Wednesday, December 31, 2008


WELL....since SOMEONE is whining about no comments and throwing a fit and threatening not to update us on his NYE chaos....

AND since he won't be blogging for awhile cause he's threatening to be MIA.......

I can show you guys what Miah found....


How cute is that.

It's a Jared Leto Mii. GUYLINER AND ALL!!

I'm gonna play me some Wii against Mii Jared and Mii Jared will always lose!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Is it over yet???


I won't elaborate on my holiday but just so you know... we all had a great time.

I was fortunate to be able to spend Christmas with my sister and her family and my parents.

Everyone came to my house this year. The kids had a good time and were able to spend Christmas day together with their cousins. Everyone was happy.


AND......guess what I got????

Yup! A digital camera. Used it on the pics on this post. You like? (except for the cartoon, of course)

Only thing takes forever to upload pics from the computer via the camera as opposed to my cell phone pics.

I don't know about this one.

Of course, no Christmas is complete without SEVERAL complaints from the kids about what they got and didn't get.

I had asked all of the children to make out a Christmas list so that we know what they wanted. We tried to get as much on the list as possible (within reason).

Devyn's list had almost 50 items on it. He sat in front of the TV and watched the commercials to get ideas.
Miah was more rational.

Dom didn't make a list so we had to guess.

At one point, Devyn cried out that he only got 11 presents. WHAT? SERIOUSLY? I had to remind him that he has a brother and sister and trying to get presents for ALL of them was very hard.
He's very understanding and even thanked me for the presents he got.

Miah got a Wii (finally)
All of the kids got a PS2 (we only got it for them cause it was 50 bucks at the pawn shop with a few games.

Yes, I know. Cheap.
What do I care. Kids these days run through things faster than anyone.

That's Right Baby.

I was determined to get rid of Elmo Live cause he was freaking the shit out of me sitting on top of my closet peering at me through the cracks randomingly spitting out "Elmo loves you...mhm".
Merry Christmas Nephew!


All in all...we had an enjoyable holiday.

Jenn came down to visit for the weekend. She brought me a gift from ENGLAND!

She got matching pink and brown T-shirts with caps.
I love my best friend.

New Years???

Not really making any big plans. Just going to spend it with the family and a few friends.
I'm WAAAAY past the point of going clubbing and drinking till sunrise.

In fact, I've been going to bed before the kids have. I really need to work on my sleep schedule.

I went shopping for the after Christmas sales and got lots of stuff for next year. YES...I'm one of those shoppers who prepare for next year.

To wrap up....

I hope everyone has a GREAT, SAFE (not necessarily sober) New Years!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008




(I tried to include the video but I suck so it didn't work...just click here.........


Alright, I've been a bum and haven't even finished wrapping my gifts. Of course, Angel has been here and hasn't helped me one bit.

I had a whole list of things for him to do while he is here for the 2 weeks and we have yet to complete them. It's not like I've been sitting around the house doing nothing though, I HAVE been working. I am still going to be working today. I've managed to move some of my patients around so that hopefully it works out that I will have Friday as well as Thursday off.

Angel already has plans to go fishing with his brother in law all day Friday through Saturday.

I need a break anyway.

I don't know why I've been exhausted (could be the frickin early morning wake-ups that I keep getting and not being able to go back to sleep). I get plenty of sleep which could be the problem. Last night I crawled into bed around 8:30 and passed out. I woke up several times throughout the night but only to look at the clock. At 12, 1 and 3 am ...Angel wasn't in the bed. I didn't dare get up and go check on him.
Around 4 he came in and I asked him why didn't he come to bed and he said because he fell asleep in front of the TV.

That was all it took. That little conversation took place and now I am up for the rest of the day. Well, me and Tattoo and the dang dogs.

I have 5 patients today so It's gonna be a short day.

Jenn may be coming this weekend so I will let you know how that and the season goes.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

More sweets!!!

I have found a solution to a small problem I have been having.

