Thursday, January 29, 2009


I won't go into details because I'm a little pissed. I didn't think it was cute and I hope that shit wasn't there for a long time.
If any of you guys happened to see the pic...knock me on the head and tell me: Hey Sheila, check that shit out...get that shit off!!

I really hope Dom didn't see it. ughh.

Sorry guys! I'm Really sorry!

I changed my password so hopefully this won't happen again.

P.S. If any one did see it....just so you know, that sure as hell wasn't me!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here we go...

So, today is the last day I work before I take off for my road trip with Jenn. (actually, I'm taking off today)



Jenn called me last night to tell me about how she TOTALLY got busted by her boss.

Here's the deal...

Jenn and I talk on the phone everyday almost all day (during working hours). I call her first thing in the morning to her work phone (which is still connected to her work) from my work cell (which is a cell). We talk about EVERYTHING under the sun. We don't hold anything back in our conversations.


Her boss calls her into the office yesterday and asks her if she likes her job or even wants her job. She's like, Oh yeah...sure....of it...yada yada yada...

Turns out, her boss asks because they MONITOR ALL CALLS and he heard one of her conversations to one of her other friends about how she doesn't even like her job and she doesn't even want to be there................FUCK!!!

TURNS OUT!!! We are very sure he has heard EVERY ONE of our calls and we have been very blunt on numerous subjects. I'm embarrassed just thinking about what he may have heard.....geez.

In the end, he was super cool about it all and just told her to try not to mention some of the things we were talking about over the airways...duh. We're stupid.


I got busted too.

I stopped by my friend Lisa's house yesterday just to hang out between patients. I had called her to make sure she was awake when I stopped by. She was, she was painting. She started admiring my phone (cause I got the new G1, baby!!!) ..........oh, anyway.....she was admiring it so I picked it up and slid it open to reveal the keyboard and I unlocked the screen.

Then she saw it...

She looked at me and said, You have me here under "LISA DRAMA"?


Well....yeah, cause she is SUPER dramatic all of the time and so I call her LISA DRAMA...but of course, never to her face.

Now she knows...then we called Jenn cause she was right there with me when I programmed LISA DRAMA into my phone and she knew all about it. The way I figured it...If I was going down...she was going down.

We called. Had a good laugh over it and went on about our day.

I'm sure Jenn's boss heard THAT conversation too.

NOW...back to the road trip.

Leaving today around 2, staying at Jenn's overnight and from there we are taking off to Houston on Thursday (probably around 5 or so cause Jenn and I both are early risers) and that's about it. We have or music all qued up and ready to go.

I'll try to post during my VACAY as much as I can, but we'll see how it goes!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Workin out. Part 2



Here's my progress since I started working out say....2 weeks ago.
This is my current weight: 175.4

Now, as I said in my last post that my starting weight was 185 lbs.

According to my scale...I have lost about this many pounds: 10.0

Whoo hoooo! I'm far from having some stranger snag me off of the street and throw me on the runway to begin my reign in Tyra's old position...but's a start.

So, I'm challenging HONKEIE2 to a little friendly competition.

A weight lost competition.

Something to help continue the motivation.

I haven't gotten together with him to discuss anything just yet but I will soon, maybe.

(Of course I don't think he knows it yet until I tell him to come over and read this post...AND since this IS a competition I don't think I will actually mention it to him. So if he takes his time coming over to read...I will go ahead and use the "Head Start Due to Opponent Procrastination*" card)

Here are some (suggested) rules:

1. You must post your weight at the end of each week on Sunday (if possible).

2. No excuses. (especially none about why you aren't losing weight or haven't been able to workout) Just get the shit done. Whatever it is.

3. You must pick one thing a week to give up for the whole week. This means sodas, candy, all sweets, anything that could possible ruin your diet. (Keep in mind we are going for 7 consecutive days. If you end up messing up then you must only count the # of consecutive days you were able to follow this rule).

