. Lucky for me..we brought our own. So now I only have to fight off my family members and friends.'s going to be so hot...I hope we have sunblock SPF2000. I'm gonna need it.

Alright, I'm ready.

IF you know me at all...then you know I won't be spending ALLLLL day on the beach.

What am I? Crazy?

Naw...I'll be out there......some.

What are you guys doing?


Sassy Mama said...

The beach?! and you're complaining?!&$# Do you know what I'm doing this weekend? spreading topsoil and pulling weeds! So if I were YOU young lady, I would go to the beach, sleep, eat, bathe in the ocean and enjoy it god dammit!! SOME PEOPLE!

~Sheila~ said...

Sassy Mama:
Ok, I will go to the beach and have fun!
Here I was, thinking you were living it up up there with my parents and my bro has put you guys to work!
Is my mom cleaning for you too? You don't know how good you got it! You should see my house!!!
It's crying out for my mom!!!


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

yea i'm a bit jealous of you & the beach too. unfortunately, my family likes to plan family reunions, weddings, bday's, etc. over memorial day holidays. so it gives me little room to do anything i want. so it'll be me & the family and someone else cooking. so that's fine by me. yall have fun!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Ahhh the beach, sounds like fun! For a few hours anyways lol

honkeie2 said...

I cannt wait to get to the beach!