Since I drive all day for my job, I tend to attract the strange men who like to drive along side me to gawk at me and try to persuade me to roll my window down.

Honestly, I don't think they have anything important to say. If they are trying to ask for directions...they are better off asking some one who's car isn't in motion.

Anyway, what I was getting at was this guy was driving beside me for at least 5 miles. I mean he (and his buddy) were making sure they were right beside me and this means slowing down and speeding up when necessary to maintain their position.


I tried to shake them off but they wouldn't go.


I took out my camera (phone) and took a picture of them.

After that, they made sure they weren't next to me anymore.

I guess they thought I was going to report them or something.

Hey! I only wanted to gawk at them too!



How nice am I?!

So, earlier this week a lady came knocking on my door while the kids and I were watching the movie Bolt....or was it Beverly Hills Chihuahua?? (don't ask) anyway, This lady was from an elementary school and wanted to know if they could borrow my Santa train because they are going to be showing the movie "The Polar Express" at their school.

Hell Yeah! Sure. Why Not?

When Dom was in the 5th grade, his school took him to the movie theater to watch it. His class was given permission to wear their pajamas with robes and slippers if they would like. So, I went out and bought my kids some.

When it came time for them to head to the theater, I loaded up Miah and Devyn with our robes and slippers on and we went and joined them. We had a ball. They still talk about it. Even Dom gets excited when it's mentioned.

I told this story to the teacher and she said that they would like to do the same. Dom and I gave her some more ideas and then she left.

The next day she came back and picked up the train.

Friday, she comes back and drops the train back off along with this:

Awww, that was soo sweet of them. They didn't have to thank me with COOKIES and CAKE!!

I'm so glad they did though.

It stays right beside my bed.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Strangeness and sweets.

I haven't been sleeping well.

I got up at 5:30 to go to Walmart to get some Santa hats because the kids needed them for school and I'm such a procrastinator that I waited until the VERY LAST MINUTE.

Anyway, I get to the parking lot and I look at the car beside me.

This is what I see:

Question: What kind of person rides around with Chucky in their passenger seat?

Answer: The kind who doesn't want anyone asking them for a ride.

I'll pass.

Now Andy over at Wild ARS Chase posted about how great his mom is. Well I have news for you too.

When I was little, I remember making sugar cookies and decorating them during Christmas time. Little snowmen and Santas.

Now, she's doing the same with my kids and they love it.

Question: Why don't YOU continue to make the cookies every year Sheila, along with them?

Answer: Cause I'm totally overwhelmed with all of this stuff and couldn't help but pass out from exhaustion around 8:00 each night.

That's why.

Anyway, here is my mom is helping Miah make Pon de Polvos (<--if that's even spelled right).

I won't go into details...the pics say it all.

I spoke with Miah's teacher and she said that Miah told her that she would volunteer to make the German Chocolate cake. HUH? That wasn't even on the list!
The teacher said she asked Miah: Are you sure? German Chocolate cake?
And that Miah told her: Yes, I know how to make it.
Then Miah comes home with the paper saying we were signed up to bring it. OKAY.
Well my mom gets this idea that she would help her make it.
Hey! Who was I to try to talk her out of that? Run with it!
So they did.
They decided to do little cakes in the shape of stockings and trees. That way everyone would have their own little shaped cake.

Then Miah started getting the frosting and grossed out. She squinted at it and said it "looked weird".

ME: WHAT? Little chick?! Didn't you know what German Chocolate cake looks like?
MIAH: Yes, but this is gross.
So, instead of the frosting that is usually applied, we used the decorating frosting that comes in the tubes.
Of course, mommy (me) forgot to get the little tips so they just slathered it on there.
The finished product: How Cute.
We'll be making the sugar cookies sometime this week.
Get ready for THAT show.
I've been so disorganized lately.
It must be the holidays.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I knew it!

The cat is at it again.

