Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm living with a Wanted Man.



Remember when Angel was winning THIS GAME!

Well, we just received a letter in the mail (addressed to Angel...not Me) from the Municipal Court.
Naturally, I opened it and it was basically stating thaaaaaat......

The Municipal Court is in the process of issuing a warrant for your arrest based on this citation:


There were fine amounts for all of it totalling $649.00

The suspended Driver's license was $253.00

I could have sworn we had taken care of it a while back...right?
Didn't I go online to get this taken care of in that post linked above?

Well, turns wasn't just a warning Angel received, nope.... (Angel's eyes must have been still healing from THE SURGERY not to know the color of a ticket and the color of a warning) it was a real live ticket Angel got way back when.

Of course, in true Angel was disregarded and lost.

Sooo...since ANGEL LOST his ticket and didn't think to connect the fact that just because we paid for his license didn't mean we paid for and took care of his ticket.

As a result, he's soon to be a WANTED man.

Now, I've told him many times that we can't afford to be paying these tickets he keeps collecting.
I may actually have to divert his attention and make him forget to go to the court house to take care of this. I should actually be setting up to collect some reward money in order to regain what we are going to be losing. That will be once I convince him to go on the lamb for being a wanted man.

Plan aborted.....

Angel got out of work early today to go to the court house to take care of this.
They dismissed the "Failure to Appear" charge which still left us him owing $524.00.

He tried to pull that...It's "our" ticket..we're in this together...crap that I pull on him but he had to realized...I wasn't in the the vehicle with him at any time when he got those tickets.

What am I going to do with this man?
I need cop friends so that they can sympathize with me and let him go when he gets stopped.
I contemplated grounding him from driving but I'm not that cruel.
Maybe when Dom gets old enough to drive, I'll have him drive his Daddy to work...

We'll see.


The Nice One said...

how frustrating. my husband is also a champ at getting tickets, but he takes care of them before I can find out about them, so in our house, i usually just find a receipt 6 months after the fact....yea...awesome job here guys.

Danielle said...

ok that was scary. my ex got tickets like u wouldnt believe. he spent most of his 30's in traffice court!!!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'm the ticket getter in our family. Freaking sucks. I swear the cops all hate me ;O) Scott has only had one speeding ticket and I was with him when he got it. I couldn't help but laugh my ass off when he got pulled over because he used to always rub it in my face that he had never got a ticket.

Andy said...

Man, that's an expensive problem. You're taking the right tactic- it's his problem. But still, it must have floored you to see that notice.

~Sheila~ said...

The Nice One:
You know...he only has to go from point A to point B and park it, work, then come back. So impossible.

Who paid for his tickets? That's a lot of money to be shelling out for tickets through a

I got 1 maybe 2 tickets in my life. One was when I was in....oh wait..make that 3 but 2 were BEFORE I was married.
Men think it's a life-time game.

I automatically put money away for a rainy day and then there's the OTHER account to "keep Angel out of jail". Which one do you think gets dipped into the most?

Beyond Danielle said...

Is this a man thing to not remember how important a liscense is? But seriously it's real important so paying the money now is alot better than waiting. Espeacialy if you don't plan on revoking his driving privelages

~Sheila~ said...

Beyond Danielle:
Men never pay attention. I know we have to pay now and it still sucks because if we didnt have to put 500+ bucks on a ticket, I could have put it away for vacation time.


Sassy Mama said...

That's a lot of money! No wonder Texas is so beautiful! Hell yeah that is vacation money, house money or just blowin it on something crazy money! Any other kind of money besides giving it away to the strong arm of the law. Seeing as how it is kinda your fault too...... I see back in May you kind of got deterred and handled your own 1995 incident and forgot all about your poor husband! How funny! You start off about Angel and then its like, "Me? I have one? No let's take of mine right now!" tsk tsk tsk

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i blame you, sorry. remember that little post i made about women taking care of matters like this. this was some shit you should have "known" and took care of.

*smh*..very disappointed. that is "YALL" ticket. and if you want that wanted man to remain in the house with you. "YOU" are gonna have to take care of it.

~Sheila~ said...

Sassy Mama:
I could have used that money to purchase plane tickets to go see you and Bobby.
I did end up taking care of Angel's suspended license BUT he's the one who should have taken care of his ticket.

I beg to differ.
I still take care of business and we have to remember what I wrote in the post.
Angel said that the cop gave him a warning but told him to take care of his suspended license. I did that (late) but it was done.
Since Angel said the ticket was a warning (and HE lost the copy of the ticket) he didn't realize that it was a REAL ticket. So, he misinformed ME and he didn't think anything of it again until we got that letter in the mail stating he was actually ticketed.
I'm telling you man. He drives from point A to point B in the AM/PM and gets a ticket.
I drive all day, everyday and don't get one.
I shouldn't be held accountable for his actions.

honkeie2 said...

My inlaws do stuff like this all the time! Almost everytime i go and visit there are 1-2 letters from some municipal court telling them to pay up or go to jail...just like monopoly...and no passing 'GO' and no getting $200.