Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Alright, I've been a bum and haven't even finished wrapping my gifts. Of course, Angel has been here and hasn't helped me one bit.

I had a whole list of things for him to do while he is here for the 2 weeks and we have yet to complete them. It's not like I've been sitting around the house doing nothing though, I HAVE been working. I am still going to be working today. I've managed to move some of my patients around so that hopefully it works out that I will have Friday as well as Thursday off.

Angel already has plans to go fishing with his brother in law all day Friday through Saturday.

I need a break anyway.

I don't know why I've been exhausted (could be the frickin early morning wake-ups that I keep getting and not being able to go back to sleep). I get plenty of sleep which could be the problem. Last night I crawled into bed around 8:30 and passed out. I woke up several times throughout the night but only to look at the clock. At 12, 1 and 3 am ...Angel wasn't in the bed. I didn't dare get up and go check on him.
Around 4 he came in and I asked him why didn't he come to bed and he said because he fell asleep in front of the TV.

That was all it took. That little conversation took place and now I am up for the rest of the day. Well, me and Tattoo and the dang dogs.

I have 5 patients today so It's gonna be a short day.

Jenn may be coming this weekend so I will let you know how that and the season goes.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Andy said...

I haven't wrapped one present.

Merry Christmas! I hope yours is nice and relaxing.