Well at least there is minimal to no damage.
I'm anxious to know what Dom got on his test today.
I asked him yesterday how he thinks he did and he said "100".
I think he got a 100 too.
He's smart.
Angel comes home for 2 weeks starting Friday and the kids are out of school for 2 weeks then too.
He has control of the kids.
I'm excited. I want him to spend ALL of his time with the kids just like I do. I want them to start going to him with their questions and concerns. That includes meals for the kids. It's going to be a mommy vacation even though I have to work. There is no place that Angel needs to go that he can't take the kids with him.
...of course, he isn't aware of this idea. I'm still working on it. I'm working on a smooth, undetectable transition of offspring responsibilities.
I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just Plain Proud.

Dom completed another packet. Social Studies.
He is working at a fast pace and I like that.
I honestly think he is actually working toward graduating at an earlier date.
I don't know how much prouder I could be.
His teacher is amazed with him and how fast he is completing his work and testing. She said that it usually takes the students "a while" to finish a packet because it's at the pace they want to work. Then it usually take some time before they would test on that packet. Dom completed the Science packet on the 3rd day there AND he tested on it the next day. He hasn't even been in this school 2 weeks.

So proud.

MIAH has been cracking me up lately. Angel and I bought some doors to install in Devyn's room (not real doors, just those accordion type doors). We were putting them up when I heard Miah yell at Devyn in the living room, "WHAT DID I SAY? NO GRENADE LAUNCHERS!"

She was playing the Xbox with him. She has been playing more and more lately. I'm afraid the boys are warping my little girl like HERE.

It's around 4 am right now and I'm a little restless due to lack of sleep. There are several factors contributing to that this very moment.

The dogs are driving me crazy. They wake up and play 4 or 5 am and all I hear is them banging up against my bedroom wall and barking and gnarling at each other right outside my bedroom window.
They are getting so big and getting into EVERYTHING!!!
Our washer and dryer are outside on the back porch and every time we go out there the dogs are all hyper and jumpy. They want to just stand on their hind legs, put all of their weight on you and just lick and lick and lick. If you happen to drop a sock or *gulp* your underwear, then you are shit outta luck. They gone. The dogs are playing tug-o-war with them in front of the neighbors. They chewed the seat off of Angel's bicycle. They've chewed up baby trees in the yard. They crap and piss every 10 seconds so it's not safe to venture out into the yard.
I love those puppies.

The cat (Tattoo) was laying on my head.
This friggin cat attacks us all every chance he gets. You can walk anywhere in the house and he will spring out on his hind legs and pounce on you. He attaches himself onto your legs and starts biting on it as you are walking. He chases you and ultimately causes you to dash to your room and dive on your bed so he can't get your ankles. Wanna pet the kitty? Sure, go ahead. If you really want to take the risk of retracting your limb with only a couple of fingers left not to mention your forearm getting all scratched up by his hind legs.

He pounced on my dad's poor puppy the whole time they were here visiting.
The cat plays hard but he also crashes hard. He sprawls out. He don't care.

He likes to stare us down for awhile right before he attacks!
He always finds his way into my room at night and curls up on my bed to sleep.
Cute kitty.

Snowball (the outside cat) came inside to get warm and crapped under my Christmas tree. That cat has plenty of fur so... outside he went.

The Hamsters are running in their wheels. RIGHT NOW.
They never stop running. THEY RUN ALL NIGHT.

There is this crazy squeaking noise coming from the top of the house. I think it's the vent from the stove and it's windy outside. The wind is making it spin and it squeaks.
I can't do anything about that.

I have a house full of crazy right now.
And the sun hasn't even come up.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Been Busy! Just like you guys!

A lot has been going on (I know everyone is busy so everyone is excused for not posting as often as they would have liked to....everyone except those getting paid for posting...hee hee).

Anyway, I have been dealing with the kids, family and working.


One of the Physical Therapists (PTs) that worked for the company on an "as needed" basis decided he didn't want to be needed by the company anymore so now we are down to 2 PTs. Both of them are working with the company on an "as needed" basis too. They are also working with other companies as needed so they are pretty busy.

This means that I will be getting my patient load from these 2 PTs only if they have time to accept patient evaluations from my company.