EX: Say I choose to give up soda. I mustn't drink any for the whole week. If I end up drinking one on Thursday and we started this on Monday...then I was only able to not drink soda for 3 days and therefore should consider myself unfit to mother my own children. ...............or......uhhhh.... maybe not to that extreme but there should be some punishment involved.

4. No CHEATING! That means if you are going to say that for the whole week you aren't going to eat any junk food or sugar etc...then you MUST stick to it.

Uh...ok...I don't know where else to go from there. Kinks to be worked out later and punishments will be distributed....Suggestions are welcome!


In the last post I also mentioned that Jenn was coming and we were going to Mexico.

We went.

We got to the first bar (this is at 11 am) and we ended up letting some man pay for another person to sketch a caricature of Jenn, Myself and another girlie who went with us from my work. He offered us a deal we couldn't refuse. He said he would pay $20 and we paid $5 and we get to keep the picture.


We did it!

Here's the pic:

Jenn is the top left, I'm on the right and my co-worker is on the bottom left.

Now, if this little poster was hanging outside and we were standing near it...I'm not sure we would be recognized.

Except maybe Jenn. It looks like her. She's got a big ass and she has big boobs. The nose is the same shape it's hilarious..we love it.

Me, I was made to look like Beyonce. I don't look anything like Beyonce in real life but obviously the artist knew how to play his cards right. Notice the not so subtle boob jobs we all got. Nice and perky. Thanks buddy.

My co-worker looks like Elizabeth Montgomery of the picture he drew. Not in real life. The funny thing is she mentioned that she has gotten a caricature of herself before and they always drew her with big teeth (cause she has big teeth like a rabbit) and no boobs (cause she really doesn't have any). This guy gave her boobs and made her day!

Also...just to let you know...none of us were remotely dressed in anything showing off our mid-drifts (where the hell did our waists go?) nor were we using our breasts to hold up our chins at all that day.

We all had a good time.

Now it's time to slap on the combat boots and get my ass to work busting off these pounds.

I've got a competition to win.

* This card is used for times when your "opponent" isn't updating frequently and you get to continue on with the competition. That, by the way, is a new rule I just made up. We're allowed to make them up as we go cause I say so....see, it's that easy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Workin out. Part 1

That's where I've been.

I know you guys have been worried about me during my short leave of absence due to the flood of emails I have received offering to pay the ransom for my safe return.
You guys are awesome!!

(Actually, I never received ANY emails from ANYONE offering to pay ANYTHING for me. No one cares.)


Naw, I haven't been on the computer much because I've been working out and working and it takes a lot of my time.
I (like many others) have made "losing weight" or "getting back in shape" my New Year's resolution.

Foolish? Maybe.
Crazy? Definitely.
Is it testing my will power? Hell Yes.
Is it working? ...uuhhhh...we'll see....

Alright, I was pretty ashamed to say this but at the end of 2008 I weighed 185 lbs.
I'm 5' 7".
I can only blame myself.
Lounging became a lifestyle. I was just plain old lazy most of the time.

I'd come home from work (which was hardly work at all) "tired". I don't know if maybe it's all of the driving and getting in and out of my car all of the time or maybe the continuous interaction with everyone all day all of the time. Either way, I'm hungry and I'm sleepy when I get home. Okay, the sad part is that I could be done with work by 2 and I would be hungry and sleepy. I've started developing this pattern within myself. Eat. Sleep. Shit.
Of course there's the occasional Shower and Work thrown in there but still. My basic pattern consisted of the 3.

So....I decided it was time.
Besides, when I take pictures with my friends...ummm...I would like there to be room in the pic for them too.

So here's how I started (Trust me, this is a gradual process):

First, I had to get motivated. The "idea" was already in my head but I had to use logic in order to incorporate my exercise in with my work.

Yeah, it took a while because I'm not on my meds anymore (that's my excuse) but then I remember that I am a Physical Therapist Assistant.
One of the ways I provide therapy to my patients is in the form of exercise. I started exercising more with my patients and taking longer walks with them and leaving the paperwork for the end of the day.

I would like to say that I've been walking on my very expensive Bowflex Treadclimber and using those Bowflex dumbbells along with that bench we have but that would just be LIES! All lies.

