Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I would like to come home everyday and have something to write in here but by the time I get home...I'm exhausted!

Running up to people's houses and trying to get them motivated to work out after I've been in and out of the car 20+ times each day sure takes a toll on me.
But still, I get out of my car with my belt and my weights and my bike and we get to work. I also use a lot of energy just getting people MOTIVATED to do some of the exercises when they think their arms or legs feel like a ton.
Weak muscles will do that to you.

Sometimes I have to drag people from their beds and help them transfer from it to their wheel chair. Most times more than 3 times a day.

Which in turn, leaves me wiped out at the end of the day.

I didn't really have much to blog about today...

So..since I am here, I wanted to (re) intruduce a few family bloggers who had stepped away from blogging for awhile.

And....have graced us with their presence....again.

First is my cousin CYN over at THE QUEEN OF RANDOM.
This girlie has come to Corpus with me and given me a hand with the kids while I worked during the summer. She's AWESOME! I love her.
She's got her hands full taking care of family and I know it must really be taking a toll on her but she should know...I am here to help.

Then we have my SIL in NY at Vivrant-Thing.
This girl is a mirror image of me.
I can see why my brother loves her and married her....although...not in a perverted "I want to marry a girl EXACTLY like my sister" kind of way.

That would just be weird!

BUT, it's still pretty eerie how my brother found my fraternal twin.
Ummm hmmm.

I'm on to you, bro.

So...Just to give you guys a "heads up". Devyn will be turning 8 in 2 days and I of course will have one of my picture blogs for your viewing pleasure.


You know you love it. Who am I to deprive anyone of happiness?

See ya in a couple of days.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'm sleepy and I didn't even really do anything today!

Sassy Mama said...

LOL! Kinda weird? Too late! how about when i took him to my parents' for the first time for dinner and he kept calling me Sheila! And my friends were like 'poor lisa!'
Yeah even your mom can't get over how much we are alike.
Ummm love sleeping, movies, hate housework, (esp dishes) love tv, reruns, the couch, sleeping on the couch, house to myself, relaxing, oh and the best was floating down the river tubing and relaxing!

Cyn said...

I feel ya! hey do you have one of those rubber cups for cpt? I might need one for grams

honkeie2 said...

very cool, and dont worry about being worn out, its all part of the growing up process. If you feel pain it only means you are still alive. Without the threat of pain what is the point of living at all?