This means that I have just dropped my patient load from 6-8 patients a day to 4 patients a day (which is what I have now). I also looked at my schedule for next week and on Tuesday and Thursday I only have 1 patient.

I have to say. At a time like's a good thing I'm salary.


Devyn just finished his soccer league. We lost everyone of our games, except the one where the other team was a no-show. Whatever. The kids have fun and he is getting better in the sport.

Angel has done half of the Christmas shopping in Corpus and I did the other half here.

Dom was told that if he completes another packet in Science and gets a grade of 90 or above, then he doesn't have to complete any more science packets (he still has 4 more packets to complete). If he does that with all of the subjects then he will automatically be passed onto the 9th grade.

He's excited and I think that is what he is going for.


I have been trying SO hard to get my sister to be open to doing things more as a family. She has issues and likes to put the blame on everyone else. In case you missed it, THIS is what happened one time when she decided to put her issues first.

The last time we (her boyfriend, her and myself) decided to have a BBQ on a Saturday. Her kids had just stayed the night with mine that Friday. I figured all she had to do was come on over.

Well when I called and asked her about coming over on Saturday, she said "ohhh, I don't think we are going to go after all."


Come-on now.

For Real?

You don't want to spend a Saturday with your family even though you are STILL complaining that we don't do anything AS a family?

She did manage to come over and get her kids though.

Whatever chick.

SOOO...people. Here's my last ditch effort:

Devyn and Miah are going to be playing basketball. Just like I wanted to do with soccer (have my sister's kids come and play on the same teams and I would pay their registration fees) I want them to come and play on the same basketball teams (of course I offered to pay their fees, again).

I talked to the coach who is in charge of the whole program and he said we could get basketball underway if he can round up enough coaches (he had a little bit of a hard time getting coaches for soccer).

This is when I told him that maybe we could help him with that. I asked him how much experience he needed and he started saying "some" but ended up saying "none".


I played basketball in high school and well...that's all.

I proposed the idea to my sister and explained that she and I could coach the girls team and her boyfriend could coach the boys team with our boys and Dom could be the assistant coach for him.

She's excited about the idea. Maybe this time we will be able to do something together as a family cause this shit is killing me.

Her and her boyfriend argue A LOT and she lets that get in the way of everything she needs (or promised) she would do. I told her that she needs to put her personal issues aside when it comes to the kids. Lets see how that goes.

I'm thinking about buying us all some whistles to help them stay motivated.

What do you think?


So, guess what my friends! I'm sure you all are seeing the gas prices still dropping.

Here's what we have now down here:

P.S. Dom has a new post up. Check it out HERE.

Now that he's not grounded and has a ton of free time with no school work. I will have him posting more frequently again.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm raising my kids to be...

Just like me.

Tonight, while we were at Devyn's soccer practice, Miah and I were sitting on the side munching on some snacks. Dom had helped carry the stuff (like my chair and a blanket for Miah) before he took off for the skate park. We had a bunch of stuff that would have benefited from a bag or tote. Then, the mosquitos started attacking us and we had to run for shelter.
I gathered up all I could in my arms and started booking for the car.
Miah was struggling with a few things but I started getting some distance between us and yelled back to her, "Every woman for herself, Miah!"

Then the lid on my drink started coming off so I had to stop and resituate everything and that is when I saw Miah passing me up from the corner of my eye, dragging the blanket and yelling, "Every woman for herself, MAMA!

She laughed as she left me in the dust.
Dom has been attending this new school for less than a week and he already tested out on his Science packet. He got a total score of 110 (the extra 10 points are for the notes he took to prepare).
I'm so proud of him and I knew this was the type of setting he needed. No lectures...just work and the proper surrounding to help him focus.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Better than I thought...

Before I start, I would just like to mention at this time that Miah has changed her cat's name from Tattoo to Tattoo White Tiger.
She was insistent.

My life financially is.....better than I thought.

