Sunday, October 25, 2009

I know...I know...

I know you guys want to cuss me out for being gone for awhile.

I haven't really been on Twitter and I've been MIA on this blog for awhile.

I don't really have a good excuse but just like my kids, I'm gonna pull one out of my ass.

Ummm...let me see which one works better...

I KNOW!....I have been majorly busy and haven't had time to tweet or blog.

No, that's a big-time lie.

Uhhh....I've been sick and haven't been able to get out of bed or do anything productive?

No, that's a lie too. (although, I have been feeling pretty crappy in my throat lately)

Alright, I'll just say it.

I've been addicted to facebook.

There, I've said it.

No, not staring at my long lost friend's pictures and hoping they would pop up in the chat list so I can catch them for a chat.
Nope, I was playing Farmville and Yoville.

I know they are child(ish) games but my brother called me up one night and I was already asleep. He asks me about farmville and told me to check it out (and he's OLDER than me). I went back to sleep but you know when I woke up I checked it out and started playing.

Damn addicting games.

I won't get into it but that's where I've been. Although, I have to say I have a pretty sweet farm back in Farmville but for some reason my friends in Yoville keep asking me to "take it slow" and "come back tomorrow". All I wanted was another kiss.
Oh, yeah..the catching up with old friends is nice too.

So, What's been going on with me you ask?

Workin, same ole same ole.
Devyn has started playing football. Tackle football. He's 8.
Right now, he's too nice. He is either afraid to get hit or afraid to hit someone else. We'll have to work on that.
See @studiogenious he does look me. (check out my boy's blog: The Infamous Nobody. He's got the insight on why men do what they do on his ManFive Fridays).
So here's Devyn at cute.

Here he is at his first game. Not sure if he knows what he's doing but cute.

He's here at his first high school pep rally. No, he's not a child genious (yet), his coach took him to his high school and it was the homecoming pep rally. Devyn's team was mentioned as the upcoming Wolverines.
look at that sweet face..

I've also been nursing sick dogs. Chupa and Roary have been sick and I've been going back and forth from the vet with them.
Here's Roary. He was throwing up for days and I had to take him to the vet and hope he wouldn't die. I wouldn't be able to handle that again.

He was barely able to drink water days later. He still threw it up.

Then Chupa got sick. He got Parvo. I'm guessing Roary had it too but the vet said No.

I had about a week and a half of doggie vomit and sickness.

I'm so glad they are better now.

NOW, I want to tell you a story:
Saturday, Angel got rained out from work and came home and told me about a tiny black kitten that hangs around his work yard (an hour away from home). He says it comes around all the time and meows and they feed it and it hangs around his truck.
I was like, gonna bring it home?
He said,... maybe, if I see it tomorrow when I go to work, I might bring it home.
Alright, done.
So, I'm napping and a little while later, Dom comes and wakes me up to tell me that there was a kitten outside the house.
He brings it in and Angel recognizes it as the kitten from his work (an hour away from home).
Apparently, the kitten hitched a ride somewhere in Angel's engine (without getting chopped up) and survived and hour long ride on the highway all the way to my house.
(WHAT?! Angel was going to bring him to me anyway)
Angel may seem like a big barbaric heavy metal dude but you guys don't see him cuddling these animals.
It was meant to be.

I also want to officially give my sincerest CONGRATS to Dana over at Boy Oh Boy!

She's just had her 6th baby boy and I can't see how she does it! I am wishing her all the love and joy and patience. Check her out and give her some support and advice and whatever coupon sites you guys have.

Friday, October 9, 2009


So...I have this friend...

(Yes, the same friend who likes those glitter panties)


Let me tell you guys....she's super LAZY. I have honestly never met anyone THAT lazy. I'm going to give you one example.:

She knows how to rearrange her bedroom so that her necessities are within reach from the bed. I've seen her not get off the bed for anything unless she has to pee, shower or get something from the kitchen. When she's completed those tasks, she heads back to the comfort of her bed

(at least it looks comfortable, I wouldn't know. Like I said, it's my lazy friend we're talking about).

