Saturday, June 5, 2010


There has been a change in our household. A change that I was hoping for but wasn't really holding out for.

I know you are all curious as to what it I won't keep you in suspense.



I know what you are thinking..."WHAT?!?!...SAY IT ISN'T SO...COULD IT BE TRUE?"

Yes,'s true.

My big boy has voluntarily decided he wanted to join the summer track team.
(this is after seeing his sister and brother's first track practice and learned that they will be doing the pole vault)

I was pleasantly surprised when he asked me if he thinks the coach will allow him to join. The coach said YES and I got the info to fill out. Just hearing that he wanted to participate made me excited to go shopping for gear for HIM.

I've spent a lot of time shopping for Miah and Devyn for their sports gear and apparel that I felt guilty not buying Dom these same things.


I took off to Academy and got him some gear. (don't get me wrong, I still had to shop for 3 kids but we came away with their necessities).

Here are a few pics (you know they were coming) of the kids at their practice.

Here are all of the kids waiting for practice to start.
Devyn has turned out to be a true runner. I know he ran cross country for his school this year and he's run in a couple of relays but running everyday is AWESOME (sure wish I could run).
He's been running along side the distance runners until he gets to his point and then he cuts across back to the track. I believe he runs for 15 mins and it's about a mile or a mile and a half.
Regardless, I don't want to be running for 15 mins non-stop.

Here is Devyn on his run. It's called the Texas Lap. I tried to follow him in the truck but he was WAAAY out there. He's in the center of the pic and the rest of the group is ahead of him. He's the only 8 yr old running this. There are two 12 yrs old boys and the rest are high school kids. The high school kids run a longer lap but he keeps up with them during his run/distance.

(if you click on the pic, you may get a better look)

This is Dom's second day and he's looking a little pooped! Poor guy. He's gonna make it though! I think he was actually feeling a little sick (common cold) so he could only run so much that day but he still participated in the exercises and running the bleachers.

Miah started crying her first time (the first day) around the track. I think she made it 1/4 of the way around and then walked most of the way. She did one lap and then came straight to me and cried. She needed encouragement to continue but she did. I told her that running takes some getting used to and she will build up her endurance as she continues. She's now on day 4 and she hasn't cried anymore and I can see the changes in her already.

I gotta tell you guys. I'm super proud. All of my kids are involved in the same sport and I get to be at one place throughout! Their first meet is this Friday! I'm anxious to see how this all turns out!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wooohooo! I have one lazy one too lol. We just had the last baseball game yesterday. I have Trevor signed up to start football and Jessica is going to do water polo. Both of them start next month.

~Sheila~ said...

Yay for Trevor! Water Polo? WoW! We don't even have that here. I believe we have Ice hockey but C'mon...we live in S. Texas. Not much ice around here and I don't want to be spending money to have to rent a rink. Running will be good for Dom!
Good luck to your kids next month!!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

wow, you officially got all the kids in an activity. now if only you didn't have to take them you could be free and clear to get your shaved ice & slack off for a few house. lol.

that's real cool, glad he's gotten interested in track. and deyvn is becoming an all out thing yanno he's gonna be playing basketball.

~Sheila~ said...

I know. I'm excited to see how all of this is going to turn out. Then good thing is that I can drop them all off and Dom will be with them. B-U-T...I like being there to watch them try and accomplish!

Devyn has played basketball!!

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Congrats!
My Daughter was a basketball Gyal and now she's switched over to track. She's runs the 200M, 400 M, 100M and soon the 800M and the long jump!
Congrats and stop by