A few years ago, I actually considered myself as "poor", financially.
I was a stay at home mom of 3 kids. Angel was traveling all over Texas (and a couple of other states). We were living only on his income as a laborer in construction.

We already know about Dom not being his biological son from THIS STORY.

We had Miah and Devyn together and we both decided that I was going to stay at home with them until they were old enough to communicate with us in a manner we could understand comfortably. We were both paranoid parents and didn't want to risk anything when it came to our children.

Once they were old enough, I picked up some info from a local college and found a list of careers. I decided what I wanted to become, went to school for a few years (with the help of financial aid which paid for 95% of my schooling), graduated and am now a Physical Therapist Assistant.

The times of food stamps have been long gone. (It was hard adjusting to paying actual money for food when I had been used to using food stamps.) I figured it out.

Now, since I moved and started this Home Health job, I am actually starting to see a huge potential for saving. Seeing as I am the only one who does our budgeting. We've always had 2 separate bank accounts (we still do) where his check Auto drafts into his account and the same with mine. I also keep both accounts in case of identity theft.

Anyway, I was thinking today about how much better off we are. I mention to Angel lots of times how I remember when I used to waitress and the money was NO WHERE near as getting an actual CAREER. I could never have made a career out of waitressing (no offense to those who are out there).

My family life is...better than I thought.

Back then, I was a stay at home mom of three.
Now, well....still basically the same with the exception of a job.

Angel is still with the same company and he still travels where ever they send him but he hasn't been a laborer for a long time. He's a machine operator. Much better pay. I still get up in the mornings and get the kids up, make sure they have what they need and drop them off (yes I still drop off my 13, 9 and 7 yr old even though they could walk to school). I pick them up after school. Sometimes I have my parents walk around the corner to get Miah and Devyn because I haven't come to terms with letting them walk alone. Dom's school is 1 mile away and I won't let him walk...well I did one time and he didn't come straight home. He sealed his fate on that one.
Angel still tries to get me to let them walk to school and back home. Nope.
I'm still a protective mommy and I am scared to death of pedophiles so there's no talking me out of it. At least not now.

I've always had problems with Dom and his school and grades and behavior.
I finally did what I needed to do.
You can read about what I did HERE.

In public school...He got a 6 in science.
A 6!!

How do you get a 6 in science?

Here's how....he didn't do any of the journals he was supposed to do. But the teacher gave him a chance. She gave him instruction on the 6 journals and let him make them up. I made him sit and write ALL of those journals and he wasn't going to get up until he finished them ALL.
Within 30 minutes, he handed me his 6 journals. He turned them in the next day and got 70's on them (they are only allowed to get the minimum passing grade for make-up work). So he ended up with a 70 in science when I withdrew him from that school.

That's when I knew I made the right choice.

I've always been the one to manage these types of situations because Angel is always gone and now...I prefer to be the one to manage it. I like having control of the family. He comes home and throws a big fat wrench in my gears. Screws up the whole schedule (I still love him though).
I tried letting him handle "my duties" one time and THIS is what happened.

Anyway people, I'm pooped and It's 7:44 Dang. I promised the kids they can start staying up a little 9 *gasp* How am I ever going to make it till then???

Friday, December 5, 2008

Got the tree up...finally. UPDATE: COME SEE!

I sent these pics to Angel on his phone. I use my cell phone to take pics because I don't have that Christmas gift I was waiting on since last year just yet. YUP, I've been waiting on Angel to get me a digital camera for the longest time now.

I have already done the whole "get my own damn present" thing too many times.


We've had the tree up for a couple of days now but we haven't gotten around to putting up the decorations. And by "We" I mean ME. I've just been passing out after work. I have just enough energy to make sure my kids are home safely and then I knock out.

Um....yeah...about the tree....

I took the pics to show Angel the tree lights and the 1 decoration we have up. This decoration isn't by'll see....

Click on the pictures to get a better look.

I don't expect the ornaments will be hanging on the tree for very long.

It's going to be a long Xmas with this cat.


So guess what we have here.


Gas has come down to $1.49 here, and that's without the gas card with the .03 discount.

