Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just doin stuff...UPDATE!!!

Sunday Miah and I had the whole morning and most of the afternoon to ourselves. We decided to watch movies and have junk food.

YES, as you can see PICKLES and POPCORN were included.

This time, since it was just Miah and I, she got to pick the movie.

We watched BEDTIME STORIES. It was really cute.

Then I started thinking about the times we've watched movies with the kids and she wrote her assignment on THIS.

I'm telling you man...Angel and I should have known better...hee hee.

As you can see...she's OK....we think.


Just Monday morning, I found myself flat-ironing my son's hair.


Yes, I said flat-ironing.

Let me tell you, its a far cry from flat-ironing my daughter's hair. I told him already not to be standing around my bed with a flat-iron in his hand like Miah does when she wants me to do her hair. She just stands there and stares at me. I like to pretend she isn't there but she will stand there....for-ev-er.

The two of them..standing there...looking at me...while I nap.

I don't think I can handle that.

ALSO...I agreed to let him buy some gel called...Lightening Gel. It was supposed to gradually bleach his hair and he could wear it like gel as it works.


It worked.

He showed me and I was a little bit tripped out.

He doesn't look like my boy anymore.

I'm eagerly waiting to put that purple color back into his hair because it would at least look closer like the black it used to be (I hope).

These are the pics I took of him with his hair flat-ironed and light brown (doo-doo brown).

This second pic I told him to take off his glasses but it now makes him look like an Anime character without them.

Ladies and Gentlemen...These are my children.


Dom took his math TAKS test and got a commended performance on it so as his "reward" I am allowing him to use that dang gel to bleach his hair as light as he can get it over the weekend so that we can dye it purple.'s win-win!!


This morning, my brother called me (and woke me up like 5 minutes before my alarm was set to go off and wake me up like it's supposed to do, I never get to wake up like regular people) to tell me that he's really liking Facebook and that I need to get my SIL started blogging.

I'm trying to start her and I know she wants to start so.......Get Started ALREADY!!!
( me later so we can get you started!!!)

We started talking about Devyn and his future baseball career and I told him that he next sport up for the kids is TRACK and that Devyn wants to run but Miah wants to do the field events (shot-put, discus).

He then started to point out that all the women who do the throwing events are, well..."big".

I chose the word..."strong"...but who am I kidding?

Those chicks are HUGE.

He said they are the Ingas and the Helgas of Sweden.

I'm sure we could probably sneak in a few running events for her.

Now, last thing.....

I know you guys have heard me complaining about how I have 1 patient and that my days were easy...etc. company called me on Monday night to ask me about a presentation that I was supposed to be doing on Tuesday on Fall Risk Assessment. I thought the presentation was going to be on Wednesday.....oops.
Needless to say..I was unprepared....but that's not the point.

Then they mentioned that they noticed that my caseload was kind of "light".
Well, yeah...cause it's Tuesday and I just so happen to have 0 patients today.

Not good.

Well, they took it upon themselves to kill my groove...(and yes, by groove..I mean nap times) to put me to work and make sure I have something to do until 5 pm everyday.
They are, after all, paying me.

I did manage to get away for about a week and a half with minimal work but now, I'm a laborer and it's killing me.

They took so long getting me started that the first day I was just wandering the halls. I was sooo bored. That on top of me not taking my meds anymore was HELL. I left work that day at around 3:45 cause I was dying.

Office work isn't my style. I need to be running the streets!

I will be able to get back to that hopefully before the week is over. I'm getting more patients in now so I should be kept pretty busy....OUT OF THE OFFICE!!

Quit stalling and let us know how your time off went!
Also, I think I received your gift in the mail but I have to pick it up from the post office!

That's it for now.

SIL....get started!!!


Prunella Jones said...

Watching movies and eating junk food with the people you love is pretty much the greatest way to spend a day IMO.

~Sheila~ said...

Prunella Jones:
Isn't that the truth!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Good thing about a boy's hair is you can just shave it all off and start over if it gets f*d up lol.