Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Appointments and chores.

Several weeks ago I told Angel it was his turn to take the kids to one of their appts. (not like we are actually taking turns, I just decided he should do it for once and let me stay at work) So, he took the kids to their dentist appt.
I made this appt about a month ago. I purposely make appts for all the kids at the same time to save time. I gave specific directions to Dom so that they know how to get there and left explicit details for Angel on how to pick the kids up from school. All of this was going pretty smoothly until my phone was ringing (vibrating) off the hook at work. Finally, I stepped away and called to find out what was wrong. He tells me that only Miah has an appt. and they were able to squeeze Dom in but they couldn't see Devyn.


That's not right. I know I made an appt for all of them. I put on the calender "Kids dentist appt @noon" not "Miah plus 1".

Well, there was nothing I could do about it right now. So I just say "okay" and go on with work. A little bit later I call Angel again to find out what the dentist said.
He tells me," I don't know..the kids are still back there, I'm up front with Devyn."


Now I'm a little frustrated..."you are supposed to go back there and listen to what the dentist says because Miah has that contraption in her mouth and we need to know when it can come out! Do you really expect her to come out and relay his messages about it?"
His reply.."Oh, let me go back there then."

Now, I thought that was a given. I thought men knew that when you take the kids to any medical, dental or vision appt that you go back with them to find out what's going on with your kids.

Apparently, mine didn't get the memo.

On a brighter note...

I posted a list of chore prices for the kids.
Living room is .50
Dining room is .40
Dishes.... .75 etc...

Well the kids saw this while they were cleaning and automatically started trying to add to the list.
Devyn: "I much for our homework?"

Me: "nothing..that's your responsibility"

Miah: "what about dusting?"

Me: "good one Miah...Dusting.....20"

Devyn: "what about the toilet?"

Me: "that's part of the restroom chore"

Devyn: "Awww, mann"

Dom: "what about throwing the trash when Dad BBQ's?"

Me: "trash is up there, it's 15"

This went on and on until I finally said.."Why are you guys trying to add to the list when you haven't even finished the first day's chores or earned any money yet? Now all of a sudden you guys are so anxious to clean."

They got back to cleaning.

The topic of discussion during dinner was how much money they made today.

I hope this lasts for a very long time.


Anonymous said...

hey there! long time since i've read your blog!
sounds like life is still pretty exciting with you!
I love your new picture! very pretty...and not to sound mean, but more flattering than the one with the cap!:)
Check out my page, i finally added up to date photos that look like me...not like i did in high school!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

And that's a good method to get kids to clean. I mean, it wears down after awhile, and they'll realize its still cleaning.
But when they get to the point that they want to buy something, or go to the movies with a friend or something, if you say no, they'll begin to realize how important it really is. I mean, that's what my mom did. I mean, she didn't cut us off or anything, she'd still pay for my brothers and I to do way more than she should have, but every once in a while, just to teach us the importance of work, she'd have to watch us cry cause she said no.
It sucks, I guess, on both ends, but it paid off.
I mean, I'm at the second largest university in Texas paying my own way. I'd say I learned A LOT!
Have a good day.
You're a good mom!

Mom2FiveBratz said...

Give an, end of the day, extra quarter for everyone that didnt bother you for something dumb. Thats worth its weight in gold.
My husband took my kids to the doctor ONCE only because I was in the hospital having baby number 4. He blew it. He had no idea what to ask, say or do. He was like dear in headlights, dopey style. He brought home a prescription for something he didnt even know what it was.
Men-Need-Basic-Instructions with pictures to help...or a pop up book.