Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trying to Catch Up.

Hey Everyone!!

How was your weekend?

How was your Holiday?

Ours was GREAT!

Yes, we did make it out to the beach and it was a much easier trip than usual.

We reserved a room for 2 nights on the Island and we spent a whole day on the beach.

Here we have "base camp". See that nice blue canopy there? I took a nice 2 hr nap in that red lawn chair. Don't ask me how I did it? I can't sleep anywhere outside or to the sound of waves crashing or birds cawing or kids yelling.....

But, I did and it was AWESOME!

I woke up feeling like I needed some beers. It's a good thing we had some.

Later, we changed locations and my husband's friend caught a fish. (I forgot what kind it was because I was too busy digging in the cooler for more beer)

The kids did what they always did....ran straight to the water. Of course, you know I will throw a random skull in the post so here it is...with Devyn headed to the water.

The kids were in and out of the water ALLLL day.

Okay, Here I am. I got in the water but only up to my hips cause I have this thing about all that sand. If the sand gets on me too much I feel like I have to rinse it off and the water doesn't really help cause it just makes me feel and taste salty...ughhh.
I'm not a big fan of salt.
We all had a great time and then we headed back to the hotel so that the kids (water babies) could swim in the pool.
The best thing is we avoided the holiday crowd. We were on the Island Friday night and Saturday night and returned home on Sunday.

On our way back there were a line of cars miles and miles long of people trying to get to the Island.
When we got home we took a short nap (not like we had a choice, our bodies gave out on us) then we went to my SIL and BIL's house for a couple of hours for a BBQ and beers.


The kids had school yesterday (WHAT?!?! on a HOLIDAY?!?!) Yup. Their last day of school is this Friday so it doesn't matter. Angel and I had a chance to have lunch together and just chill. We hardly ever get a chance to do that without the kids so we took advantage.

We were supposed to be cleaning house and doing laundry but only one load got washed and Dom just barely put that load in the dryer this morning...oops.

Devyn had a baseball game and they lost 7-5. This loss takes them out of the running for 1st place. We have 2 more games left and they are both against the Rangers.

First game is tonight.

We've got to beat them.


On a sadder note. My Dad is in the Hospital in NY. My parents are visiting my brother and his heart gave out. His pacemaker shocked him 9 times and my brother was there to witness the whole thing. It must have been very traumatic for everyone. From what I know right now, he's doing "Fine" and there are talks of replacing his pacemaker.

I'm not sure of the details but everything is still undecided so me being so far away kind of leaves me out of the loop a little until more info is gathered.

I love you Dad.


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

first off, i'm sorry to hear about your dad. but i'm glad he's doing better. i know how how helpless you have to feel being so far away, but at least your mom & brother are there and i'm sure they'll keep you updated on everything.

i'm still very jealous of yall and the beach. i still have to take my son to the beach. hopefully when i make this Disney trip, we'll stop by a beach or two on the way back.

honkeie2 said...

sorry about your dad hope everything turns out ok.
And any day that I wake up with the need of a beer is a good day!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Hope your dad is going to be ok! My FIL is on his 2nd pace maker I believe.

~Sheila~ said...

Thank You.
It is pretty hard having to hear what's going on from far away. I'm used to him being here and me being the one relaying the info.

We have yet to take our kids. We are still trying to get our finances together. We will make it one day though. For now..we will continue to hit the beach.

Thank You.
I'm hoping everything is OK too.

I rarely wake up needing a beer but since it was the weekend and a know...

Thank You.
I believe he may have had his surgery yesterday. I only spoke with my mom and brother briefly. I will get an update today.

Andy said...

Hope everything will be OK with your dad...

How funny that even in a post about the ocean, you find a way to fit in skulls. That's dedication.

And what a shame that you don't like salt, and you live near the ocean. Cruel, cruel irony.

~Sheila~ said...

Thank You.

You know I have to put a skull somewhere. If I had picked a better picture you would be able to see that my sun glasses have skulls on them.

The sand and saltiness gets EVERYWHERE. I am still finding it in cracks and crevices on my body...ugh.

Ace C said...

I'm a little jealous that you guys are that close to the beach and I'm not. Wait. There is one. I'm just too lazy to drive.