Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Two more days people, then we are O-U-T!
Angel was able to get tomorrow and Friday off to tie off any loose ends before we hit the road.

We are almost all packed with the goodies to keep the kids quiet and us happy.
(by "goodies" I mean tranquilizers)....ok, so I'm just kidding., maybe I'm not...

But I might just pack some turkey sandwiches and make that all we have to eat during the journey. You know, sleepy-time foods. I don't really have any trouble with the kids riding and getting along. I just wish that they would be more like me. You know...just sleep. No need to be called upon to go to sleep, just do it naturally.

Devyn wants to be running and jumping and riding all the time.

Miah pretty much keeps to herself.

Dom wants to be watching TV with me all of the time (when he knows it's nap-time)..geez.

This Friday is the kid's 3rd track meet. As always, I'm excited and can't wait for my kids to do their stuff.

This post's focus is on Devyn...

Here is Devyn putting on his spikes getting ready to head over to the high jump mat.

Here he is again with his friend Bernie. They compete against each other during practice. It's so cool to watch them push to do better. They encourage each other without even realizing it.

(Devyn is on the right)

Here is a video of the boys jumping:

I know you can't tell that there is a video there but there is. Just click on the "play" triangle for those who are unsure of how to maneuver through this.

The boys cleared 3'6" at their last 2 meets. This time the bar was raised to 3'8" and they cleared it. Then...raised to 3'10" and they were struggling to get past it.


If you are like me....

You are curious about the people who are working so closely with you kids. SO...I did my research.

The coach in the videos is none other than....WILL LITTLETON (<---Click there)

Here is a video of him doing his THANG!

Yeah, I have to admit that it's pretty much an honor and a privilege to have this man and his status teaching my son everything he know.

Unfortunately, he won't be able to be at this week's meet because he will be competing in a meet of his own.


When I get to NY, I will post the results of the high jump as well as Miah's shot put results. The next post will be about her!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

You gotta be brave to do the high jump!! Those kids have springs in their feet!!