Friday, January 16, 2009

2 Minutes

That's how long it takes Angel to fall asleep.

I've learned to use this knowledge to my advantage.

For example: If I'm not in the mood for sex...I just lay VERY still...for 2 minutes and "play possum". He gets bored...or forgets what he is doing and he's out like a hibernating bear.

Keep that in mind because it's going to be relevant in a moment.

We don't have central air or heat in my house (I know what you are thinking but remember ....older house...given to us…etc). Now, I know its cold, you know its cold...Angel? Not quite sure if he's aware. I had to remind him to get portable space heaters for the kid’s rooms and thank goodness he did. My room gets the coldest because of lack of insulation. I was freezing my ass off in bed. Lucky for me, Angel generates a lot of heat. One particular night my knees were freezing so I wiggled closer to Angel in hopes of thawing out. I accidentally touched him with my knee and he woke up. He started complaining about how cold I was and why was I touching him and why am I waking him up...etc. I explained that I was cold and needed to get closer to warm up but he didn't want me to. I was TOO COLD FOR HIM!

That's ok!

Whatever dude.

Go night-night.

I'll wait 2 minutes and you’ll be back in REM stage in no time.

Sure enough....2 minutes later…

I'm nice and toasty.


Mama Kat said...

I'm always too cold for Pat...espcially my fingers and's like the heat just doesn't affect them at all.

Hilarious that he falls asleep so FAST...I wish I could!!!

Mom2FiveBratz said...

when im cold, vince is hot. when vince is cold, im always works out great for us.

honkeie2 said...

Ah ha I knew IT! I have found the secret weapon. I am now going to start drinking coffee at 9pm if I want sex!