Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Does anyone remember these guys?

That's right people.


I used to love Fraggle Rock!

My favorites were the Doozers. They were so cute with their little hard-hats and tool belts. (maybe that's why I married a man in construction)

This chick was also one of my favorites. Marjorie, The Trash Heap.
"The trash heap has spoken, nyaaaa"

Then.....I kept looking and came across this pic.
Really? Luda? Cracked me the fuck up.


Brian in Mpls said...

I used to love the fraggles

Andy said...

Ah, the Trash Heap! Nice. And I loved that dog that lived on the other side of the wall.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I used to watch Fraggle Rock all the time! I bought a DVD of them somewhere and the kids could have cared less. Shows how much simplier our entertainment was lol.

Capricorn said...

I liked fraffle rock..but LOVED the bannana splits and zoom.

~Sheila~ said...

Brian in Mpls: Doesn't that just bring back memories?

Andy: I loved the bluesy/jazzy songs they used to sing. The dog was named Sprocket, I believe.

Mom Taxi Julie: I am currently looking for a copy of the DVD (not for the kids...for me). You're right. The kids wouldn't care less.
I showed them the pics and they gawked and ran back to their Mucha Lucha and Skunk Fu!

Capricorn: I also remember The Electric Company. And I hate to admit...Reading Rainbow. Isn't that dude still hosting that show?

Superwoman said...

There is a girl where I used to work who we called Fraggle. lie...she looks like a Fraggle. Round face and everything. I didn't feel bad about it because she was a tramp. =)

Ace C said...

Red and me were tight!

Ace C said...

I also had some Doozers.

honkeie2 said...

My wife used to call me Fraggle when we first met. She said my shaggy red hair made me look like one of the characters.
I used to love that show!