I bought about 48 opti-meal shakes (they're like slim-fast) in various flavors.
I figured since I'm on the road and I don't eat breakfast or lunch at all I may as well get some nutrients.
Plus, I like the shakes cause they're shakes.

I also started eating less when I did eat. I used to load up the plate and then go back for more sealing my fate of lapsing into a food coma fo sho.
Now, I'm all about portion sizing. I don't measure or anything I just eat the same amount I would give my kids.
When I go to the grocery store I look at the labels. Mainly just to give other shoppers in the isles the impression that I am actually concerned about what I put in my body because I really don't exactly know what I'm looking at.
Either way, it works.

I also made the mistake of mentioning to DOM about the "2000 calorie diet" that's on all of the food labels.
I was eating at the time.
He jumped up and ran to see what I had on my plate and started checking the fridge and pantry for my ingredients. He actually started trying to calculate how many calories I was eating right then and there.
Talk about someone keeping an eye on you while you diet, huh?

I stopped eating junk food. Just stuff from home. Cheaper. Plus, my lazy ass is too lazy to cook so I guess I don't eat..
Angel feeds the kids since he's home.
I drink only water allllll day. My work car is littered with empty bottles of water. I just take them into the office and fill them up again.

I also bought a scale.
I know the kiss of death when I see it.
It's actually been one of my best motivators. I have it programmed with my starting weight/goal weight and height (thank goodness the height isn't changing...yet) and it lets me know how much I've lost/gained and what my BMI is.
Those days that I get on and it tells me that I've gained weight is a shocker.

Anyway, Since I've been planning this trip to Houston, I've been more motivated.

Starting weight: 185
Goal weight: 135 (ish)

Sorry to cut this short....there's more to this story but Jenn is on her way in from Corpus so we can head to Mexico to get some bottles. ( many calories are in liquor? ...gotta check that out)
I haven't even showered yet...ewww

Part 2 will be coming shortly......

Monday, January 19, 2009


You know...

I'm just going to have to stop letting Angel dress the kids...

Friday, January 16, 2009

2 Minutes

That's how long it takes Angel to fall asleep.

I've learned to use this knowledge to my advantage.

For example: If I'm not in the mood for sex...I just lay VERY still...for 2 minutes and "play possum". He gets bored...or forgets what he is doing and he's out like a hibernating bear.

Keep that in mind because it's going to be relevant in a moment.

We don't have central air or heat in my house (I know what you are thinking but remember ....older house...given to us…etc). Now, I know its cold, you know its cold...Angel? Not quite sure if he's aware. I had to remind him to get portable space heaters for the kid’s rooms and thank goodness he did. My room gets the coldest because of lack of insulation. I was freezing my ass off in bed. Lucky for me, Angel generates a lot of heat. One particular night my knees were freezing so I wiggled closer to Angel in hopes of thawing out. I accidentally touched him with my knee and he woke up. He started complaining about how cold I was and why was I touching him and why am I waking him up...etc. I explained that I was cold and needed to get closer to warm up but he didn't want me to. I was TOO COLD FOR HIM!

That's ok!

Whatever dude.

Go night-night.

I'll wait 2 minutes and you’ll be back in REM stage in no time.

Sure enough....2 minutes later…

I'm nice and toasty.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What the hell is the big deal??? (another TMI for ya)

Angel and I have been having this discussion lately and it's really driving me up the wall.

I asked Angel to buy me some tampons and he flat out said NO!

Now, I understand that some guys do it and some guys don't. Thing is...we're not talking about some random guy I met off the street and I put in a request with him for tampons. I'm talking about my own husband who should know my cycle better than I do. (well, maybe not MY husband ..but still)

When I was younger, my dad used to buy them for my mom (and had on occasion gotten some for me).
In reality, it's just another item off of the shelf. If men are at the register with a box of tampons..what exactly do you think people are thinking? They KNOW they are not for YOU! Some people (women) may even look at you with admiration and feel slight jealously for the woman who will be receiving this precious gift (precious gift? yeah, ok...that may be overdoing it a bit) because their husbands may be riding the short bus. (like mine)

Of course, on occasion, other men may look at you and snicker (maybe not) but still..who cares?

