Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still in denial.

This morning I was up at 5 am ...again (cause that's how I roll).

Not really. It's still cause of the damn dogs playing and bumping into the walls of my house outside my window. The hamsters were starting a new marathon in their wheels AND I had to bathe the cat because he was scratching all the time and started looking like a dalmation.

Gross, I know.

Anyway. I figured I'd comb* my hair since I had a crap-load of time. The kids were up and getting ready for school. I sat on my bed with my mirror and my flat iron and got to work.

Now, I don't know if it's the crappy lighting in my bedroom or what but I know I saw a shimmer on my head. So there I go..scrambling through my hair like a momma monkey grooming her young.

ME: Miah! Come here! Quickly!

MIAH (calling back from the other room): Yes Ma'am?

Me: Come here! Help!

Miah comes strolling into my room looking at me like I'm crazy.

MIAH (nonchalantly): what? what's wrong?

ME: Come here and look at this. (I'm leaning waaaay over so that she can see the spot) What do you see there? Do you see something shiny in there?

MIAH: Yeah.

ME: What is it?

MIAH: A gray hair.


Shoot....Miah pounced on it with a quickness.

And so...until I find another one..I will be safe and won't shrivel up in my bed and die of suffocation from the gray hairs that want to overtake my head. My children will defend me.

So far...that's two that I've found. Let that be a lesson to them.

*comb-I actually tell people that I "combed" my hair if I did that day because I don't usually "comb" it. I usually just wash it and throw it up in a bun and go.


Capricorn said...

It's still cause of the damn dogs..remember when those were your 'babies' and you loved them so much?

I got so much grey...i wear hats.

Andy said...

I already have gray hairs. I'm embracing them, George Clooney style.

~Sheila~ said...

Jared: YES! They are still my babies. It was mostly the cat (which I failed to mention in depth)he wears a bell around his neck (because he always sneak-attacks our ankles when we walk by him). He was just scratching and all I heard while I was trying to sleep was *tinkle *tinkle *tinkle..THAT's why he got a bath.

The George Clooney hair on a man = sexy.
The George Clooney hair on me = C'mon now...

scargosun said...

I got me some gray. It is there but few and far in between. I don't think that I'd color it though b/c I don't want to be the women with the half grey half colored hair when I stop coloring it. Ya know?

~Sheila~ said...


Well, then I had better stop pulling each out or else I'm going to end up a bald old lady, huh?

Ace C said...

I wish I could say I can relate, well I can. That's why I shave my head.

~Sheila~ said...

Ace: Thanks for visiting.
If I went your route, then I'd still end up being the bald old lady. I could just shave but then I would lose ALL of my hair at once. Resorting to a wig was not my idea. Of course, it does eliminate the worry of gray.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'm still in the random pulling stage too ;o)