Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here we go...again...

Hey Everyone...
I think I heard an echo.
.I definitely hear crickets.

I knew it, there isn't anyone here.
That's alright. It's my fault. I haven't been here in a long time anyway.
I'm still going to post an update anyway.

So...this is ME!
It's been awhile but I pretty much look the same!

The kids are getting much bigger and we have been super busy with sports. Devyn is currently playing flag football for his elementary school. All of the surrounding elementary schools have started getting the kids involved in sports at an earlier age.

Here's Devyn. He's pretty awesome!

My baby girl Miah!

Now, I know you never really expected to see Dom looking like THIS!
Especially with all the past posts with his PURPLE HAIR and his BLACK JACKET but check him out!

I've been keeping myself busy staying active in my kid's lives. Here I am, just call me Coach Hernandez. I now work until 2 or 2:30 each day and coach 3-5th grade girls volleyball for Miah's school. This picture only has a few of the girl on the team but now I currently have 19 girls and the school decided to make 2 teams for me.

We're at one of the scrimmage games.

This past weekend my girls had were in a tournament. We started at 11 am. We won that game and continued to win the next 5 or 6 games in a row (I lost count) and were finally defeated at the end giving us 2nd place overall in the tourney. We didn't finish until 7 PM and the girls were WORN OUT!
It was one of the best days....ever!

Here is a part of a video of one of the games. My team is on the opposite side of the net and Miah is the one serving.

ANYHOO...there's an update on our "activities".

I'm about to go outside and start putting up my halloween decorations.


I'm all about the free candy.

No one really knows that it's the reason I have 3 kids. I needed to increase my army of "candy getters" and attack their bags as soon as they get home and pour all the candy out on my bed.

I roll in it sometimes....

...just kidding.....

...well, maybe just a couple of rolls.

I'll be back, let me know what's going on with you guys!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I love watching volleyball! Jess played from 5-8th. Lazy Melissa won't play and I doubt Trevor will (it's usually all girls on the team). Jess wouldn't try out for HS volleyball because their shorts are too short. :( Silly but sheesh, why do they have to be so short lol.

~Sheila~ said...

I had never coached any sports before so it is really exciting. I think I am more excited than the girls are!
I don't know about those short

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

singing, "welcome back....welcome back, welome back..welcome back" lol.

so you've been hiding on the volleyball fields huh? i'm gonna tell the officials about all the steroids you're giving miah cause the first two serves just went uncontested, almost alerting me to the fact that she must be serving up deadly serves or you have filled the volley ball with that cherry beer and the little girls on the other team don't stand a chance. lol.

that's cool. i'm glad you & the kids are doing great. devyn needs to stop growing before he towers over me. and i'm very shocked to see dom all rotc'ed out in his uniform. i know he probably secretly has a purple streak under his hat.

as for having kids to get candy. *high-five* son tries just doesn't know how much he gets pimped for that candy. i figure i gotta get all the candy i can while he's start getting selfish with their candy after a while.

~Sheila~ said...

I knew you'd miss me!! It's no secret. That's why you've been over there on your blog writing all those mushy posts in order to recapture my

Well, it worked, here I am!

Cherry Beer?....LMAO!
Cheladas!!, not cherries. That's too funny!

Devyn prob is taller than you already, no lie.
Dom actually asked me last night if he could get a purple "tint" in his hair. He wants to do it exactly like he did before.
NOPE! Got grades to deal with...again.

You gotta up your candy game and get more kids.
You could be a good neighborhood dad and offer to walk with some of the kids around the neighborhood for safety. You could charge the kids a candy commission.

...just a thought!