Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy Day

I know that Wednesday was Devyn's birthday but we are going to celebrate it today.
He's going to have one of his friends come over and I'll be taking them to the skate park, Peter Piper Pizza, the Dollar movies (in which the movies actually only cost $1) and most likely swimming afterward. Tonight, Angel will take them (us) fishing and Devyn's friend will be staying overnight.

I was planning on having more of his friends come over for those events but I'm not all that comfortable having to keep track of other people's children. Asking the parents to meet us at different locations all over town is too much of a hassle to me and I'm sure it would be for them.

Heck...I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own children sometimes.

Last night when I told Devyn that he was going to need to get to bed early and get a good night's sleep because his friend was going to be here at 8 or 8:30 am. Devyn got this shocked look on his face and said: "I wake up in the 10's".

We started laughing. It was hilarious.

Also, last night, I got a treat when I got to bed. (noooo...not like you think)
Angel had gotten home from work, watched a few shows with me, ate, took a shower and went to bed. (that's his usual routine). BUT..this time when I finally dragged myself to bed and cuddled next to him, I realized something.

He was wearing SOCKS in bed.

Now I know that to some of you guys this is not much of a treat OR much less something to be excited about. And for those of you who have not read all of my posts...THIS is the reason for my excitement.

Anyway, I had a carefree night last night.

I will be posting pictures of today's adventures later on.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Devyn is getting older.

Tomorrow is my baby boy's birthday, Devyn. He will be 7 yrs old.

I still ask him if I can cradle him like a baby and he says "yes". (of course he rolls his eyes when he says it but..whatever...I'll take it how I can get it).
Sometimes I want to grab him up and swaddle him, just cause I miss it.

Angel says I 'baby' him. I don't care. He's still rough and tough like a boy should be but he also knows when I need affection and he is the first to give it to me. I don't want him to grow up. He's at the perfect age. He can feed himself, wipe his own butt, bathe and clothe himself. What more could you ask for?

Anyway. I won't allow him to get any older.

He swears that when he grows up he will always be here for Momma. We'll see.


Angel told me yesterday that he will be moving to Presidio, Tx. (wherever that is) starting the 8th or so of July. He will be there for 6 mo. to a year. Well, if I ever needed some time to myself, then will be the time to take it.

That still leaves me trying to move everything and get out of the apartment with the kids by myself. Oh well. In the end...I will still be around family.

We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


How come when the majority of the kids leave out of town with Angel, I always end up looking for that dang gerbil at the oddest of times?

Here's the story.

Angel got out of work and wanted to go to the Valley to hang out with his brother in law and sister. He took Miah, Dom and Cyn with him. Devyn and I stayed behind because Devyn is going to a sleepover tonight and I know that if he missed this chance...I will NEVER hear the end of it. We have been trying to plan this for such a long time and something always gets in the way of this actually happening.
Well, it's happening TONIGHT.

Anyway, Devyn and I spent the night watching 'The Incredibles' and eating cereal. When we finally went to sleep I was sleeping soundly for awhile and then I hear this plastic bag next to my bed move.

Now, I have a fan in my room and I, for a second, thought it was the fan causing the bag to move. I waited quietly for it to be moved again and it didn't. I didn't think anything of it at the time and tried to go back to sleep.

Experience kept me from fully falling back into sleep mode. I got up went straight to Dom's room where the gerbil is kept. The top of the cage was left open and all I saw in there was bedding. I know that sometimes it gets really cold in the room and he buries himself underneath it so I started moving it around and tapping the cage.


It's 4:30 am. I do not want to do this now.

I automatically went back to my room and picked up that plastic bag, held it at eye level and twirled it around slowly hoping I didn't see a little suffocated gerbil laying lifeless in the bag.


Aww, man. I started thinking about the phone call I was going to have to make to Dom about his missing or dead gerbil. I also imagined the lecture I was going to give him about leaving the top open because he knows the gerbil knows how to climb out.

At this point. I'm a little frustrated because, well, it's 4:30 and every bedroom door in the house is wide open and that rodent could be anywhere.... IF it's still in the house. I go. Clicking my tongue all through the house hoping it will pop out of whatever hiding place it has found. I'm looking under beds and in closets the kitchen behind the living room under couches and behind the entertainment center.


I'm still clicking my tongue and walking around preparing myself for any possibility of it just running across my feet. I was bracing myself and trying to make sure I don't scream if it did.

