Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sharkathon 2009

Well, we did it.

Angel and I went to the Sharkathon Fishing Tournament in Corpus Christi, Texas.

We really had a good time.

Here's the check-in. Yeah. We thought we were the shit when we got there. We knew we were going to catch a crap load of fish (maybe even a shark) and come away with the 10,000 grand prize.

I had a feeling something was going to happen when I woke up that morning. You know those feelings you get when something might go wrong? Well, yeah. We get there and a little while later I start feeling horrible. I mean..HORRIBLE. I start feeling body aches and my throat starts to feel tickly. I know I'm going to come down with a fever. THIS SUCKS!!

We are out on the beach with no medicine. SO, I called our boy Adam who lives there in Corpus. He comes to the rescue with meds, beer and Ice.

Here he is with Angel. Both of them showing off their tattoos and acting a fool.

You remember Adam from THIS time...right?
Alright. Meds downed and the next day we get to fishing. Here's our setup. Of course, you know THIS DIVA has to have it set up right because I know from past experiences that I will turn into a true B-I-T-C-H if I have to sleep all whacked out on the beach.
Only thing is..we left at 5 am and we had planned on stopping by the storage to pick up the tent and a few other necessities. Unfortunately, our storage isn't open 24 hrs so we didn't have a tent. We had to stop at Academy and buy another one. Much smaller and much cheaper.

Notice how ingenious it was to put the tent (along with queen size air mattress I managed to squeeze in it) UNDER the canopy?
Yeah, that was MY idea.
It's a good thing too because the first night...IT RAINED HARD.

Angel was passed out but I was laying in the tent next to him just looking up at the canopy hoping it wouldn't leak because we didn't have the rain guard on the tent.
We didn't get wet at all.

Here we have our restroom/shower area. Angel blocked it off from the traffic of cars that drive by all of the time. The only open area is facing the dunes. As long as no one comes over the dunes, they will not see any nakedness. No, we didn't use beach water to shower with. Angel brought along this huge container of clean water and it was luke-warm. We took Awesome under the open sky showers at night. It was a little weird standing naked out in the open but it was refreshing.

Here we have our living area. Not much since most of our stuff is still in storage. But we weren't there much anyway.


Angel has the poles set up for us. My four on the left and his 4 on the right. This way our lines won't get tangled when we have them out there.
Yes, we had to wade way out into the water in order to cast our lines. The water was great. Usually I don't go into the water. As soon as my feet get wet and touch the cold water I'm sprinting back to the beach and the chairs.

OHHHHH!! I caught something!! Hurry! Hurry! We need to get the camera out and document it so that we can enter it into the competition!
Huh? What is that white thing around my waist? Yeah, I know what it looks like. It's to hold the pole. Do you know how hard it is to be out there holding your rod and trying to reel in the fish?
It looks funny, I know but still, it serves its purpose.

Yes, I know how to fish!

Now let's see....the rules state you have to hold the ruler against the fish just like so....

Oh, wait. What's this? What the hell does Angel have? What the heck is that in his cast net?
More fish?


You mean, my fish isn't big enough? YOU MEAN...all I caught was BAIT?

Oh, I see. I need to catch a fish like that.


Well, it's time to eat. Nothing like grubbing on ribs and fajita at the beach.

I'm still not feeling well but I think I would be feeling much worse if I was actually home laying up in the bed under the covers because then I would definitely be feeling the fever.
We didn't get to use the kayak. That was for shark fishing but the waves were too rough and we would never make it out as far as we would like to set the bait.

Angel is enjoying himself. I'm glad. He's in his element.

We had a nice fire to keep us warm (and keep the mosquitoes away) each night.
You see out there in the dunes? I know it's night time and really dark but TRUST ME, there were coyotes out there. When the cars would drive by and their lights hit the dunes, you can see their outline on top of the dunes. Maybe they were waiting for us to fall asleep...

I'm pooped. I'm cleaning out the bait bucket and feeding the seagulls.

The next morning we packed up and came home. I was glad to spend quality alone time with Angel because we don't get a chance to do that anymore. Our 3 big needy kids want and demand our (my) attention constantly.

We didn't win anything or even go to the announcement ceremony.
Next year will be different. We will be better prepared and will come away winning something!

Anybody want to go next year?


Mel said...

Awwww cool... Sorry you got sick on the trip lady, but it still looks like you guys had a good time :)

~Sheila~ said...

We DID have a great time and come Sunday morning...we were ready to come

We will be planning our 2 week trip to NY in July soon.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

you threw in the fajita thing to make me jealous didn't you? you already know i want to hang with you and angel. yall seem like a lot of fun.

glad yall had a good time. and glad you didn't act like a punk all weekend. lol

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad you at least had fun and enjoyed yourself. That was a nice thing. Yes kids have a tendency to taking the quality time for their parents up up and away. Next year will be better for y'all.

Beyond Danielle said...

I'm with THA as soon as you said fajita and showed the grill I wished I could of been there I knew that you were going to enjoy yourself. The fever thing sucked, but at least you didn't have to chase the children around. Fishing seems so relaxing. Oh great catch LOL! But it's no shark

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Getting sick while camping totally sucks!!

Mista Jaycee said...

This was sooooo cool! I love the pics but I can't see the fish well enough! But Damn, You've shown me how it's supposed to be done!


honkeie2 said...

I have to say look like you were wearing a strap on in that one picture....I know its used to hold your 'rod' but it looks like something I saw in an adult store once. Not that I have any idea what the inside of one of those places looks like....

~Sheila~ said...

Naw, I threw in the fajita thing because we eat fajita here on a regular. That's why it's automatically beach food for
But...if you want to see it as a my guest.
Come hang with Angel and I. I bet you will be falling asleep in the back seat just like the

And..I ain't no punk.


Yeah, we had a great time. Angel kept saying it throughout the trip. I know he felt sorry for me being sick but he wasn't going to show it. lol, he wanted to FISH!

Next year WILL be better.

Beyond Danielle:
Yeah, I am glad I was able to just be there and chill even though I was sick. Do kids did make it easier!

It sure does but I didn't really feel much of it. Mostly laggy and congested.

Mista Jaycee:
Hi and Welcome!
That's right. That's what fishing is about and if you ever want to come back and use this site as a my guest. There is also other useful info in here like how to change out a broken toilet...

I KNEW IT! I knew you were the one who was going to pay close attention to detail (and be looking at my crotch area). You always pick up on that stuff!