I had to create a couple of scenarios that may sway his decision:

Scenario #1:

Me: Now, what if I was stuck on the toilet and I was out of toilet paper and at that exact moment was the time I realized we had a visitor and it was "Aunt Flo".

I call you on the phone and ask you to please bring some toilet paper AND bring some tampons for me cause I NEED them. I'll send you a pic through the phone so you know exactly what to get and you won't be cruising the isle wondering. It'll be quick. In and out. I won't even ask for the BIG BOX.

His answer: I'm not buying them.
...And you better hope you have toilet paper...use that, wad it up and go to the store.

Me: What!?!? Why not?!
C'mon now. I'm your wife of ten years. You wouldn't buy me necessities?!?!

Him: Nope!

Me: I go with you to Academy to get fishing gear!!!

Him: That's not even the same thing!!

Me: I KNOW...but I DO it!

Moving on...

Scenario #2

Me: What if I was lying on my death bed and I asked you for one thing before I drift off into the light with love in my heart. I call you close (because I am older and I would probably go first) and I whisper (with my last breath) my wish into your ear ..."tampons".

His answer: I'm not buying them. Besides, it was your last breath. You're dead now.
Me: Okay, so not my last breath, but I'm hanging on to dear life until my wish is fulfilled.
His answer: I'm not buying them.

Me: What!?!? C'mon!! I'm on my DEATH BED!! I'm asking you for my one last dying wish and you are sending me to the great beyond without fulfilling my wish??? What kind of husband are you??

His answer: You'll be too old to need them. YOU'LL BE DYING!! You're WAAAY past menopause. What do I need to buy them for?

Me: It's the principle!


Me: No BEAVIS!! I mean it's a way of showing me that after all of these years you DO love me and would eventually do what is needed.

His answer: I'm not buying them.

Me: Geez, man!

Still trying...

Scenario #3:

Me: Alright. What if we were in this terrible accident and the only thing that would keep me alive is if you bought some tampons.

His answer: That's ridiculous. How would buying tampons save your life?

Then I had to think fast....

Me: What if you needed the tampons to stop my bleeding before I bled out.

Him: You better hope your not on your period if we have an accident.

Me: What!?! No...I didn't mean THAT BLEEDING...ughhh!

Him: Well then, what?

Me: I mean maybe I got a gash or a puncture and we needed something to plug the hole (yeah...I know...plug the hole...I got the mental image too...sorry) and the only thing the store had that was sterile were some tampons but the cashier wouldn't just let you take them. You had to buy them.

His answer: I'm not buying them.

Me: FINE!!! When it's your turn to go..I'm lining your casket with tampons to cushion your journey!!!

So that's that.

I know deep in my heart..if placed in these scenarios he would do it.....fucker. (at least I hope with #'s 2 and 3)
Maybe I can show him that tampons aren't just for women anymore. Think that will work?

I was a little disturbed with our conversation after that so while he was sitting at the computer burning music...I poked him in the ear with a tampon.

So...since I have a few male readers (and I love you guys to death) (that was a little kiss-ass wasn't it) I wanted to know from you guys what exactly is the big deal?

Would you do it?

Is it really that embarrassing in this day and age with everything going on to be embarrassed buying feminine products?

Andy? Would you do it for Capricorn?

honkeie2? Do you buy them?

Dom, I know you're reading this so don't think you're exempt! You'll be driving soon and that's initiation #1! Get momma tampons!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'M Dancin'!

I just came from my work (office). I just sent in my request for my VACAY! MY VACAY BABY!


Yeah.. I know...that was corny. The whole VACAY thing was soooo not me.

Anyway, Yall bitches know what I mean. (and when I say "bitches" I am totally meaning that as a "term of endearment")

Let me just go back to using my regular words.....

Here's the deal I'm working on right now.

