Friday, January 9, 2009

Here ya go, Jared! and...FREE HAMSTERS!

Damn! I keep trying to put a video up but it never works.
(At least I know how to link)'s the video. Just click .......HERE

Did you click on it? Did you see it?

I'm just fuckin wit ya'll.

Angel hasn't done anything wrong........yet.


For real though.
These animals are going to drive me crazy!

One of these hamsters (I don't know who it belongs to...Miah, maybe) keeps getting out of it's cage. Now it was cute when we were living in the apartment in Corpus as you can see HERE.

As a matter of fact, they are not aware of imminent death lurking in the Christmas tree...uhhh....dang..(ok...yes, I still have the tree assembled....SHUT UP! It just doesn't have any decorations on it. It's like one of those decorative plants in the corner of your room)..anywhooo....Tattoo has been on a rampage lately and has mauled everyone of us as we pass him. Then as you reach down to tear his claws and teeth out of your calves..he runs away so you can't grab him.

That cat has gone rogue!

The hamsters don't have a chance!!

They are still Masters of Escape.

We'll be walking by the cages and peering in looking for them just to make sure they're alive. Yeah, but one's not even there. Then it's the usual alarm that gets sent out by Devyn running through the house yelling "ONE OF THE HAMSTERS GOT OUT"!
Chaos ensues and then we are all scrambling around the house looking in all of the rooms, behind mattresses...and so on...all the while eyeballing the cat who's over in the corner of the couch licking his paws.

Miah and Devyn don't want them anymore so I need to do something quick before we start having to plan a yard or toilet funeral. (don't call PETA on me!)

Then there's the problem with Tattoo who tries to escape every chance he gets as soon as we open any door to the house. Stupid cat. But that's alright though, I got that cat figured out. He thinks that since he can whoop up on us cause we're his usual victims while we're sleeping and most vulnerable INSIDE the house that he's tough. All he does is run out and stops about 5 feet from the door, crouches in a ball (I think it's actually the fetal position) and then I have to grab him and put him back inside.

He needs to start up his TRAINING again.


Capricorn said...

I was kind of expecting the 'hamster dance' video.

~Sheila~ said... please don't get me started with that cause it will be never ending.