Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jared's Right.

I AM starting a zoo.

Not intentionally, though.

I already had the 2 hamsters and the gerbil when I moved to this house. We promised the kids that we would get dogs when we did because we used to live in an apartment that didn't allow cats or dogs. We also promised Miah that she could get a cat here too. (Snowball didn't count because she was "left" here).

The current house occupant list:
1 husband
3 kids
3 rodents
2 dogs ("with a worm farm" says Jared)
1 (outside) cat
and 1 new kitten.

She's the one in the back saying "WHAT'S UP!"

She's Miah's kitten. Her birthday is coming up and Miah is the best little girl in the world. (She would have to be to put up with 2 brothers).

The dogs have been outside since their little infestation of worms. Yes people...they still are my babies....just "outside" babies right now.

This part is for MOE!

He wrote a post about saving money. It was a really great post with excellent tips. (Thanks MOE).

Here's how I saved money.

As you know, on my birthday, my water heater broke and we had to buy another one. That wasn't the only problem. The pipes in this house were sooo old. They were galvanized pipes and they were completely clogged. My father-in-law called my uncle and he came over with a friend.

This friend of his knew how to replace the pipes.

That's what he did!

He replaced all of the pipes in the house so now we have excellent water flow throughout the entire house.

Guess how much all of this costs?

$150.00 (not including the price of the water heater).

This man spent 3 days replacing pipes and that is all he charged. helpful tip for saving money...marry into a family of construction workers who have friends with plumbing experience. (Also, Uncle Benny is a cool is that!!)



Moe Wanchuk said...

That is Great. I Love it. I don't know why, but the older I get, the more I enjoy SAVING money.

Such a change from when I was younger

Power Up Love said...

Money seems to be like time. I don't know where it goes. But all I know, is that I never seem to have enough time or money. Help me Moe.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Ah it will finally let me comment! It wouldn't at all yesterday! I'm so jealous of your gas prices! Ours was finally down to #2.99-$3.05 (one was $3.19 guess they didn't get the memo) when I went to get it the other day.