Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here we go...

So, today is the last day I work before I take off for my road trip with Jenn. (actually, I'm taking off today)



Jenn called me last night to tell me about how she TOTALLY got busted by her boss.

Here's the deal...

Jenn and I talk on the phone everyday almost all day (during working hours). I call her first thing in the morning to her work phone (which is still connected to her work) from my work cell (which is a cell). We talk about EVERYTHING under the sun. We don't hold anything back in our conversations.


Her boss calls her into the office yesterday and asks her if she likes her job or even wants her job. She's like, Oh yeah...sure....of it...yada yada yada...

Turns out, her boss asks because they MONITOR ALL CALLS and he heard one of her conversations to one of her other friends about how she doesn't even like her job and she doesn't even want to be there................FUCK!!!

TURNS OUT!!! We are very sure he has heard EVERY ONE of our calls and we have been very blunt on numerous subjects. I'm embarrassed just thinking about what he may have heard.....geez.

In the end, he was super cool about it all and just told her to try not to mention some of the things we were talking about over the airways...duh. We're stupid.


I got busted too.

I stopped by my friend Lisa's house yesterday just to hang out between patients. I had called her to make sure she was awake when I stopped by. She was, she was painting. She started admiring my phone (cause I got the new G1, baby!!!) ..........oh, anyway.....she was admiring it so I picked it up and slid it open to reveal the keyboard and I unlocked the screen.

Then she saw it...

She looked at me and said, You have me here under "LISA DRAMA"?


Well....yeah, cause she is SUPER dramatic all of the time and so I call her LISA DRAMA...but of course, never to her face.

Now she knows...then we called Jenn cause she was right there with me when I programmed LISA DRAMA into my phone and she knew all about it. The way I figured it...If I was going down...she was going down.

We called. Had a good laugh over it and went on about our day.

I'm sure Jenn's boss heard THAT conversation too.

NOW...back to the road trip.

Leaving today around 2, staying at Jenn's overnight and from there we are taking off to Houston on Thursday (probably around 5 or so cause Jenn and I both are early risers) and that's about it. We have or music all qued up and ready to go.

I'll try to post during my VACAY as much as I can, but we'll see how it goes!



Andy said...

Wow, I can't imagine how I'd react if I got busted like that at work... or like that with the phone thing. Good thing you're going on the road.

honkeie2 said...

I might want to watch what I say on the phone now.....and I have a few things on my phone I would not want people to know lol....ha ha you got busted!

Anonymous said...

Its against the law to listen in on employee conversations/and to tap phone lines without the consent of the employee...she couldnt be fired for fact, she could sue them for doing it.