Thursday, July 30, 2009

At the beach (And a little HNT)

For those of you wondering about the title.

HNT comes from one of my favorite bloggers. Honkeie2. He's a little odd but he's awesome!
HNT stands for Half Naked Thursday because on Thursday he posts a pic with some part of him.
......, not THAT part.


Go read his Blog!

Anyway, Since I'm rarely in the pics, I figured I will do one post that will update everything all at once.
This one gives an update on my dieting results via before and after posts.

So, let's get the diet one out of the way, huh?.

Recap: Beginning weight....185.0 lbs

current weight...160(ish) lbs.

HERE (BEFORE) is a post a while back of me at the beach with the kids.

Now, here are the pics from this weekend at the beach with the kids.
We took the dogs too because I don't know what I was thinking. I was feeling guilty that I don't do enough with the dogs and wanted to take them to the beach and walk them.

The kids.....well, we always walk them at the beach.

Here's our day:

Angel and I (mostly Angel) were loading up the Land Rover with our stuff so that we could take the kids (and the dogs) to the beach.

Here's Venus and Serena with Dom and Devyn.

The dogs were "fitted" into the back of the truck and they would growl at each other because they were leaning on or touching each other.

We went to my Dad and Mom's house because I told Angel that their dog "Rex" would like to go to the beach too. I know he thinks I'm a little off the deep end but whatev.... this is Rex.

No kid can resist sand and toys.

Here I am with Serena. Angel had bought some bones for the dogs to gnaw on while we were there.
('s your HNT....enjoy.)

Here I'm sitting with Serena.

Dom decided to take the chips and dip and sit by the water and eat.

He's silly...and that's gross.

The kids playing

Miah and I with Serena and Rex.

There was a lot of tar on the beach and it was a pain in the ass. The kids are here with a little puddle of beach water and tar foam. Gross.

Rex was the only dog who was allowed to be loose because Venus and Serena will run away into the dunes JUST LIKE BEFORE.

The kids knock out on the way home and Venus finds a place to put her head.

Devyn was O-U-T! Then we stopped because Angel had to use the restroom. He woke up and denied ever being asleep. Just like his Daddy.

Now here we have some video of me trying to get Venus to come and play with me in the water. Every dog we've had have all been pussies!! They never want to play in the water like the dogs do on TV. Maybe it's the loud crashing waves that was scaring them.

Either way, no dogs were hurt in the making of this film.
(So don't be trying to call PETA on me!)

Sorry about the "Blair Witch" type of filming. Dom was trying the best he could to keep it still between the waves and him cracking up.

P.S. Can you find the skull in the pictures?
It's there...
Have a good one you guys.


Danielle said...

love the pictures and i am sure honkie will love the boobie shot one lol. doggies are cute

The Nice One said...

Wow, you're lookin good! What a great job you've done!
Your dogs (and kids!) are adorable! It's cool you took them to the beach. I wish we had a beach closer to us.

Beyond Danielle said...

I like the pic of Venus chillin on MIah's head. I hope he wasn't drooling

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i'm many damn animals do yall have. is a hamster or a lizard gonna come up in a future post. where ae you hiding these pets? one minute it's all about tattoo. then your dad's yall got to big as beast dogs. wth?

oh, and yall stay doing fun family shit. i'm gonna have to have yall adopt me. i maybe be around yall age, but i'm sure i'm around devyn's height. get me a raspa, some movies, & a ps3 that i can dl porn on and yall are officially my parents. lol

~Sheila~ said...

Thanks, yeah I'm sure honkeie2 WILL. My girls (Venus and Serena) are awesome.

The Nice One:
THANKS! I'm still working on it. If my plan works right I might be lighter than a super model (kidding).
We take the kids to the beach ALL THE TIME!!

Beyond Danielle:
Both dogs kept doing that. Whoever was sitting in the middle, they would put their head on our heads or shoulders.

Well, we had MORE pets.

Read here:

Now we're officially down to 2 doberman and Tattoo. Our Gerbil died recently. We love our big as beasts dogs. They are actually very sweet, we just have them to scare off suspecting burglers.
It works.

We try to do as much stuff with the kids that we can. We don't have a lot of money but we do have a lot of love. I want my kids to know that we cherish them. This blog is for our memories.

Dom had been writing in his blog at one point too.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

You're looking hot chicka!!! The dogs look so happy in the back lol. Couldn't help but crack up about the dog laying on her head!

honkeie2 said...

holy hell I could have sworn i commented on this back when you posted it! I saw your post about my lack of attetnion to you HNT post....I totally thought i put one here about some hot soccer mom eat candy....but I guess i didnt...sorry! I can totally see the top of your sweater puppies!

~Sheila~ said...

THANKS! I'm working on it.
The dogs are scared shitless. But I think at some point they get used to the ride. They were constantly putting their heads on the kids shoulders or heads back there. It was all fun.

Well, it's about time. Hope you enjoyed it. I WAS going to do an HNT about my feet but YOU already did