THEN...I saw it.

It came scurrying out of my closet (I keep thinking of residual gerbil pellets left behind in my shoes...ughhh) and ran under my bed. I went and got the cage out of Dom's room and trapped us both in my room.

I was ready for battle.

I got the plastic bag and rattled it under my bed to try to coax it into a corner. It worked. It made its way toward my restroom but the door was closed. I placed the cage down on the floor and just like crawled up into the cage.

Honestly. Why is it me who always ends up chasing that darn gerbil?

After order was restored, I came back into my room and Devyn rolled over and saw me awake.

He said, "Hi, Mama."

Me: "Hi baby. Guess what I just had to do?"

Him: "What?"

Me: "The gerbil got out because someone left the cage top open and I had to find it and put it back."

Him: "Oh, sorry mama, that was me. Thank you for putting it back."

With that, he turned and went back to sleep.




You know that Blackberry I got my husband...?

Well, when it came in (yesterday), I figured I could figure out how to transfer the address book from the sim card into the phone for him easily.

I couldn't do it.

I got the bar that says transfer complete or whatever but it never showed any addresses. I tried again then I tried everything including going online for more specific directions
But nothing ever worked.

Then Angel calls me this morning to tell me that he got the addresses transferred while he was sitting on the toilet.

Go figure.

He thinks he's a "Hacker".

I got him though... I sent him a TEXT.

Early today, I sent him a text. (normally, we text ALL day to each other just random messages). Well, I sent the text and went about my day. Hours later, I went to go see my friend Jenn and I sent him another text.

I told Jenn that I bet the reason he never texted me back was because he couldn't figure out how to send a text message yet.

So I called him. I knew he wasn't going to call me, he would rather I think he hasn't checked his messages than KNOW he hasn't figured out that feature.

Sure enough, he confessed. He said he was sitting there for hours trying to figure out how to text me back but he wouldn't call.

I laughed at him only because he laughed at me because of what happened with the stupid gerbil this morning.

Well he was ready to get off the phone then so I said: "Alright. I'll talk to you later. I love you."

He said: " Yeah, too."

I said: "I LOVE YOU!"

He said: "Okay, yup...yup."

(he thinks this is cute)

I said: "What?!? You can't say "I love you" to me in front of STEVE?!!"

He said: "Yes! I can say "I love you" in front of STEVE...I just didn't want to! Now, just for making me..I hate your guts!!"

HA HA....whew...I love that man.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Friday!

Well. It's here.

I always look forward to Friday. Even though the weekend flys by so quickly and Monday is here in a blink of an eye. Then it's back to work.

Angel's phone was messing up so I went online and ordered him a new one. Guess what he wanted.....

A blackberry...with internet.


I don't even have a blackberry and I take care of my phones. Angel must be dropkicking his when no-one is looking cause (I swear) his always looks like he wrestles it away from angry bears.

He got it. The blackberry. It came in today. A black Blackberry Pearl.
Lord know what he is planning to do with all that technology at his fingertips. I don't even think he knows what to do.
I just might go online and order one for me too since.................We got our stimulus check. I didn't even know that having the 3 kids would give me ** an extra $900.

Angel is already spending it in his head. He was looking at pictures of kayaks online and pricing them. He was also looking at tent cots.
Have you ever heard of them? Here's what they are:

To me, they look like coffins. I would feel smothered sleeping in these.

We (the whole family) is planning on spending the 4th weekend ON the beach. You guys know my feelings about that.

I don't know if I can survive a whole weekend ON the beach, again.

Anywhooo...gotta go and enjoy my weekend. You guys do the same!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Preparing for the workforce.

Yesterday Dom got to go to work with me. I only took him because another co-worker takes her son and he has ADHD. He is 16 and ALL over the place, in people's faces and running around the facility.

I mentioned that I was going to bring Dom to keep him occupied. I gave Dom the lecture in the morning during the drive to work about "this place being my work and not a playground" and "don't let people have to look at you wondering who's wild monkey you are".

We get there and he meets up with the boy and they go outside to play their games. (They both brought their PSPs). I allowed Dom to go to gamestop with this kid and they came back and sat outside on the grass under a tree.

Everytime I looked up the other kid was in and out of the building and in the rehab gym. One time I looked and he had come in and plopped himself on a stool in the gym. I asked him "Where's Dom?"
"Oh." he said and went back outside.

