Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'M Dancin'!

I just came from my work (office). I just sent in my request for my VACAY! MY VACAY BABY!


Yeah.. I know...that was corny. The whole VACAY thing was soooo not me.

Anyway, Yall bitches know what I mean. (and when I say "bitches" I am totally meaning that as a "term of endearment")

Let me just go back to using my regular words.....

Here's the deal I'm working on right now.

I can look up a CEU (continuing education for my career) course that may be available while I'm in Houston. I spoke to my administrator and I believe we can get it worked out that I can/may/will be eligible for full reimbursement.

I think this may include:

get my drift?

THEY MAY PAY FOR MY VACAY... (no? was that too much?)

Anyway, we're still working on it.. well, actually...I SHOULD be working on it RIGHT NOW but I'm here lettin ya'll bitches know wazzzz up...
(and you remember what I mean by "bitches" right?)

Right now...I'm dancing.

I'm going to publish this post..

and continue dancing...


Superwoman said...

This is what I call a "happy dance"



I just did one for you.


Ace C said...

Lol. The word vacay cracks me up.

honkeie2 said...

If you can call friends bitchs and it be endearing, can a husband call his wife his dirty slut and still live?
And there is nothing wrong with getting some R and R on someone elses dime! I am the biggest mocher ever!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow that's awesome!

Beyond Danielle said...

@ Sheila -- you make me want a vacay!!!!!

@ Honkeie2 my husband always says you're supposed to make your woman your whore. So I quess that's okay. LOL!!!

Andy said...

That's amazing- if you pull that off, you're my hero.

~Sheila~ said...

Superwoman: Yes...let's dance together!! (and not in a lesbian kind of way...unless the guys want to imagine that)

Ace: Yeah, it is kind of funky. I knew it wasn't me but I wanted to try it anyway.

honkeie2: (where ya been man?)
Dirty slut? Maybe if she asks during nookie..
I'm working on the R and R.

Mom Taxi Julie: Yes. It is. And your bookmarks are awesome too.

Beyond Danielle: Take one soon! You need it!

Andy: Aren't I already your hero? I'm working on it!

Erin The Great said...

Hahaha...niiice. I'm glad you have a vacation, and I bet you're 'Happy Dance' is just as funny if not funnier then this post :)