I can look up a CEU (continuing education for my career) course that may be available while I'm in Houston. I spoke to my administrator and I believe we can get it worked out that I can/may/will be eligible for full reimbursement.

I think this may include:

get my drift?

THEY MAY PAY FOR MY VACAY... (no? was that too much?)

Anyway, we're still working on it.. well, actually...I SHOULD be working on it RIGHT NOW but I'm here lettin ya'll bitches know wazzzz up...
(and you remember what I mean by "bitches" right?)

Right now...I'm dancing.

I'm going to publish this post..

and continue dancing...

Does anyone remember these guys?

That's right people.


I used to love Fraggle Rock!

My favorites were the Doozers. They were so cute with their little hard-hats and tool belts. (maybe that's why I married a man in construction)

This chick was also one of my favorites. Marjorie, The Trash Heap.
"The trash heap has spoken, nyaaaa"

Then.....I kept looking and came across this pic.
Really? Luda? Cracked me the fuck up.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can you say......ROAD TRIP!

That's right!

Angel has "given me permission" to take a few days off of work including the weekend to go visit one of my best friends in Houston.
(of course I still have to get the go-ahead from work but I'm sure that won't be a problem)

Now I say "given me permission" like that because, although I could just come out and tell Angel, "Look, I'm going to go on vacation for a few days in Houston with Jenn to see Lisa and you will be staying home with the kids, period." I'd rather not go that route because our relationship isn't based on being like that to each other.

So basically it all happened like this (here's the Cliff's Notes version):

"Hey Angel, I want to go visit Lisa in Houston at the end of the month for a few days. Would that be alright? Yeah?? You sure? You wanna go? No? Okay. You sure? Okay. Do I have to take the kids? No? You sure? You're gonna stay here with them? For real? Dude, are you sure cause you know... I'm going to be gone for like FOUR days right? Alright, alright. (inside I'm doing the happy dance) Well, alright then, thanks for letting me go by myself."

He says: "Yeah, well, she's always comes to visit you so you may as well go and see her. I'll stay here."

Me: "Okay, well, Jenn said she'll take time off and ride up there with me so I won't have to ride by myself cause you know how dangerous that can be...out myself. I don't even know the roads that well. (inside I'm yelling "ROAD TRIP!")

Let me give you a little history about my 2 best friends in the whole world.

1. I've known Lisa longer, since around the time I was pregnant with Dom. That puts the time frame at around 14 yrs. We've been through a lot together. I'm truly blessed to have a couple of friends that have been with me so long and are still here with me. I talk to them on a regular basis and I mean 3-4 times a week. Sometimes we have these stretches where we always talk in the morning on our way to work just to bullshit.

She's come to visit me three times and I've been to see her once.

I'm due.

2. Jenn and I have been best friends since those days of massage and lingerie (you'll have to reference past posts on your own to know what I'm talking about. NOT YOU DOM!!! TURN AWAY NOW! I could put a link but it's late and I've been drinking in celebration ever since being given the "go ahead")
She's been my best friend for 12 years now.
She and I are always in contact. We are always visiting because we only live about two hrs away from each other. Angel is living during the week/working in Corpus and if Jenn can come for the weekend he will bring her for me and take her back when he goes.

There are very few times that all three of us actually get together...we might as well plan it on every eclipse.

Regardless, us girls are going to get together for about four nights and do that whole sisterhood of the ya-ya pants or whatever.

It's going to be awesome and there's going to be lots of pictures.


Dom has been writing in his blog again a little bit. I'm going to be pushing him to write more and be more creative because Angel and I are worried about him not getting enough experience with other things due to being in this new school. And by "other things" I mean, Orchestra..Chess club. ..all of the extra curricular activities provided in public school.
Stupid schools.

We'll figure it out. He seems happy here and he likes the main objective of this school. So no need yanking him up from it now.


Whoo hooo....ROAD TRIP!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Here ya go, Jared! and...FREE HAMSTERS!

Damn! I keep trying to put a video up but it never works.
(At least I know how to link)'s the video. Just click .......HERE

Did you click on it? Did you see it?