I looked out the window and Dom was sitting outside on the bench under the canopy playing a game. I was really proud of him because he had done exactly what I wanted him to do. He was well behaved and didn't get into anyone's way.

Later in the day, I found out that the facility has a program with the activities department where kids could volunteer. I got Dom involved with that and now he will be going to work with me Tues-Thurs.

Tuesdays and Thursdays he will be helping the elderly people play bingo. He pointed out the numbers that some couldn't see and also help them call "Bingo" if they didn't realize they had one. He also handed out the prizes and helped clean up afterward.

Today is arts and crafts for him.

I hope he likes this and learns a valuable lesson as well as respect for the elderly.

I agreed to pay him myself for any work he does. $3 an hour. (keep in mind, this is not for a full day...only during activity time).

At the end of the day, I thanked him for being so well-behaved.

He told me, the other day, that his friend was going to work at McDonalds next year. I stopped in my tracks because I know his friend is only 13 or 14 yrs old.

I explained to him that you have to be at least 16 to work.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is NOT true. He challenged me and we went straight to the computer and googled child labor laws in Texas.

He was right. You only need to be 14 to start working.


Guess who wants a job at McDonald's next year. Of course, if his grades permit working.
Unfortunately, we'll be moving and our closest fast food joint would be Burger King.

He'll have to settle for that.

Friday, June 13, 2008

True Story.

This just happened today.

I was having a conversation with one of my patients about wrinkles. I few days ago I was treating her knee (only, her hip was her major problem but somehow it affected her knee) and explaining a lymphadema massage to her. How her kneecap, in extension, should bare wrinkles. Hers didn't. Her knee was pretty swollen. So I performed the massage at that time.
Today, she came back talking about how her "knee has wrinkles" and "it feels soo much better".
She was really excited about her wrinkles.

One other lady in the room next to her, receiving therapy, commented on her excitement saying, "Well if you're that excited about your're in the right place. This place is crazy".

(the vast majority of the patients I treat are permanent residents of the facility. This other lady started out here and demanded to go home and just come in for treatment. She couldn't stand sleeping overnight there. Like she LIVED there.)

Anyway, my knee lady changed the subject to how she, at one point, wanted a face lift. She wanted to get rid of her droopy neck. This woman is extremely young looking. I wouldn't even have guessed she would be a place like this if I saw her on the street.

I kind of shrugged because I don't really know how to give advice to elderly women who want plastic surgery and they are oblivious to the fact that there are other MORE IMPORTANT issues that need to be addressed.

Like maybe addressing the reason why they randomly fall and break their hips.

I just told her: I gave up trying to get my supermodel body back after I had my three kids.

She said: You're right. Besides... (she says as she stokes her neck) I WORKED HARD for the wrinkles in my neck.


Then I BUSTED out laughing.

She knew I knew what she was talking about.

I. Cracked. Up.

On top of that. I broke out the Wii.
One of my ladies was having a birthday today so I told her we were going to go bowling.
So we're there and I'm egging the ladies on and bringing out their competitive sides.

What some people often forget...most elderly people are rotting away in nursing homes sleeping, eating, being placed in front of the TV in large rooms.
No mental stimulation.

When I'm treating my patient, I like to talk and joke around with them as if we've been friends forever. I ask them odd questions and they love it because it's not the same old stuff that people always ask. They get to come up with their own witty answers.

So...the Wii....Nothing like a little competition to get these people going. They eat it up and they start bringing themselves to therapy instead of us hunting them down in the halls.

We played and hollered and cheered and smack-talked. It was fun. These ladies were pretty much neck and neck with about 4 points separating them all.
Nearing the end of one of our games, (around the 7th frame) Mrs. "Wrinkles" decided she needed to go to the restroom. We have one in our gym. She gets up from her wheelchair and hobbles with her walker to the restroom saying, "Don't nobody take my turn!"

At that moment, "Birthday" lady blurted out, "Well, you shouldn't have gotten up then!"

I BUSTED out laughing. Again.

I turned my back to repeat the story to the other therapist who was co-treating with me and as we chuckled a little, the bathroom door comes busting open and Mrs. "Wrinkles" comes hustling out saying, "THAT WAS THE FASTEST PEE I EVER TOOK!"

