Saturday, September 19, 2009

1 good reason to hold off on driving lessons.

For some reason, every time I get into the vehicle with the kids, MIAH thinks it's a good idea to encourage me to speed. I don't know what's come over her.

Yesterday, we were at the light and she was actually almost bouncing in her seat talking about, "Oh..Go fast! Floor it! FLOOR IT! FLOOR IT!..."


I had to calm her down and tell her in my calmest mommy voice..."The light is RED, Miah."

But as soon as the light changed, she was all over it again.

Sooo...I accelerated...a little....more.

Which sent us flying at warp speeds of 30 mphs in a residential area (for about a block).
Of course, Miah looks at me like..What was that?

Whatev...we sped.

Since it has rained here recently, there have been large puddles of water on the ground. The first thing she says when she sees them is, "SPLASH IT!"

This is what she wants.

Now, you know that in order to get a nice good splash from the puddle you need to pick up some speed. I'm not trying to drive head on into a huge hole camo'd by water. If the puddle were in a large parking lot (say like... the Mall), I wouldn't have a problem with it because most likely there isn't a hole. BUT...since we NEVER go to the Mall and are mostly by alleys and back roads....not chancing it.

Me: No Miah, there cold be a hole in that huge puddle and I'll mess up my truck.
Miah: Awwwe!

I know, I know...I'm a huge buzzkill but still..

Now, I wouldn't be sitting here in the early AM writing this if it was as simple as that.


Miah isn't only trying to encourage me to break the law by speeding (and occasionally splashing), she also wants me to use my 4 Runner as a battering ram. We could be riding along, innocently and one of the boys will point out something they see and Miah will instantly yell out, "RAM IT!"

Where does she get this from? I'm still blaming her dad. I don't ever recall a time growing up that I wanted my parents to ram into ANYTHING. And if I did...I certainly didn't yell it out.

She don't care. She'll sit in her seat salivating and eyeballing everything we pass and I can almost hear the echo of evil laughter in her brain.

Miah isn't picky. She wants me to RAM things or people...whatever happens to be in our line of sight. If you happen to be walking on the sidewalk anywhere around us, she will yell out "RAM EM!" and instantly you are a victim in her head.

It's a good thing I'm the driver. We might have to postpone her driving lessons until she has a clearer head or at least take her to ride some bumper cars.


Dana said...

oh no! Sounds like she's gonna be a little hellion behind the wheel. I think I'd hold off on driving lessons too! Maybe you SHOULD take her to drive bumper cars more. Get it out of her system!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Sounds like you should take her to ride some bumper cars lol.

When it rains here we get some HUGE puddles down the street. The kids all call it the "big puddle way" home lol. They all cheer after we go through it, it's really fun!

~Sheila~ said...

I hope not! She's going to be one to watch though.
Bumper Cars it is...

That's 2 votes for bumper cars..

I will head to the mall parking lot next time so the kids can have fun and cheer too. Maybe Miah will get the "RAM 'EM" idea out of her head.

Beyond Danielle said...

oh no she's losing her innocence

honkeie2 said...

I love her, anyone who gets excited by speeding and ramming things with a truck can be my fwend! I used to use my old Pontiac as a battering ram to move shopping carts. And my new little Toyota is like a suped up go cart. 6 speed manual trans, can we say, go speed racer go speed racer!?!

~Sheila~ said...

Beyond Danielle:
Naw...she's just being different. Her brothers get a big kick out of it because she's a girlie girl. Dom looks at her like he's shocked

I'm just waiting to see what kind of car she is going to want. By the time she is of driving age, who knows what kind of vehicles will be on the road by then.

Mel said...

Go Miah go! Vrooom vroooooooom!
*floors gas pedal*

Anonymous said...

So she'll be a driver on impulses she gets to ram things huh, yes wait on driving lessons and make her buy her 1st car yo, cuz may be several fender benders in her future. My aunt tried to teach one of her teens to drive years ago and the breaks went out and he jumped outta the car, talkin bout he had to jump out, he's crazy.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

now why everytime you blame her dad? i think you are influencing these behaviors because again...who is she asking?

better watch out tho, her need for speed and reckless driving might transfer to her own driving when that time comes. just don't leave her alone to encourage Dom to do it. yanno he's all about the peer pressure lol