Monday, June 8, 2009

I Love Family.

Earlier today, my BIL called and asked if he could borrow our electric screwdriver/drill to repair something. I told him sure and let him know that Dom was at the house by himself but that Miah and Devyn were at the Boys and Girls club until 5.

I called Dom to give him a head's up and continued on with work.

I got home around 4 PM and my MIL called to let me know she was picking up Miah and Devyn from the Club. I remember mentioning to Miah this morning about her room being a mess and her clean clothes were all over the floor. The clean clothes that I just handed her to fold and put away (I don't fold the kid's clothes anymore, they have to do it). I also reminded her that she was going to have to clean the whole room when she gets home.

Shortly after she arrived home, she started playing the video game.

I called out to her, "Miah, don't you have something to do in your room?"

She replied, "Sadie already did it."

Wait a minute... Now, I had totally forgotten about my BIL and the kids coming by and the whole screwdriver/drill bit and I started thinking, OH MY GOODNESS, there's probably MORE of a mess.

I went to Miah's room prepared for Armageddon and this is what I saw:

It's as if a Bandit broke in and stole the mess...

And left a note...
She even folded the clothes and put them away for Miah.

I thought that was the sweetest thing EVER!

Miah, being the sweetie that she is too, wrote a reply...

These girls are just the best cousins in the world. I hope that their relationship will continue to grow and they continue to be considerate of each other.

Miah and Sadie.

I love you girls!

I'm going to ask my sister if I can have my niece and nephew for the whole weekend.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

That is the sweetest cousin ever!! Trevor and my nephew Tony have a great relationship too. I'm going to be so sad when he moves and isn't right down the street anymore.

honkeie2 said...

Too cutie!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

nice cousin or bored cousin?.. lol me & my cousin are like that. i'm an only child, but he was born a month after me and we've been as thick as thieves ever since. that's like my bestfriend/brother wrapped into one.

his sister had a son (my Godson) a few months before my son was born. and hopefully they can be best friends the same way. i dunno my son's a bit standoffish right now..he'd be the demise of that friendship lol