You know what happened then...Busted out.

In the game...."Birthday" lady was in the lead and Mrs. "Wrinkles" made a remarkable come-back with TWO strikes in the tenth frame.

That's what I'm talking about!

Adrenaline pumpers.

Everyone went home happy.


Another conversation:

One of our new elderly rehab patients had just come into the gym and the ladies were remarking about how lovely her hair looked. They asked her questions about when she had gotten it done and who did it. (We have an in-house hair dresser).

The new lady "Mrs. Curly" informed them that she had gotten it done two days ago but not here in this building.

The Ladies were oohing and awwwing over her do.

One lady "Mrs. Snippy" asked if she was trying to catch a man.

Mrs. Curly asked: Do you think so?

Mrs. Snippy: Well, I don't know if you want to catch a man here. If you do happen to get one, you might just have to change his diapers.

The Ladies loved that one.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ball of Nerves.

Monday I gave the company that I work for my ''walking papers''.

Well, actually, I blurted out (in the back of my boss' car, on the way to a chinese restaurant for lunch) that I will be moving and my last day will be Aug. 15th.

She was a little bit shocked cause I guess she thought I was going to be staying and working there forever. Initially, I was only going to be working for the company for 3 months. I decided to stay and get a full year in one company (my first job after graduating) before I moved onto another job.

I have to put it in writing. Two full months notice should suffice. I know they are going to be looking for more PT assistants so that should give them plenty of time to find more. I really like this company and wish I didn't have to leave but I need to work toward more.
I don't even know how to put it in writing.

Right now, I'm trying to be logical and practical. We decided to go ahead and move into my mother in law's house. It's a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, NO central heat/air, NO insullation and the plumbing is for sh**.
BUT...we'll be paying half of the rent and this house will be given to us to, at our leisure, to remodel tear down and start start from scratch.

It's on a pretty big corner lot and well, it's home to Angel, he grew up there.

I, then, will be joining the group of people who are freaking out at the thought of having to start all over with a job hunt, interview, those awkward first few days learning new things and getting to know your surroundings. I always feel like Bambi learning to walk.

Wobbly. Confused. Scared.

Don't get me started on Doe eyes. Running around everywhere with my eyes wide open.

I just have a couple of months here and I am trying to enjoy it.


"Well, I don't giggle when I'm serious".

This week's stressor is a series of questions that one of my co-workers asked me while at work. I let her know that Dom had an appointment at 11: 15 on Tuesday (this past Tuesday) and Devyn has a dental appointment this Friday at 11:45.

Before I get into the questions, let me tell you a little more about myself. At work I am really a fun person. I converse with anyone who crosses my path and I get along well with the residents in and out of therapy. I joke around a lot and I'm always giggling. My rehab director thinks this is part of my ADHD. I giggle and chuckle and always have a big smile on my face. I greet all the residents in the morning and I love to make them laugh. I'm always happy.

With that said. I break out my serious side when I feel like I need to put up my defenses.

Here were the questions:

1) Why do you make appointments in the middle of the day?
2) Can't your "nanny" take them to their appointments?

(keep in mind, when asked these questions, I had to paused for a minute to contain myself)

Answer to Q 1:
"Hold up! Don't go around thinking that I'm making these appointments at this time. Like I call them and ask them "if they have anything around noon?" When Dom starts to run out of his meds, I call to see when's the earliest appointment. Any other available days were too far in the future and Dom would be without meds for too long. I try to get one either in the early morning or late afternoon. It doesn't alway swork out like that.
As for Devyn, the dentist office said they would email me with the earliest appointment and I called to try to change it but it wasn't possible.
Now, you can stop worrying about my appointment times and start worrying if it ever affects my job performance."

Answer to Q2:
"Yes, I have a "nanny" to watch the kids for me and take them wherever she would like to take them. I do not REQUIRE her to take my kids to these types of appointments. Personally, I PREFER to take my own children to all of their medical, dental and vision appointments. I would like to know what is going on with my kids and what needs to be done to prevent or promote anything. These are MY children!"

After that, everyone just quietly went back to work.

One of my co-workers came up to me later that day and told me that they have never seen me so serious.

That's when I told them: "Well, I don't giggle when I'm serious".

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.

From my earlier posts, we all know that I can't sing (or dance) and I won't be signing up for any reality TV shows trying to show off my 'talent' only to be humiliated in the end. Public humiliation at Hollywood video and HEB are enough for me.

