Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wondering what got me started coaching Volleyball?

Let me lay it out for you...

One day Miah came to me with a permission slip for Vball. She said she wanted to play. I have been actively been trying to keep my kids busy throughout the year with athletics in order to keep them in shape and to prevent them from getting bored/lazy (like me).

I've always encouraged my kids to try any and everything that catches their interest. My philosophy won't know if you like it or are even good at it unless you try.
So, they try...and I pay for each and every registration that comes across my lap.

Right now, Devyn is playing flag football (which he wanted to combine with soccer but the time frames would have overlapped) and Miah is playing Volleyball.

I went to the Boys and Girls Club to register Miah and the staff informed me that they were looking for parent volunteers to coach the girls for Miah's school. Come to find out, the surrounding schools are getting a head start on athletics and they aren't waiting until middle school. Elementary school is where it's at.

I was a little wide eyed and taken back but I asked Miah if she really wanted to play. She said, "YES" so I let them know that if the school gets enough members to make a team, I would be happy to coach.

No, I don't play volleyball on a daily basis (or even a yearly basis).
Last time I remember playing was round 7th or 8th grade.
Ehhh...what is there to teach? Just fundamentals, right?
No big deal...

I waited a week, almost two to find out if there were enough students.
Finally, I'm told that practice for my "team" would be taking place the following day at the school. I would meet up with the school P.E. coach (who would become my assistant coach) and we would get started.

I was happy to find out that we had a team.
Total girls on my team...19 girls.
They had to divide my girls into 2 teams., I have double the responsibility.

Practice has been good. Only took me about 3 weeks to learn every one's names. (gulp)
I think I'm more excited during the games than the girls are.

I'm the type of parent who will do anything for their kids. I think I'm liking this coaching thing...


We started decorating our house about a week ago for HALLOWEEN!!!
Ya'll know how I love my holidays!
My mom used to always decorate and I wanted to pass that memory on to my kids.

Here's what the house looks like so far. I still need to get my dang pumpkin carved ( I mean, I still need to purchase that damn pumpkin).

Here are some graves that I haven't finished. I haven't put up the tombstones yet because it's been windy and they get knocked down.

Dom usually helps me put up the decor.

This year, instead of putting the spider on the ground, I secured it on the side of the house like it was crawling. Its electric so the legs move.

Here we have most of the decor put up. Once we finish it all, I will post more pics.

Last, but not least, on Tuesday Devyn ran track for his elementary school. He was 1 of 4 people in the 400 meter relay. He's the first leg. Here's the video. He's counting down the days till May when they do the cross-country race. My boy loves to run.

That's it for now. I'll be back after Halloween!!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

You're pretty awesome coaching volleyball! I don't volunteer for anything anymore, such a slacker mom!

The only decorating I've done this year is putting the pumpkins on the porch!

honkeie2 said...

I coached my sons baseball last summer....and that is the last time i do that. I give a lot of credit to people that can do it. I just dont have the patience for the parents.....notice I did not say the kids.
Chasing after the parents to bring the kids to practise, getting annoyed when they show up for games and their kids have no idea what is going on and the last straw was the last practise of the season. It was to be the day I gave out the trophies to the kids, everyone knew when and where. And only 5 of the 15 kids showed up. It is Decemeber and I still have them.
Ugh, I just dont have that kind of patience in me. I hope you are having a better time with volleyball.