Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last Day before......DOOM!

Well guys, today is the last day of work for me this week.
I will be heading out either tonight or tomorrow with Angel so that we can start our "adventure".

Angel plans on recording a lot of it for us so that we can have "memories" but I'm not sure if I really want anyone to see me out there roughing it. You know, no make-up, soap, clean water, combs or deodorant.

Yeah, it's best to view me from a distance during this trip.

I'm not sure how I'm seeing this as relaxing.

We're supposed to be pretending to be extreme fishermen.

Angel has been loading up the trailer with all of our necessities.
Tent, canopies, tarp, lawn/beach chairs, fishing poles, toilet, generator, lights...etc

YES! I said "toilet"!

We have one of these:


I am SOOO grateful to have it. Don't ask me where we got it. I don't know. We've had it for a long time so at this point, I don't want to know. It's been cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

(don't look at me like I'm the weird one. You all know what YOU do)

I don't like to go to the beach for days without it. When we are packing up I'm always asking for or looking for my toilet.

You guys think I'm nuts, right?

Well, picture this:

You're out on the beach (for days like I will be) and you need to do #1 or #2....on second thought, LADIES..YOU imagine this (because the men can just pee behind the truck like Angel does). Now, imagine looking around for a place to complete this task and all you see is sand, water and dunes. Men, unlike you, we have to squat. I hate squatting. Something is always brushing up against my nether regions and nothing ever sprays right .

I don't care what people say about going into the water to do #1. I just can't do it. ESPECIALLY NOT # 2. My kids don't even do it because they always come to me to tell me they have to "use it".

So..that's the reason I like to take it with me (only to the beach people, only to the beach).

Angel sets it up so I have privacy with a tarp strategically placed over the truck door. We are currently looking for this:

That way we can have our own little restroom.

Now, I know you read about me complaining about having to go to the beach...again. Having to fish non-stop out in the hot sun..etc.

The truth is, I'm really a little excited about going and spending time with my Angel. This is what makes him happy and I want to be around when he's happy.

Ehhh...winning the prize won't hurt much either.

All week long I've been hearing this song and it's been setting the mood.

If I have reception out there on the deserted island I will try to post pics on follow me if you want to see some retardedness.

Have a good one you guys. I will be back on Sunday night!


Mel said...

Meet me in the truck, it's goin' down.
Meet me at the beach, it's goin' down.
Meet me in the ocean, it's goin' down.
Anywhere you meet me, guarantee it's goin' down!

LOL :)

I shall pray that you remain sane w/o your naps and comforts of home.

Beyond Danielle said...


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I hope you are having fun with your Angel baby!!

We have a little portable toilet for when we go camping, we need that tent outhouse thing!!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

loL@ yall have the toliet my grandma uses for daily use. and he's recording huh...that's why yall in matching outfits? fishing in button-ups..looking like mr. & mrs. shark catcher dundee.

hope yall had fun & yall caught something.