But this is the truth shower is magic.

That's right people. I have a magic shower. I run my water, get in and instantly sing just like Mariah Carey (this I know because I play her CD while I shower). Honestly, I sound just like her. I can hit those high notes as if I were her. My kids come running with this look on their faces and they gather outside my restroom door asking me if I am "okay".

Maybe they wanted an encore.

All I need now is someone to design a portable shower just like mine so I can take it with me everywhere I go. I definately need it in the truck cause my truck IS NOT magic. I sing in there frequently and it just doesn't sound the same. Maybe it's the acoustics or whatever but my shower is definately magic.


Well, not really. I have the kids with me.

Angel and Cyn went to the Valley this morning leaving me with the kids. They will be back tomorrow.

They got up early this morning and snuck away like bandits.

Well, not Angel. He's normally noisy so I end up just laying in bed with my eyes squeezed shut while sucking my teeth every time he bumps into or drops something. He even turns on the light noisily. Before he leaves, he says "Gimmie a kiss" so I pop up really fast with my lips puckered so he can hurry up and kiss me and be on his way. I sometimes think that the faster I get my kiss, the faster I get to go back to sleep.

Never happens.

I'm up for the rest of the day. I did lay in bed tossing and turning for a while longer. I thought the kids were still asleep until Devyn came out of the living room to go to the restroom. They were all already up watching TV. Quietly. I'm so glad they are such good kids.


I need to email Taco Bell with my complaints today. I ordered one of those Fruitistas and it was delicious but when it was handed to me through the window the cup wasn't filled completely. Don't we get a full cup? They show it on the commercial filled to the top looking all fruity and delicious.

Here's what I got:

Dissappointing, isn't it? I asked the girl at the window if she could fill it because it's not full and she said that it's as full as she's supposed to put it.


Apparently they have a "line" that they are supposed to fill to then the put the strawberries on top.

Do you see any strawberries to fill that gap?

I wanted it filled to the rim and almost spilling out onto my lap if possible. Okay, well, maybe not my lap...but I wanted my $1.89 worth, that's for sure.

So I'm going to be busy emailing Taco Bell with my complaint hoping to get some free stuff.


Speaking of stuff, My best friend Jenn, (the one who just moved to my town a week ago) definately needs stuff BAAAD!

I went to her house (I go everyday now) to see her and I opened her fridge to get something to drink and this is what I found:

Time to go grocery shopping!
Uh,......did the salt packets really need to be refrigerated and protected?

Anyway, I'm going to drag her out of the house today so that we can go and get groceries!

Now, I'm going to go ahead and email my frustration letter.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kids will play anything!

Meet Vampire Dog and Ninja Vampire......

Geez, my kids will make up any game and play.
The good thing is....they play.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


As you can see...having a nanny with lots of time on her hands has lots of perks.

Check out my blog layout! I love it. Totally matches my personality. Finally, I can look at my blog and not think about all that drab gray color.
She normally blogs on myspace but I introduced her to this site and she immediately got to work setting it up. I saw her setting up hers and wanted her to fix mine up too.
Like it?

Stop by and show
Cyn some love when you get a chance. This is the woman taking care of my kids while I'm gone.

Today was pretty simple at work. Unfortunately one of the elderly gentlemen (whom I really enjoyed cause he was such a sweetheart) passed away today. I remember going into his room asking him if he wanted to get up for therapy. He was heard of hearing so he misunderstood me.

Me: You wanna come and play with me?

Him: What??

Me: You wanna come and play with me?

Him: Do I wanna come to bed with you!? ABSOLUTELY!!

Can you imagine my shock and embarrassment when he said that.
We had a good laugh.

The last few days he was becoming angry and irritable. He was having trouble breathing.
I figured it was best to just let him be and not upset him by going in there and trying to drag him out of bed for therapy.
My rehab director thought otherwise.
He wasn't budging though.
He asked me why this was happening to him.
I told him, "It's because you're old."
He laughed for awhile and said, "Thank you for being so blunt!"
It was time.

Anyway, I got my cousin cornered here and we are having a Grey's Anatomy marathon. I own the first 3 seasons so she is incarcerated with me till the end

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Working out just fine.

Totally not what you think...

I'm not working out like I should be since I'm on this "diet" that I always happen to decide to start tomorrow.

