Friday, May 1, 2009


So, I just picked up Dom from school and he's been gushing about how people say his hair smells like grape and how people like it. We get home and before he gets out of the truck, he tells me...

"I'm Sexy."


Now, we've all had those moments where you tell your kids "Oh, you're such a handsome boy (or young man) " or "You're such a pretty girl."

This is not one of those moments!! NOPE.

I am sooo not going to sit here and tell Dom, "That's right my baby! You are such a SEXY boy, yes you are..."

No, my dears. Not gonna happen.

What did happen, you ask?

Well, after I exhaled from that huge gasp I just took because my son just got finished telling me about his sexiness, I told him..


Then I reminded him what happens to families who think they are sexy amongst themselves or anything along those lines and the only thing that came to mind is...

Do any of you guys out there know this person?
I know my bro and SIL do.

His SEX. He used to be a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance and his mom was a little bit upset that he didn't make the cut.

Yes, I know. Amazingly stunning isn't he?
His mom backs him up on it!

Not this mom, not me, nuh uh!
I love my son, I really do, and I will back him up on whatever he decides to do in his life (just don't be implicating me in your crimes, Dom!) but to me...he's not SEXY.

What point in life is it when you consider your son sexy...oh, ummm...NEVER!!!

So, for you strange mothers out there who absolutely...*ahem* your sons...

This is for you::


AND just to put a little more icing on the cake for ya!

If you're looking for this link: :: Dave Soller - Dance Spirit 2008 Cover Model Search entrant


honkeie2 said...

OMFG I am now on a mission to drink those videos out of my mind! How dare you expose me to such....such...I am at a loss for words as to what I just endured! But in his defense, ignorance is truely bliss, and no one can take that from him!

~Sheila~ said...

Yeah, well, now you ALMOST know the horror I was going through when DOM pronounced how sexy he is.

Sassy Mama said...

YOU ARE ONE CRAZY GIRL!!!!! laughing my -ss off! I love Sex & his mom! They are my fav! I love how she's insisting "One day he's going to be something!" Thanks mom,don't help. Tell Dom that when Sex was 15 he probably dyed his hair red, hopped in the car after school & told his mom that he smelled like strawberries & said, "i'm sexy!"

~Sheila~ said...

Sassy Mama:
Uh, you're not helping!!!!
I don't want him to see SEX as a role model. I want him to be all....ewww..NEVERMIND. I'm not sexy!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

LMAO I hate to hear the S word in any way or form from my teenager.

Dana said...

LOL! When my oldest tries to even act like he thinks he's sexy/hot or whatever, honestly, I just laugh at him! Out loud and in his face. He gets this sheepish look and knows, "crap, mom wasn't the right one to talk to about THIS!" Boys are hilarious! They are the most honest and proud creatures out there!

Yes, I do know Sex from so you think you can dance. I think he and his mother are both DELUSIONAL. In my opinion, he is as UNsexy as I can imagine any one person ever being. Hilarious to watch...yes! Good dancer.....NO! I felt sort of bad for him because he really thought he deserved to be there. A better name for him would be Loony.

Capricorn said...

I was sexy at 13, pffftttt....Im kidding. That word didnt pop into my head until I was at least 17. At 13, I was at the "badasstical" stage. Remember that word?

honkeie2 said...

I thought I was sexy around the age of 6 or 7 and it just never got any better!