Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This weekend...

Sooo...Dom's birthday came and went.
This is what he looked like on Sunday.
He got to stay up as late as he wanted to on Saturday. We had gone to Angel's Uncle's house and he was there hanging out with his cousin Brandy for most of the night.
He slept most of Sunday.

He had been asking me to dye his hair purple for a long time. We went to Hot Topic and let him buy some stuff. (My mom gave him $50 for his birthday).
Now, notice that we didn't use a bleaching kit before we did the dye. That's because me (dear old Mommy dearest) wouldn't let him do that just yet.
I was talking to the guy who was selling the stuff at Hot Topic and he said that if we put it on black hair before bleaching it that it would have a hint of purple.


That's all I wanted anyway. I didn't want (and am not ready) to have Dom running around looking like Barney! It's just too bright for me if we use the bleaching kit.
I like it this way.
In the house, his hair looks black.
Outside, his hair has a tint of purple.

Check it out:

It's vague...but it's there.
We had just finished rinsing it out and we ended up dying the concrete patio furniture and floor purple.
This is the jacket he bought at Hot Topic. I told him that Jared might like something like that.

Angel was telling him that he needs to change his shoes because he is still wearing his skater tennis shoes and he now needs some boots........
....and skinny jeans.

Trust me....not my idea.
BUT...he still has to EARN them!
Miah also found something she wanted at Hot Topic.
Pink mesh gloves.
Looks like she's following in her brother's footsteps.
The only person NOT going the punk route is Devyn.
He's doing great in baseball.
He is hitting the ball and running the bases.
Yesterday was their first game. They finally got their uniforms.
Their team is the Astros.
They are so cute.
Here's Devyn after his team got their 3rd strike and they were switching sides. He was just getting ready to go up to bat.

This is him after he ran in and made a run.
He's sooo cool.
They won their first game 7-1.
He has a couple more games this week.
Tomorrow my brother comes to visit.
Are we ready?
Pretty much. I already am seeing some of my patients that I would normally see on Thursday and Friday. I will only have about 1 or 2 patients on those day when they come. (Recently, I have only had about 1 or 2 patients a day).
Anyway..time to get the kids off to school!!


honkeie2 said...

Come on mom, let his go full purple! It would so go with that awesome goth micheal jackson-ish jacket! Wait unitl he ask for his first tattoo!
And like wow, the 80's are like making a total come back man!

Cherlyn said...

Ahh the purple Manic Panic? I've used that. Also without the bleach. My hair was like a deep grape color.

..and I do believe I've seen Jared in a jacket similar to that. Maybe. It's totally his style.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

He's starting to look a bit goth! So far I've held out on Jessica coloring her hair. I know it's not going to last much longer though.

~Sheila~ said...

In time. He will be able to do that but right now..he's still in school so I will stick with "subtle".
Yeah, my kids don't care. They will wear anything they like.

The bottle is called "Raw Color-Deep Purple". We still have half a bottle left. I'm liking his deep grape color. I wonder if it would work for me?

Yeah, that's the look he's going for (I think). I got lucky cause my kids have black hair. I can always tell them that they can color it purple...hee hee.

Darin said...

Ufh, happy family, isn't it? Good luck Sheila!

~Sheila~ said...

Yes, happy family. Thank you.

Superwoman said...

Your kids are freakin adorable.

When I was in middle school sometime, my friend and I learned you can dye your hair with Kool Aid. We didn't work and looked DUMB. At least Dom's got a cool enough mom to help him out so he doesn't end up looking like a goof.