I'm just fuckin wit ya'll.

Angel hasn't done anything wrong........yet.


For real though.
These animals are going to drive me crazy!

One of these hamsters (I don't know who it belongs to...Miah, maybe) keeps getting out of it's cage. Now it was cute when we were living in the apartment in Corpus as you can see HERE.

As a matter of fact, they are not aware of imminent death lurking in the Christmas tree...uhhh....dang..(ok...yes, I still have the tree assembled....SHUT UP! It just doesn't have any decorations on it. It's like one of those decorative plants in the corner of your room)..anywhooo....Tattoo has been on a rampage lately and has mauled everyone of us as we pass him. Then as you reach down to tear his claws and teeth out of your calves..he runs away so you can't grab him.

That cat has gone rogue!

The hamsters don't have a chance!!

They are still Masters of Escape.

We'll be walking by the cages and peering in looking for them just to make sure they're alive. Yeah, but one's not even there. Then it's the usual alarm that gets sent out by Devyn running through the house yelling "ONE OF THE HAMSTERS GOT OUT"!
Chaos ensues and then we are all scrambling around the house looking in all of the rooms, behind mattresses...and so on...all the while eyeballing the cat who's over in the corner of the couch licking his paws.

Miah and Devyn don't want them anymore so I need to do something quick before we start having to plan a yard or toilet funeral. (don't call PETA on me!)

Then there's the problem with Tattoo who tries to escape every chance he gets as soon as we open any door to the house. Stupid cat. But that's alright though, I got that cat figured out. He thinks that since he can whoop up on us cause we're his usual victims while we're sleeping and most vulnerable INSIDE the house that he's tough. All he does is run out and stops about 5 feet from the door, crouches in a ball (I think it's actually the fetal position) and then I have to grab him and put him back inside.

He needs to start up his TRAINING again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still in denial.

This morning I was up at 5 am ...again (cause that's how I roll).

Not really. It's still cause of the damn dogs playing and bumping into the walls of my house outside my window. The hamsters were starting a new marathon in their wheels AND I had to bathe the cat because he was scratching all the time and started looking like a dalmation.

Gross, I know.

Anyway. I figured I'd comb* my hair since I had a crap-load of time. The kids were up and getting ready for school. I sat on my bed with my mirror and my flat iron and got to work.

Now, I don't know if it's the crappy lighting in my bedroom or what but I know I saw a shimmer on my head. So there I go..scrambling through my hair like a momma monkey grooming her young.

ME: Miah! Come here! Quickly!

MIAH (calling back from the other room): Yes Ma'am?

Me: Come here! Help!

Miah comes strolling into my room looking at me like I'm crazy.

MIAH (nonchalantly): what? what's wrong?

ME: Come here and look at this. (I'm leaning waaaay over so that she can see the spot) What do you see there? Do you see something shiny in there?

MIAH: Yeah.

ME: What is it?

MIAH: A gray hair.


Shoot....Miah pounced on it with a quickness.

And so...until I find another one..I will be safe and won't shrivel up in my bed and die of suffocation from the gray hairs that want to overtake my head. My children will defend me.

So far...that's two that I've found. Let that be a lesson to them.

*comb-I actually tell people that I "combed" my hair if I did that day because I don't usually "comb" it. I usually just wash it and throw it up in a bun and go.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore..."

Lately, I've been coming in contact with a few people from my distant past.
Some, I can't remember for the life of me and others I remember all too well.

I'm excited.

This year looks to be promising already.

I remember...hanging out and chilling with friends...crushing on others.

I remember...CLUBBING...specifically Klub X

I remember...Freakin and dancing as hell ...getting all sweaty, clothes sticky and not leaving until the lights came on and they swept us off of the floor.
(Dominique! Stop reading and go find something else to do...Now!!...and don't ask me what "freakin" means.)

I remember...upstairs and downstairs. Good times.

I getting late and we all had to separate.

Then later...we all separated.

Thank God for Facebook.

Good to see you guys again!