Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Addition to the Family


I'm not talking about more pets! I know you guys have heard enough about our 2 hamsters (who are now dead...don't come and get me PETA), the gerbil (who will survive along with the roaches when the apocolypse comes), Tattoo and Snowball (who are now BOTH outside cats) and Venus and Serena.
I'm not counting the people who live INSIDE the house.

Nope, people..

This new addition has been born into the BLOGGER WORLD and is my SIL!
Her name is SHERLISA and her Blog is called Vivrant-Thing.
I love her and you will too!!!

Let me tell you MY side of the story about how my brother passed up valuable time with ME over for a girl. She can tell you her side some other time on her blog (hint, hint)

Okay, I had taken a couple of weeks off (I say "off" but I wasn't actually working at the time...whatever) to go visit my brother in NY. I flew up there and one night we were planning on going out.
Well, actually, MY BROTHER was planning on going out and planning on leaving me with our cousins. I wasn't fully aware of this until we got to my cousins house.

So, we're still at my brother's house getting ready and at this time, he had just recently bought a house that was in need of demolishing repairs. No, really, just minor smacks to the wall with a sledgehammer was all that was needed.

Sooo, we're dressed and heading down the stairs. The very same stairs that didn't have a handrail (I don't think) at the time and I was wearing these boots with 2 INCH heels (what was I thinking?....oh yeah.....suicide!) and I BUSTED MY ASS on the stairs.
At least no one needed to help me down the rest of them.

My brother came to my aid...but just to look and ask if I was "OK" and then after that was confirmed...he turned ......and snickered...(I know you were snickering BRO!!) I'm also pretty sure he's told everyone too.
So, after I survived the tumble, we put on the helmets and hit the road.

Wait....did I say HELMETS? Yeah, I did.

My bro had a motorcycle at the time and he decided we were going to head from Long Island to Brooklyn on it.
He asked me if I knew how to ride on a motorcycle and I was all..."Pbbst...hell yeah, let's go!"

uh...perhaps I should have explained that my previous experience of riding motorcycles consisted of...straddling the bike, wrapping my arms around the person steering and holding on for dear life.

So...we were off.... record speed......

He told me, "Keep your knees in!"


Exactly what he meant.
We came up to a line of cars on the highway and we zoomed by them at breakneck speed.
I don't know how many cars we passed. My eyes were closed and my knuckles were white.

We finally got to my cousin's house and I felt compelled to let my bro know how lucky he was that I didn't pee on his seat.
I was this close!

Anyway, he leaves me there and my cousin's and I went out.
We went to this one bar and had a few expensive drinks and then.....

My bro walks in.
One of my cousin's was mad because he ditched me.

He booked out of there really fast and my cousin followed him to another place.
Turns out, he had ditched me because he had a date....with SHERLISA.

DUH....why didn't he say so???

(like I said...she has her side of the story and I have mine)

She and I had never crossed paths during my whole 2 week stay in NY but we did eventually meet and I'm glad she's the one he ditched me for because now I have two ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL nieces!!

She and I like to talk on the phone about stupid stuff for hours.
My bro constantly confuses our names (Sheila/Lisa, Lisa/Sheila)

So, moral of the story?

If you're gonna get ditched, get ditched for someone who will join your family. (if you can manage that)

Go check her out guys!!
Show her some love and tell her I sent you!!



honkeie2 said...

I will take a look as soon as i get the fantsy file of biker chicks out of my head lol!
Leather, boots and jello.....hmm nothing like a good old biker rally to bring them all in one place!

~Sheila~ said...

That would definitaly be YOUR fantasy.
I think we may actually need to STICK WITH THE FACTS here.
How you got biker chicks out of reading a WHOLE post about me riding WITH MY BROTHER is beyond me.
I said Leather boots (they were only ankle boots and NOT STILLETOS!!) The boots had a 2 inch DIAMETER heel (I guess I should have clarified that)

honkeie2 said...

Well I have now given you a lesson in how the male mind workds. And the jello was my mind adding in one of the things I have seen at biker rally's that and the hotdog catch....but that really isnt all that interesting.
You see I saw...Bike...Boots..and peeing on bike seats and that is what my brain processed lol

The Teenage Years said...

Lol way toooooo. Funny mom. I liked the part where you fell on your ass. Haha still laughing

Sassy Mama said...

(cough cough) Have I interrupted something here? Sheila as I was reading your post (HILARIOUS) I Knew the guys would only see Sheila+bike+heels=baby oil, leather & a whip! But I never would have thought JELLO?!! Thanks for the shout out! I'm still not comfortable enough yet to invite anyone I know, let's see if your followers hate me. lol OH & Yes, I will be telling my end of that tale very soon.