Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday

It's also my awesome husband's birthday!! Happy Birthday! I Love you with all my heart and I wish we could spend this day together.

Now, with that being said...
I'm not going to go into how old I am. That's just not lady-like (or some shit like that).

So, what do I want to post about on my birthday?

Do I want to do picture post like I do with the kids?

Ehh...not really.

I had mentioned to my brother some time back about some stories that Miah had written.
I decided to get off of my lazy ass, post them and get them stored away before something happens to them.

Here's the deal, Miah doesn't like to be in the spotlight. She pretty much keeps to herself. She's kind of quiet (unless she's in a funny mood).
So when I went to her class during open house and saw stories she had written, on the wall, I was amazed at how her personality is on paper.

These are a couple of stories she has written that included my brother Bobby. It's the same story but a variation of each other. I guess she was trying to get it right. I don't know which was written first so they are just up in the order I found them.

Here's Story #1

Here's Story #2

See what I mean?
I asked her to write me stories so that I can put them up here and you know what she tells me?
"I don't like to write."
I had to stand there for a minute with my mouth open just looking at her in disbelief.
I said, "What? What do you mean? Have you read your stories?"
I managed to work it out with her teacher so that she will save all the stories for me. I'm gonna post some more in the future.
For now, you guys have a good one, I'm gonna go and enjoy my piece and quiet on my birthday.
....until I have to go to work.


tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

happy birthday, to both you and angel. i think it's real cool yall birthdays are on the same day. that's crazy, yet wonderful coincidence. i'm glad yall enjoy it, cause me and my chicks birthday is like 4 days apart and i swear i want my own birthday month separate from her cause she always tries to steal my "birthday" weekend and claim it's hers.

miah's stories were good. and i'm sure in time, she'll probably grow to appreciate her knack for writing. continue to nurture her and be that proud mother who embarrasses her with encouragement lol. i love the line, "honey..we own this place". that sounds like something that my mom would say.

~Sheila~ said...

Man...We share the same B-day and we hardly ever get to spend it together. It's alright though. We make do.

Miah is a trip. There will be more to come! I believe my son is going to start writing in his blog again soon.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Happy Birthday!!