I knew it!!

When I saw it I almost peed my pants a little. I know I let out a little squeak while I was driving and it's a good thing I was alone.

All is right with the world!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Maybe...JUST Maybe....

I'll be able to stick to doing something.

AFRo was just talking about making time to do something for yourself.


Honkeie2 over at feeling stoopid is wanting to get back into shape again.

I guess I could do a little getting fit of my own for myself.

I'm going to have to drag these babies back in from the back porch.


My two babies, Venus and Serena that I got a little while back ....

are now growing up to be muscular and beautiful.

Of course, Snowball, the cat isn't scared of them at all. He's going to just keep on eating his food and ignore the beast on his left.

Tattoo, the kitten, is still a little scared of them and..... they know he's iiiinnnn heeeerrrreeeee.

Those dang dogs tear up EVERYTHING in the back yard!


I withdrew Dom from the public school he was attending here. It was just too slow for him. He was always getting in trouble because of his grades but I know he is just bored. I put him in an alternative school that is from 8-2p, and on Fridays 8-12:30. It sort of puts a kink in my work day but I think it will be worth it.

He gets to complete his work at his own pace and if he just keeps on working and completing the 8th grade work. He will automatically be moved into the 9th grade. If he works at the pace that I know he is capable of working at...He will be able to graduate in 2 1/2-3 yrs.

Today was his first day and he seemed to like it. Now I can't get after him for coming home and getting on the XBOX right away because he does all of his work at school. (Almost like a home school program...away from home).

I'm excited and he's excited so there is excitement to be had around THIS household.


So guess what people!!!

Gas around here is getting close to hitting the mark I hoped it would!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have you guys heard this?

It's called "One Minute Inside A Woman's Head".

The people on my radio station play it. I believe it comes from another station though.

I know it's played in many other radio stations so I was wondering if you guys had heard it before.

This is TOTALLY ME. I catch myself thinking these stupid things all the time.

Check out this one:

Yup, Those are some of the things that I think about.

I was over at Drama's Pond reading up on her and I saw this on her post.

Drama Mama is right, don't give us any beef over some of the items that are on there. We didn't make this stuff up.

If you chose not to participate then don't, it's all up to you.

I guess you just print it out and take it with you so you know what you're looking for.

I was just thinking of taking pics and posting them as proof.

I laughed when I saw it cause I usually see these things in Walmart. I'm there A LOT cause it's just 2 blocks away.

I think I'm going to win.

I don't know when it's going to be over. I guess when you get a bingo.
I don't know of any prizes offered so just shut up and play!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A little TMI for ya!

Denial is a bitch.

I know this now. I've known it for quite some time but of course........I denied it.

Want to know what I was in denial about?

My boobs.

I refused to believe I was gaining any weight because my boobs could still fit into my usual bra size.

Hardly the truth.

Let's just say that I could squeeze my boobs into my regular bra size..and no one mentioned anything about comfort.
I don't know how many women out there sleep with their boulder holders on or not but I do. I have to. I can't just let them hang loose as I toss back and forth because one of us (Angel or I) will be knocked out for sure. There's no one to save us except the kids and well, that 's just not a sight I want them to see.

Anyway, I have been waking up with my boobs really sore and I was a little worried because that was always the symptom I would get when I was pregnant. I did not want another baby right now.

Uh, back to the point.....

I finally had to break down and buy some new bras. I also had to guess what size I was since I wasn't fitting into the others anymore.
I won't be telling what size I am now because I am feeling a little like Dolly Parton. The upside is *snicker* My boobs aren't screaming anymore!

The torture I put myself through because I'm so cheap.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Not ready for it to be over!!

I'm talking about the weekend.

I had so much to do.
Angel and I went to Mexico on Sat afternoon and just spent some quality time there together.

I had to go back and forth to Walmart numerous times because I kept forgetting stupid crap like make-up or deoderant.

We had promised to take the kids for breakfast at IHOP and Angel was dragging behind and making us late.

