Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 More Days People..

I hope you are all gearing up to pray for me.

I really mean an actual candle light vigil for me since I'm going to be out on the beach (AGAIN) for the weekend.

Like I mentioned before, Angel is super revved up about this whole Sharkathon extreme-fishing-tournament-expedition-thingy we are participating in.Three days of non-stop fishing. I love my naps (YOU KNOW I LOVE MY NAPS) but I have a feeling Angel isn't going to let me get away with napping when every moment is supposed to be spent stroking and caressing our rods and reels.

PLUS, The Weather Channel said it's supposed to be raining all week. I'm not a big fan of sleeping on the beach under the rain. I've done it before and it sucked because Dom and Angel (Miah and Devyn weren't born yet) slept through the whole tropical storm while I stayed up all night and placed towels in the corners of the tent to soak up water so that we wouldn't drown in our sleep.

According to the rules and regulations, we are supposed to bait, cast and catch our own fish/shark and it all has to be documented by digital camera in order for it to be legit. If we catch the "winning" fish/shark, we will be polygraphed as part of the requirements for collecting the prize. I've never been polygraphed before, I hope they don't ask me about those missing movies
from Movie Gallery all those years ago. I may need to take a sedative.
Either way, I'm looking forward to winning.

We both have the day off from work so we will be leaving EARLY Friday morning and we won't be coming back until Sunday.

Question: Hey Sheila! Are the kids going with you to the Sharkathon?

Answer: HELL NO!

I can barely handle being out there myself watching the poles and trying to fish. The kids are a huge distraction mainly because they are ALWAYS in the water and I have to watch them to make sure none of them get washed out to sea.

Question: So..what are you going to do with the kids?
Answer: I'm going to leave them here to fend for themselves. What the heck do you think I've been breeding them to do all of these years!!


My mother in law is going to take them to school Friday morning and then keep them the rest of the weekend. She must miss having lots of kids around *snicker*.
I laugh because I know how she is and she's VERY impatient. I still love her for taking them on all weekend. I'm sure she will have them at the doorstep the minute we tell her we are heading back (hopefully with our winnings).

Wish me luck people and pray for me that I don't come back with hooks in my fingers!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

That's one serious competition! Polygraph?? Crazy!

I hope it doesn't rain on you!

Beyond Danielle said...

If you catch a shark I would love to see that video.

honkeie2 said...

HAHAHA I cannt believe you put 'stroking and caressing our rods' in your post. Get ready for tons of hits from gay fishermen looking for love lol.

~Sheila~ said...

I'm BUT I better win, I don't want to be out there for NOTHING!

Beyond Danielle:
Let me catch a shark first and I will post it for all of the world to see. Angel just wants to video the whole thing regardless. He wants

I know, I knew it would catch your eye. But for real, we have poles all over the place. IN THE HOUSE!!

Mel said...

I shall pray for your sanity... You know, in between my naps :)

Jemini577 said...

WOW they really polygraph people for that prize, Dam I hop the prize is worth all that stuff actually it'll be fun itself plus time away with the husband is always a good thing. Good luck and I hope you two win the prize. Catch the shark!!!