Wednesday, June 24, 2009



My baby boy had just turned 8!
What am I going to do? My kids are all growing up!!
Who am I going to swaddle, NOW?

So you guys all know what happens on Birthdays!!
Please, please....contain your excitement!
I have it all set up for you!

Let's start....shall we?

I couldn't find any tiny baby pictures (and believe me, I looked) so I got the next best thing.

Baby in a costume...

Devyn was a DUCK for his first Halloween. We figured it was easier to throw a costume on him and just push him in the stroller.
I gotta tell you, he was the coolest and quietest duck I'd ever had.

We took him to the park after he turned 1 yr.
Yes, as you can see, he IS a lot lighter in skin color than the rest of us.
I was often mistaken as "the nanny" when I would take them with me places.

And like true babies do...they stick everything in their mouths.
This was also the age where he would take off his pamper in the middle of the night sending his little caca balls bouncing to the floor. Me, being the light sleeper would hear the velcro tabs being pulled off and would dash out of bed to catch him before it was too late....but I was always too late. By the time I'd get there, he's already bouncing in his crib naked and smiling while I tried to avoid the landmines he has just planted.

He has so much hair. It was beautiful and curly and light brown. He was the only one in the family who had that hair color. All of us have jet black hair.

My father in law would tease Devyn and tell him he looked like Lyle Lovett. This was after his first hair cut. He still had that curly hair.

His smile would light up my day. His cheeks were so puffy and he was always a sweetheart.

He still looks at me like this everyday before he gives me a hug or a kiss.

This picture was taken at his head start. He loved it so much and he was very smart. I'm lucky to have kids who NEVER fight to stay home from school. As soon as I wake them up, they are ready to go. Devyn usually has to be dragged out of the bed but once he's up, he's no problem.

Devyn was 6 yrs old in this picture. He looks so much older in this view. Thank goodness his skin color caught up with the rest of us so people could stop staring!

This was around the time that he HATED having any kind of long hair. He always wanted a haircut. So we played around with his hair before we cut it.

Here he's with the neighbor kid (Devyn's the one in the blue hat with his eyes closed throwing the "peace" sign) I don't know when he started doing that but I DO know that this is the first one that I actually captured. Then Devyn was on a spree of "peace"

His latest school pictures. He never felt self conscious about smiling in front of the camera...with or WITHOUT teeth!

Devyn TODAY with his momma, On his birthday.


We have a party planned for him this weekend so maybe I will let you in on some pics from there.



honkeie2 said...

woohooo happy birthday little man! I swear you have to have a strong stomach to have kids....little caca balls....oh god do I know all about that!

Beyond Danielle said...

I love it, these pictures bring back memories for me and remind me of the yrs to come.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

just like a mama, only thing missing are naked baby pictures to embarrass the man from here till tomorrow.

i kid, i take so many pictures of my son it's ridiculous. someone will ask me, "you got any recent pictures of him?"...i'll pull out my phone and it'll be some from that morning. i hope he has a great bday. my son's just 3, and i get extra excited over his bday..he hasn't really seemed to care yet. he just likes cake.

Sassy Mama said...

Happy Birthday baby D! He is so gorgeous!
Wow, your baby is growing up mama, I think its time for one more. You have lots more love to give especially now that your baby is almost a pre-teen. But I bet when no one is home you still grab a blanket and try to swaddle him and cradle him in your arms, and the funny thing is that he probably lets you! ( long as no one is home of course)

Cyn said...

Happy Birthday Devyn... I hope to see ya'll today, or tomorrow at the party if I dont go to CC

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! Such a cutie :)

~Sheila~ said...

Strong stomach indeed.
There were plenty of nights of velcro warnings and caca ball mines.

Beyond Danielle:
That's the reason I blog. To keep the memories.

I didn't have any naked baby pictures of Devyn that I could find. Dom's birthday post had one and I think Miah's did too.

Sassy Mama:
Shhhh..don't tell anyone about the swaddling. That's a deal Devyn and I worked out. If word gets'll be a deal-breaker!!

We missed you!

He is a cutie!