Friday, May 29, 2009

Movie Night Friday and rants

As far as the title goes, I'm going to see if we can make this a regular thing (the movie night, not the rant).

Angel was in Corpus yesterday for his RA infusion appointment and he stayed overnight. He wanted to fish a little bit before he came back. He said he caught a small shark...but he NEVER brings anything home.
Yes, I say that with a little bit of contempt because he always says he's going to "bring home dinner".

We starve.

Last night we watched Dead Like Me: The Movie.

We've seen the series and we loved it. Too bad it was only on for 2 seasons.

While searching for something to have delivered online, I stumbled across the movie so we are going to check it out.

Here's our setup:

There are:

Pickles...watermelon...bananas (along with some banana shake mix), strawberries (in case you wanted some in your shake)...mangos...grapes...uh....Goober peanut butter and jelly (in case I wanted a sweet sandwich)...and...

For me...Cheladas!!


I know it's a 6-pack but's not really a six pack of BEER. They have to put clamato in there so I'm not really drinking a lot of beer. And, c''s got tomatoes and other "supposedly" good stuff.

So, in my's sort of a healthy drink........that occasionally gives me gas.


The kids can have anything on the table they want during the movie...EXCEPT for my Cheladas!
It ain't THAT healthy!

You know I couldn't resist getting me some Goober. MMMMMM... I love me some goober. I don't care if the kids look at me funny and I know that the peanut butter in it is a little bit pasty but whateva!

Let me just say...I never stopped eating last night and I'm feeling like a Roley-Poley today.


Thursday...Miah had her awards ceremony.

She was the only one in her class to be on the "A" Honor roll.
She got a certificate for perfect attendance (Devyn missed it by one day).
She received medals for commended performances on her Math and Reading TAKS test (she got 100 on both).

There was a little boy in her class who got the same thing except he was in the A-B Honor roll. I'm not sure of his actual score on the TAKS but he was commended (commended is a score of 90 or above) . I spoke with his mother at the ceremony and she told me that he would come home to her and tell her, "There's this girl in my class....I gotta beat her." He was trying to score better than Miah.

Poor baby....he just missed it.

She's on to him now...she's not going to let him beat her.

The other day, my sister and I went to Target to get some hair care products. We're black people in case some of you didn't know. Guess where we found our black hair care products?


They should be receiving my email soon.

For all of you people who think Target is AWESOME.....please, pick me up a relaxer (regular strength). It'll be at the BOTTOM of the basket.


It just never ends.....

What's wrong with this picture people?

Nope, I'm not talking about the employee more worried about his MP3 player, I'm talking about the fact that I just followed this dude inside the store while he was pushing this basket of trash. He had just cleaned out the trash containers from outside and he was bringing the trash inside using.........THE SAME BASKETS THAT WE USE TO CART OUR GROCERIES.

You better fucking believe that HEB heard from me too.

Shouldn't they be using a certain type of container for transfering trash?

I'm not too happy about that one at all either.

I'll keep you posted about this.


The other day...Devyn through a fit.

Now, here's the thing. My kids don't throw fits. Not where they are tossing themselves about the floor or kicking or screaming.

No fits here.

With that being said, you can imagine how shocked I was when I actually witnessed it. WHOA BUDDY!

We have this huge circular fan that Devyn likes to use in his room. We don't have central Air or heat but we have window units and I like to put that big fan in front of the unit because it circulates the cool air faster.

I had told Devyn to go and bring the fan out of his room and he did this type of jerky, stompy, hands flingy dance along with this grunty noise. I was like, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?" and he said, "It's cause I ALWAYS have to bring the fan."

That's when I knew it was a fit.

I didn't spank him because it's the first, only and last fit I ever saw him throw. But believe me...he won't be complaining about getting the fan again.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

They are probably too scared to throw a fit, you might get the belt out!!!

Movie nights are always fun. Well except when no one wants to watch the same movie as me so they watch something I don't want to watch so I just go in the other room and read my book.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

They are probably too scared to throw a fit, you might get the belt out!!!

Movie nights are always fun. Well except when no one wants to watch the same movie as me so they watch something I don't want to watch so I just go in the other room and read my book.

Sassy Mama said...

hey, i've been falling behind with all of the work around here! Now I'm all caught up on the happenings. Firstly, baby D did not throw a fit! Ask someone else to go get the fan for our little prince, it's hard being the baby. Dom, Dom, Dom. Yes he certainly likes to learn the hard way sometimes, but never ever give up on him. He's going to turn out great and he'll always be able to say that no matter what, you kept after him to do better because you know he can. Too many parents let their kids get lost and they could care less. Miah! So proud of ya baby girl! I love the competitive thing.

Ace C said...

That's a pretty busy week. If I wouldn't have been following you on Twitter i would be shocked. The Clamatos had you going this weekend.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

my son is steady pulling "fits" on me. it started randomly, and i think it's because i'm such a pushover when it comes to him. i don't have the heart to sternly talk to him because he cries so easily. but at the same time, he just does what he wants when he wants to.

and again it's only to me, because as i stated his mom is drill sergeant #1. he'll sit there quiet & calm w/ her wherever. but as soon as we get someplace he's trying to flex his vocal skills and make ppl think i've "kidnapped him" till i give him whatever it is he wants. and usually it's something he already has.

if i buy elmo in grouchland one more time, i'll officially own more copies then best buy, target, & walmart combined. i don't really sweat it now, because i know once he get a little older i'm gonna nip that in the bud, but right now it's just i dunno...

i never imagined that bad child screaming in aisle #2 would be

~Sheila~ said...

Yeah, I rarely "get the belt out" now. That just happened to be a fluke and now, to this day, Devyn denies it was a

Sassy Mama:
THAT WAS A FIT! It was flailing arms and jiggly legs and moaning. He smiles now when I ask him because he knows how close he was to getting a spanking. YOU ask him how hard it is being the baby and he will definitely tell you, he's not a baby!
I never give up on Dom. He knows that. I know he will be great at whatever when he gets older.
Miah is Miah. She never needs prodding when it comes to school work.

That was a lot of info on twitter, huh?

Yeah, kids know EXACTLY who to charm and how. They also know who to stay in line with. I think I'm slowly losing those reigns because now Angel has to tell them one time and they do it. I have to sound like a broken record.
If that's your kid in isle guys are all over the place!