Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shipped out...

Well, today my parents are on their way to NY to visit my Big Bro and my SIL Sherlisa.

We took my parents out to eat yesterday because I knew we weren't going to be seeing them for quite some time. There is "talk" about everyone coming to Texas for Christmas and that would be super cool but so mom is the only one I hear talking about it. My parents are going to be gone until January. That's a long time to be fending for myself here, geez.

My mom does everything for me. When she's not here cleaning and cooking a couple of days out of the week I let the kids take over any job she would be doing. Now it's time for her to help out my bro so I guess it's his turn since he still has young ones and mine can all wipe their own asses and prepare their own meals.

It's time to pass them on (until they come back..bwa ha ha hahahaha).

Here are my parents.

Joe and Dorthey.

As you can see I'm a product of a bi-racial couple.

Here are my kids with their grandparents. They had a good time eating all they could even though we kept interrupting my dad's ice cream eating time.

I just hope they have a pleasant and safe trip up there and that everyone has a good time!
I took this picture earlier today of Venus and Serena with Miah and Devyn. The dogs were taller than the kids when they stood on their hind legs.

My company has already hired a new physical therapist assistant so the area that I was covering has been decreased and THAT is a good thing. I won't have to drive so far to see a patient. I've been working and working and with school starting up I've been so tired and worn out because of the transition.

I will catch up and get my groove soon enough so that things will start to fall into place.

For now, I will try to post as much as possible but if any of you know me...GROUP NAP will always prevail!

Trust me, I WILL get my sleep.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I wish my mom would come clean my house. She's so pissed at me I'll be lucky if she even ever comes over again though!

honkeie2 said...

your parents make a cute couple :-D
and as far as asleep....well I start night school today and man oh man am i not looking forward to that!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

aww i know you're gonna miss them. you look like both of your parents.

~Sheila~ said...

I'm just counting the days when they come home. Each day counted is one sacrificed for cleaning. (but only a little bit)

How's the night school coming along? Wearing you out having to use your brain, huh?

Yes, I do miss them and I'm pretty sure I look like the milkman (or the mailman, whoever came (pun intended).