Monday, January 26, 2009

Workin out. Part 2



Here's my progress since I started working out say....2 weeks ago.
This is my current weight: 175.4

Now, as I said in my last post that my starting weight was 185 lbs.

According to my scale...I have lost about this many pounds: 10.0

Whoo hoooo! I'm far from having some stranger snag me off of the street and throw me on the runway to begin my reign in Tyra's old position...but's a start.

So, I'm challenging HONKEIE2 to a little friendly competition.

A weight lost competition.

Something to help continue the motivation.

I haven't gotten together with him to discuss anything just yet but I will soon, maybe.

(Of course I don't think he knows it yet until I tell him to come over and read this post...AND since this IS a competition I don't think I will actually mention it to him. So if he takes his time coming over to read...I will go ahead and use the "Head Start Due to Opponent Procrastination*" card)

Here are some (suggested) rules:

1. You must post your weight at the end of each week on Sunday (if possible).

2. No excuses. (especially none about why you aren't losing weight or haven't been able to workout) Just get the shit done. Whatever it is.

3. You must pick one thing a week to give up for the whole week. This means sodas, candy, all sweets, anything that could possible ruin your diet. (Keep in mind we are going for 7 consecutive days. If you end up messing up then you must only count the # of consecutive days you were able to follow this rule).

EX: Say I choose to give up soda. I mustn't drink any for the whole week. If I end up drinking one on Thursday and we started this on Monday...then I was only able to not drink soda for 3 days and therefore should consider myself unfit to mother my own children. ...............or......uhhhh.... maybe not to that extreme but there should be some punishment involved.

4. No CHEATING! That means if you are going to say that for the whole week you aren't going to eat any junk food or sugar etc...then you MUST stick to it.

Uh...ok...I don't know where else to go from there. Kinks to be worked out later and punishments will be distributed....Suggestions are welcome!


In the last post I also mentioned that Jenn was coming and we were going to Mexico.

We went.

We got to the first bar (this is at 11 am) and we ended up letting some man pay for another person to sketch a caricature of Jenn, Myself and another girlie who went with us from my work. He offered us a deal we couldn't refuse. He said he would pay $20 and we paid $5 and we get to keep the picture.


We did it!

Here's the pic:

Jenn is the top left, I'm on the right and my co-worker is on the bottom left.

Now, if this little poster was hanging outside and we were standing near it...I'm not sure we would be recognized.

Except maybe Jenn. It looks like her. She's got a big ass and she has big boobs. The nose is the same shape it's hilarious..we love it.

Me, I was made to look like Beyonce. I don't look anything like Beyonce in real life but obviously the artist knew how to play his cards right. Notice the not so subtle boob jobs we all got. Nice and perky. Thanks buddy.

My co-worker looks like Elizabeth Montgomery of the picture he drew. Not in real life. The funny thing is she mentioned that she has gotten a caricature of herself before and they always drew her with big teeth (cause she has big teeth like a rabbit) and no boobs (cause she really doesn't have any). This guy gave her boobs and made her day!

Also...just to let you know...none of us were remotely dressed in anything showing off our mid-drifts (where the hell did our waists go?) nor were we using our breasts to hold up our chins at all that day.

We all had a good time.

Now it's time to slap on the combat boots and get my ass to work busting off these pounds.

I've got a competition to win.

* This card is used for times when your "opponent" isn't updating frequently and you get to continue on with the competition. That, by the way, is a new rule I just made up. We're allowed to make them up as we go cause I say so....see, it's that easy.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

WTG on the weight loss. Too funny about the picture!

Mom2FiveBratz said...

Wtg on the weight loss. I start my diet on monday, Feb 2nd, but no way in hell will I post my weight.

If you decide to drive to the gambling boat in lake charles, stop by, im on the way!

Andy said...

Good luck with the weight loss...and I'm glad I now know the way to a woman's heart is drawing her a pair of perky boobs.