This is him standing and watching TV. He's mesmerized. He can't draw himself away from the screen. I've called his name several times but he doesn't respond.

Maybe next time I'll just turn off the TV so we could get a move on.

Guess what he was so captivated by?..... Steel Magnolias, people.

Angel continues to think I'm a little mental because I bathe my cats. Any cats that I've owned were routinely bathed. Here's Tattoo in the tub. I call them "Swimming Kitties".

He reminds me a little of Michael Phelps reaching for the Gold. I'd say Tattoo made good time.

Either way, I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I need more days off.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's the weekend...

And I'm sure no one wants to hear about Thanksgiving now that it is over. We all want to start on our Christmas posts..etc.

Well, tough titties!

Here's how my Thanksgiving went...

Wednesday Night:

My best friend Lisa and her husband Will came down from Houston for the weekend. They stopped by and we had a few drinks. My sister's family came by too.

Angel said he was "tired" and that he was just going to say "hello" to everyone and go straight to bed.


We all hung out and drank a few then we turned in for the night.

Angel was up longer than any one.

Thursday Morning:

I picked up my Mom and Dad EARLY because she was doing most of the cooking. My Dad likes to come over because he can sit at the computer all day. Well, when it came time to move some furniture around to make room for the tables, I disconnected the computer and we slid it over to the corner.

My dad was following me around the house asking when I was going to re-connect the computer and I told him that I wasn't going to today.

He got pissy after that.

Whatever. He didn't need to be on the computer all day with his back to everyone on a day like today.

Dom had made some ham for his brother and sister the other day and he decided he wanted to make ham for Thanksgiving.

Who was I to say NO?

Angel fried a turkey and my mom and I baked one in the oven.
Fry time: 43 min.

It was REALLY good. We usually fry one or two every year.

(no one focus on the gross looking part on the bottom of the turkey)

We had a ton of food (we still have a lot left over).

I ate and entertained for a brief period before I finally crashed out around ummm....4:30 and Angel woke me around 7:30. He had already put away the rest of the food in the containers I had bought and he left the dishes for me.

There were a TON of dishes!!

We had a good day.

How was yours?


Current gas prices around here:

It's getting closer to that $1.50 mark I was hoping for!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hey everyone.

I was soo busy yesterday that I never got a chance to come to the computer to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving!!

How was everyone's?
Did you eat a crap-load of turkey and stuffing?
Did you pass out afterward? (I did)

I will go more into detail after I get out of work today.

Hope you all had a good one!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why? People.....Why?!?

Since I live in Texas...I get to be annoyed by lots of things people do here.

I know, "Everything's bigger in Texas" but do the men's egos have to be too??

My current annoyance:

Truck Balls.

Yes. You heard me right.

I said Truck Balls.

For those of you who are confused...

I am talking about actual testicals designed for trucks solely for cosmetic purposes.
They are attached to the back of the truck (basically where the testicles of a dog would be)
AND they are usually on the more bigger, rugged trucks because, you know...they hang.

Still confused?

Here, let me help with that....

Truck Balls

As you can see, they come in an assortment of colors.
Red, Ivory, Black, Blue, Pink....flesh. I'm not kidding.

Above is brown and below is mocha.

For those big bold guys who really want to strut:

Here are a pair of BRASS ones for ya!

They also offer a "Special Process for Bright Shiny Effect":

Still confused???

Alright, Look:


Too inappropriate?

So what! It's my blog.

I'm just pointing out what I see everyday. Some more..ABOUT ME, for ya.

So, I'm just wondering what the actual purpose of these prostetic babies are for? I mean...on a truck?

Is this the driver's way of letting the public know that it's a BOY truck?

Cause you know....A truck is a truck.

To me.

I don't know about ya'll but I just see a truck.

I have yet to see a vehicle on the road with a pair of prosthetic boobies on it so I am just guessing this is a "man thing".

Why boys?



I am such an idiot.

I just did a little more digging and saw this.

I was wrong, apparently they aren't just for trucks.