Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to the dark side.

Well, I've been holding on to my children for as long as I can while trying to keep them from crossing over to the dark side.

And when I say crossing over, I mean keeping them from doing the same things that Dom does.

Don't get me wrong. Dom is a great kid. He's smart and funny. He just likes to stay in trouble a lot. You know, grounded for stuff. Dom is constantly grounded for one thing or another.

But this post isn't about him.

It's about Devyn.

I know what you are going to say LISA..."Not Baby D!"


Everyday the kids (Miah and Devyn) call me from the Boys and Girls Club to pick them up...early.

Miah called and I told her I would be there when I finish my patients and she says, "Oh yeah, Devyn got suspended."

Oh man.

So I go and pick them up. He hands me this paper that says he's suspended for 1 day. Apparently he was placed in time-out 3 times throughout the day for not listening, running on the bleachers after being told not to or misbehaving. This was on Wednesday. He can't go back on Thursday.

I don't play that.

I tell him that since he got himself suspended, he was grounded until the day he could go back to the B&G Club again (which was Friday).

I laid out the rules.

NO watching TV

NO crying about being grounded

Stay in your room and read.

Easy enough, right?

He thought first.

Then he kept coming out of his room wanting water.

Then he kept complaining that he was bored.

Then he started whining about having no one to play with.

Then, at night when I was sleeping, I get freaked out to find him standing on my side of the bed just staring at me talking about how he can't sleep and can he sleep with me.'s bed time, go to your bed little dude.

Then he starts crying and I have to threaten to get the belt.

The next day I had to take them to my mom's because he couldn't go to the B&G Club, he got to watch TV there and he didn't want to leave. I brought him home to finish out his punishment.

Geez, getting an 8 yr old to stay grounded is hard!

That night, as I was asleep again, Dom barges into my room talking about, "Devyn is standing in Miah's doorway yelling at us and telling us MOMMA SAID IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO TO BED!"

I had said no such thing. I was sleeping, geez.

Devyn was taking matters into his own hands because he was jealous that everyone else was still up and watching TV.

Maybe next time he won't get suspended!

Reminds me of when I thought Miah was crossing over too.


Cyn said...

awwww. It's sad but I couldnt help but laugh lol

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Aren't kids so much fun!

Beyond Danielle said...

that's right put your foot down.. it's driving him crazy

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

aww...Dom is just a typical first child. he has to get in trouble and make it easier for everybody else.

Dev, is just testing you. he's the baby, and he thinks you might buckle. prolly not trying to enter the darkside, but he is trying to get his way. stay on him mama.

Danielle said...

ok im back was in the hospital ver niht with chest pains, now on o your post. i dont know how u do it. i have no kids and to think of me dealing with certain issues, i just cant see mysef being a mom!

honkeie2 said...

dont worry....we have to punish our 6 year old for not doing his skool work.....and he is in kindergarden! Man what a bad start!

Sassy Mama said...

I don't believe it! Get over to the the B&G club and raise some hell! He's just a baby boy and there is probably some explanation. I've never heard of being suspended for not sitting when told? Maybe he had something in his ears, did anyone stop to think about that? huh the poor baby missed the order thrown at him like military school. More likely though some other kid distracted him and when devyn asked what was going on that bad kid told devyn the counselors said to run and jump across the bleachers! (I have your back baby D!)

~Sheila~ said...

It's all a part of life, you know how I am with

Yeah, I can't wait for them to grow up and I can send them to go grocery shopping for me. Whoohooo!

Beyond Danielle:
I always put my foot down. They know I don't play.

You think so. Cause I haven't had that many first children to be able to
Devyn is a Mama's Boy (ain't nothing wrong with that..Angel begs to differ, tho.) I know when to give some slack...or at least I'm learning.

Girl, stop worrying about that fool and open your blog to comments so we can chat.

LOL, sounds like Dom. Ever since 1st grade he's been wreaking havoc.

Sassy Mama:
Quit slacking and get to writing on your blog!
And yeah, Devyn confessed to his wrong doings because he recalled EVERYTIME that the staff told him about not to do something.
He knows.
He knows.