Saturday, January 24, 2009

Workin out. Part 1

That's where I've been.

I know you guys have been worried about me during my short leave of absence due to the flood of emails I have received offering to pay the ransom for my safe return.
You guys are awesome!!

(Actually, I never received ANY emails from ANYONE offering to pay ANYTHING for me. No one cares.)


Naw, I haven't been on the computer much because I've been working out and working and it takes a lot of my time.
I (like many others) have made "losing weight" or "getting back in shape" my New Year's resolution.

Foolish? Maybe.
Crazy? Definitely.
Is it testing my will power? Hell Yes.
Is it working? ...uuhhhh...we'll see....

Alright, I was pretty ashamed to say this but at the end of 2008 I weighed 185 lbs.
I'm 5' 7".
I can only blame myself.
Lounging became a lifestyle. I was just plain old lazy most of the time.

I'd come home from work (which was hardly work at all) "tired". I don't know if maybe it's all of the driving and getting in and out of my car all of the time or maybe the continuous interaction with everyone all day all of the time. Either way, I'm hungry and I'm sleepy when I get home. Okay, the sad part is that I could be done with work by 2 and I would be hungry and sleepy. I've started developing this pattern within myself. Eat. Sleep. Shit.
Of course there's the occasional Shower and Work thrown in there but still. My basic pattern consisted of the 3.

So....I decided it was time.
Besides, when I take pictures with my friends...ummm...I would like there to be room in the pic for them too.

So here's how I started (Trust me, this is a gradual process):

First, I had to get motivated. The "idea" was already in my head but I had to use logic in order to incorporate my exercise in with my work.

Yeah, it took a while because I'm not on my meds anymore (that's my excuse) but then I remember that I am a Physical Therapist Assistant.
One of the ways I provide therapy to my patients is in the form of exercise. I started exercising more with my patients and taking longer walks with them and leaving the paperwork for the end of the day.

I would like to say that I've been walking on my very expensive Bowflex Treadclimber and using those Bowflex dumbbells along with that bench we have but that would just be LIES! All lies.

I bought about 48 opti-meal shakes (they're like slim-fast) in various flavors.
I figured since I'm on the road and I don't eat breakfast or lunch at all I may as well get some nutrients.
Plus, I like the shakes cause they're shakes.

I also started eating less when I did eat. I used to load up the plate and then go back for more sealing my fate of lapsing into a food coma fo sho.
Now, I'm all about portion sizing. I don't measure or anything I just eat the same amount I would give my kids.
When I go to the grocery store I look at the labels. Mainly just to give other shoppers in the isles the impression that I am actually concerned about what I put in my body because I really don't exactly know what I'm looking at.
Either way, it works.

I also made the mistake of mentioning to DOM about the "2000 calorie diet" that's on all of the food labels.
I was eating at the time.
He jumped up and ran to see what I had on my plate and started checking the fridge and pantry for my ingredients. He actually started trying to calculate how many calories I was eating right then and there.
Talk about someone keeping an eye on you while you diet, huh?

I stopped eating junk food. Just stuff from home. Cheaper. Plus, my lazy ass is too lazy to cook so I guess I don't eat..
Angel feeds the kids since he's home.
I drink only water allllll day. My work car is littered with empty bottles of water. I just take them into the office and fill them up again.

I also bought a scale.
I know the kiss of death when I see it.
It's actually been one of my best motivators. I have it programmed with my starting weight/goal weight and height (thank goodness the height isn't changing...yet) and it lets me know how much I've lost/gained and what my BMI is.
Those days that I get on and it tells me that I've gained weight is a shocker.

Anyway, Since I've been planning this trip to Houston, I've been more motivated.

Starting weight: 185
Goal weight: 135 (ish)

Sorry to cut this short....there's more to this story but Jenn is on her way in from Corpus so we can head to Mexico to get some bottles. ( many calories are in liquor? ...gotta check that out)
I haven't even showered yet...ewww

Part 2 will be coming shortly......


Cyn said...

good job... Well if you stick with my fav, vodka, its roughly 60-70 calories per ounce, but its all worth it.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I haven't got to the working out part yet and I had shit for breakfast so I think today is going to be a bust. What kind of scale did you get? I mailed your bookmarks yesterday. I went to clean off my desk and there they were, not sure WHY I forgot to mail them I suck. They should be there soon.

honkeie2 said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Ok I am on the same band wagon to. My motivation just isnt there anymore and I HAVE to find it. I have been BSing to much with video games so now I have to change gears. Use the reward system on myself. I am up to 220lbs! and growing, summers coming and all I will have to show is my beer gut, how nasty is that!?!
I am on the game with you, I will shamefully show it on my blog tonight when I get home. The playstation is going away and the weights are coming back!