Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I. need. my. meds.

I'm serious.

I've become so bitchy and moody (part is PMS, part is ADD).

Angel finally told me that I needed to start taking my meds again. I can't settle down and I'm running 100 miles an hour. I notice that I can hardly breathe because I'm constantly moving.

Lucky for is slowing down because my supervising PT is going on vacation for a week and I probably won't be getting any new patients. My caseload will be very LOW.

Good. I need a few days to get myself in order.

I stopped taking my meds because I stopped going to school (which is when I really needed them to help me focus) and when I started working, I needed to be more spontaneous. Or so I thought.

I am becoming one of those people who are very "high strung". I hate it. I don't mean to be.

I have to go back to my ritual naps. They always helped me re-charge and re-focus.
Only thing is...I like my "naps" to be a few hours long.
Lately, I haven't had a few hours to nap so when I DO try to sneak one's only about 20 or so minutes.

Power naps don't work for me. It's a tease and I HATE teases.
We'll see what happens.

Yesterday Devyn had a baseball game.

It was AWESOME!!
Unfortunately, they the last 30 seconds.

We were actually ahead by 2 then they came back (in the last inning) and tied the score. Then the opposing team scored another 2 runs at the very last minute.

Devyn did great with his hitting. He didn't quite make it to 1st base both times that he hit because we still need to work on him not slowing down before he gets to the base.

My brother was there for Wednesday's game and yesterday's game. He was very entertained. Those were some extreme games (well, for pony baseball, anyway).

Devyn is coming a long way with this baseball. Especially a long way from THIS.

My brother says that he can't wait until he starts playing junior pitch baseball. Some of those kids looked like they meant business!!

After the game we took my niece to the park to play and the playground was lined with mulch.

She was wearing crocs and she kept getting mulch in her shoes. It was funny because EVERY TIME she would stop what she was doing and run to my brother saying "shoe...shoe...shoe" and he would try to send her to someone else to help her but she insisted that he fix it.

Daddy's Girl!!

Devyn was a little upset because he wanted to push the stroller that carried my infant niece. He's in love with all children. He's such a sweetheart. He loves to give them attention.

My older niece wanted him to run so she could chase him.

He didn't want to so Dom said that he needed an...

I had forgotten what we were talking about when I took this picture so I had to go wake up Dom this morning so he can remind me.

Well, we may have a busy day ahead of us if everything goes according to plan. I also hate when plans change....ughh.

We will be having Dom and my niece's birthday party this Saturday. I will take pics and let you know how it went!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Sounds like an exciting game!

Andy said...

I'm all about power naps. It might be a tease, but it's a seductive, wonderful tease.

Justa Hillbilly said...

I only wish I had some meds!
Power naps...ehhh can't do em, takes me at least 30 mins to fall asleep unless I pass out! lol
Hope the birthday weekend goes good! Post lotsa pics!
Take care, *knh*

Darin said...

You can take your pleasure time with doing exciting activities such hobbies. It might conserve energy for you so you'll be ready for next challenges.

I don't know much about baseball, but it seems great sport!

Beyond Danielle said...

My step-boys also just started baseball. Taeanna, Ishmael, and I go down there to watch. The kids say I need to be more involved with baseball because I have a baseball family. So I quess I have to learn the game.

~Sheila~ said...

It was an exciting game! We had a lot of fun!

I'm in need of a nap. It'll only be 2 hours but I'll Take It!!
Yes, they are seductive. I'm seduced right to sleep.

Justa Hillbilly:
No power naps for me.
The weekend was great, (see above post). Thanks!

Baseball IS a good sport. You should learn more about it when you get a chance.

Beyond Danielle:
It's good exercise for the kids. It's a little shaky at first because some don't know how to play but it's really exciting once they get the hang of it.