What I'm talking about is my "nanny" cousin being here watching the kids for me while I'm at work. Such a relief.


She totally keeps them entertained. The place stays clean and she gives them all the attention that I can't at the time.
I had asked her if she gets woken up early in the morning after I've gone to work because of the kids and she said that she work up early because she was scared cause they were so quiet.
I told her: yeah, well, they know not to make noise in the mornings or when someone is sleeping (like when I take my daily naps). They pretty much wake up, close the doors and keep to themselves.

My kids are really very good. Dom will make breakfast for them or they will just eat cereal. They don't answer the doors or go to the windows for anyone. They know to wake me up if someone knocks. Only when I wake up will they ask to play outside.

Last night, Angel and I RAN to bed after watching "Hell's Kitchen". Now, when I say 'ran' to bed I don't mean for 'nookie'. It was pretty much a race to see who could go to sleep the fastest.

He won.
He's the undefeated reigning champ.

I, on the other hand, tossed and turned and debated about getting on the computer. I knew that if I did then I wouldn't get ANY sleep. I would jump from blog to blog to blog making it harder and harder to pull myself away. I exhibited incredible will power last night. I was hurrying thought my patients so I can get home and continue.
The other shoe always has to fall.

ANYWAY.....totally off topic again.

I was saying how my kids are actually VERY well behaved children. I'm a strict parent. I can't stand to go anywhere and see kids running through the isles or in restaurants...etc. screaming and hollering...ughhh. So annoying. Even though my oldest is 13, I still worry about my kids being abducted from a public place. When we go shopping they have to stay in the same isle with me and in extreme cases..hold onto the basket the whole time.
Paranoid Mama?? Definately. And I will be until the day I die.

I texted my cousin and asked her if the kids were being good and she said yes that they were at the movies and then she was going to take them to the park.


That means that they are behaving well enough to be taken to another place.
YESSSS! (feel free to imagine me moving my fist in a downward motion in celebration)

Before...when the kids were untame....I would get to one location before I was throwing my hands in the air talking about, "That's it!! We ain't nowhere else!! We're going home!!"
And I would take them home.

They learned that if they wanted to go somewhere they couldn't be acting like deranged wild monkeys.

All is right with the world.

(of course it's only been 3 days and we still have a whole summer to get through so...wish us luck)


My cousin Cyndy 'the nanny' just told me that "someone" thought it would be OK to have popcorn for breakfast. I knew EXACTLY who to look at when she said that.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I have a minute...

Thanks to my new "Nanny". she's not really my "nanny" but in my mind..I like to think that. She's my husband's cousin (our cousin) and she has some spare time this summer and could make some easy money.

It was her idea and I am sooo greatful.

Hopefully my children will behave on a daily basis to make it easy money for her.
Now I can go to work knowing that my children will be supervised by a responsible adult who is also a family member. Not that my family members aren't responsible. I would just prefer to leave my kids with someone I can trust as opposed to a total stranger wanting to watch the kids at their houses. I freak out at the thought of that. I don't know what kind of people these strangers have trafficking through their houses.
That's what Angel wanted me to do. Find some service in the paper that offers childcare in their house.
No Offense Kathy! You allow us into your life on a daily basis so we feel safe just knowing you.
I just don't trust the people around here. I've actually gone to meet a few people at their house and I see hookers either getting off duty or just starting their shift.
No Thanks.

But now no worries for me for THE WHOLE SUMMER. She will be living here with us. (If she doesn't run screaming from the house like an insane person) Not necessarily because of the kids...but cause of Angel and I. We're retarded together.

So...back to the point of the post:

Ladies, Check it out.
Heather and Mrs. Romero created a new blog.
What better way to get to know someone but through their humorous side.

So let me see if I got this right..

It's a contest and a way to get to know about more bloggers and receive more comments.
You can win a nice Fuji Fine Pix Digital Camera Kit, A Blogger's Survival Kit, A Sony Digital Voice Recorder and more!

All the info is here
SITS. Click here...
Check it out and check out the other funny blogs listed on the site!
Make sure and enter the contest while you're there.

I am not an expert on posting links and such on here but I am learning.


Now, Let me tell you about Devyn.
He's a quirky one.
He's super scrawny and always active. Always running and jumping and scooting and boarding and playing. NON-STOP!
He also eats all the time.
The funny thing about him is he ALWAYS has to use the restroom DURING meals. The kids can be sitting at the table and in the middle of dinner I will look up and Devyn will be gone. I don't know why but I always yell out for him "DEVYN"! and Miah and Dom will crack up and tell me he's in the restroom. I always ask him why he's in the restroom and he just shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know". So I joke and tell him that he must be "making room".

Well. Today. Around 5 pm. He had made himself 2 sandwiches and ate them both. Then he wanted a third right after he finished those. I told him no cause we are going to get ready to eat dinner in a bit.
He turned to me and said, "You know I can make room."


Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am totally exhausted.

I didn't plan on doing this much moving around at all.

Where do I begin?


I went to work as usual. Angel stayed home with the kids cause it was their first day of summer vacation. We hadn't found anyone to watch them that day so he volunteered to stay home. This was also the weekend we decided to take a bunch of furniture from my apartment to my sister.

The plan was to wait until I got out of work then we would load the furniture on a trailer and drive to the valley and give it to her. Then spend a pleasant rest of the weekend visiting our family there.

Not how it happened.

I went to work. Angel (being his impatient self) decided to load up the trailer AND the kids and drive to the valley without me (cause I was obviously taking too long at work). When I got out of work I came home and packed some supplies for myself ..and Devyn because he always forgets to pack SOMETHING for someone.

I drove to the valley and caught up with him at my sister's house. We unloaded the furniture, hung out with her awhile then he took the boys to his uncle's house to stay the night and I took Miah with me to his grandmother's house so we could sleep.

This was also the weekend that my best friend was moving to my current location.

SATURDAY (morning)

I went to her house the next morning and the movers had just finished putting the large items in the truck. I walk in and see lots of boxes everywhere as well as some end tables and a coffee table and still some kitchen items. THEN... I see the movers leaving. Jen had obviously paid the movers for 2 hrs and their 2 hrs were up.

Jen's girlfriend Ursula was waiting on a few of her guy friends to come over (as promised) and help move the rest of the stuff. They never showed.

FRIENDS! Never there when you need them.

So Jen and I decided we were going to just get to it. We went downstairs to the trailer and looked at how it was set up. We decided to re-arrange a few things cause we as women knew we could do a better job. And we did. Just the 3 of us loaded up the rest of the stuff from the house. one point one of their spooky neighbors stuck his head out of the door and offered to help so he and his dad brought some boxes downstairs for us. Which helped a lot.

Honestly...helping your friends move = free dinner.

I will be collecting tonight.

Ok. The U-haul was packed and ready to go. I decided to drive back home that day and Angel wanted to stay an extra day with the kids. Fine. NO PROBLEM. I started heading out with their TV in the back of my truck and I stop by grandma's house to pick up my summer sitter.

My husband's cousin decided she was going to come up in my mother-in-law's place to stay and watch the kids this coming week before I send them to the valley for the summer. We established that she would probably stay all summer. This way we don't have to send the kids away at all. I'm pretty happy about that.

We got ready to head out on the highway so I call Jen to find out where they are so we can follow each other. Jen was driving her car (loaded with her 3 cats in their carriers) and Ursula was driving the U-haul with Jen's 13 yr old daughter.
Well..the U-haul broke down in the very next small town. Jen was on the phone calling the 1-800 u-haul roadside assistance to come and help and getting upset cause someone on the other line was getting an attitude with her.
I met up with them where ever they were (not like I could help or anything) but I offered to go on ahead and take Jen's daughter with me so she didn't have to wait on the side of the road in the heat. I opted out of taking the cats cause I didn't want to hear constant meowing. That's all they did in those carriers. MEOW MEOW MEOW.

All in all...we made it here safely.

I'm sooo friggin tired cause in an effort to continue to entertain this night owl cousin of mine...I stayed up with her until 4 am. She had me watching some show called Rad Girls and this show had me gagging. The girls are just crazy on that show. If you ever get a chance..check it out.

I've got groceries to buy so I will be going and running my errands.'s an update on the rest of Dom's grades:

Texas History: 76
English: 70
PE: 63
Math: 73
Theater Art: 90
Science: 74

Now, As far as I know...and from what I see, he passed to the 8th grade.
Hopefully they will revoke his 'reservation' to summer school.

More later on...gotta go visit my friend.
Have a good day people.