You remember those glitter panties I told you about earlier? Well, there just happens to be glitter all over the remote controls for the TV and well as the remote for the air condition.


Her underwear drawer has become her bedside table. She sticks her cans of Cheladas in there when she's watching TV. She sticks anything she is drinking there in her drawer. All she has to do is move the glittering things over a little and make some room in the corner and "VOILA"...lazy bedside table.

She just leans over and never has to leave the bed.

There have been candy wrappers in there. Maybe that's why her glitter things smell like chocolate.


(...err....from what she's told me.)

I think it's practical.

Now, if only that drawer could triple as a bedside commode...

Okay...maybe that might be pushing it a little bit.

She's still LAZY!

So what, she's my friend, who am I to judge?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Might be winning the lotto in the future folks...

And please, don't come leaving comments on my blog THEN asking for handouts.

Thanks in advance.

(I'm just practicing being a rich bitch..hee hee)

I bet you're all wondering why I'm planning on being rich (hopefully soon) and will be snubbing my face up to the rest of the world while I'm sitting on my YACHT sipping champagne.

Well, maybe not on a yacht because I get sea sick and probably not sipping champagne because I don't really drink that stuff either (unless you count New Years when EVERYONE is sipping out of those fake, plastic champagne glasses you get from the dollar store).


My rich ass is going to be doing something that rich people do. I don't currently know what that is but...mark my words.

So, this is why:

Devyn came to me the other day and told me that he sees things before they happen.

I was like: What do you mean?

...and he took a deep breath and sighed and said...,

"I see some things in my head and maybe like a week later it happens for real. It happens a lot and it happened today at school. I dreamed about a friend and the same thing happened."

Me: *blink*, *blink*

Me: Oh, ok...How long has this been going on?

Devyn: For awhile, but I only see them in my dreams.

So, I'm not alarmed at all.

I say: Okay, well if you come across any numbers in your dreams, write them down so momma can go to the store and bubble in some numbers.
Maybe if I have him carry around the lotto bubble paper and a pencil, something will inspire him?!
It's worth a shot.

Later, I'm sitting here processing what he's telling me because, well, Dom mentioned something like that in passing the other day and I blew it off because he keeps changing who he is, i.e. Skater, Rocker, Emo and now he's trying to be Wicca. I know it's just a phase but I told him that the only thing he is going to be is GRADES! That is what matters right now or you will end up being a BUM.


I told Angel this and he says, "Well, you remember that guy who came to our house and told us that Devyn was going to be able to see stuff later on?"

Ummm, I remember the man and exactly how he was because he was claiming to be psychic. Angel then reminded me that he told us this WHILE I was pregnant with Devyn. And then I remembered...oh yeah..

SO.....That's my plan people. My 'get rich quick" scheme. Unless this takes all his life. I don't have that long.

OR (please Lord, please don't let this be the case)..Unless he's like this:

Now, I love this show and all but I'm out for the riches. I don't EVER see her predicting any lotto numbers. Just a bunch of dead people wanting her to solve their murders.

I don't want to see any of these around and I don't want Devyn telling me that one might be standing behind me.

I think if we all just pray together then we can send money happy thoughts to Devyn so that my plan will be already in motion.

I can't do this alone, people.


Monday, October 5, 2009


layouts myspace

Now, I know what you guys are thinking.."Sheila's gonna talk about her underwear".

NOOOO, C'mon.

What kind of girl do you guys think I am?!


See, I have this friend and she has this problem.

She loves wearing underwear with glitter on them. She thinks they are cute and sexy and they make her feel cute and sexy...and...

What?! That's what she told me!

Back to her problem, she says when she wears the glitter panties that she ends up with glitter all over her nether regions. Now, I, personally wouldn't know what she's talking about. So, anyway, she goes on to tell me about how sometimes she wakes up in the morning while wearing the glitter panties and she has glitter on her eye lids and on her cheek and on the bottom of her feet. I don't know how she gets it all over the place. But it's all over the place and throughout her covers.

At least this is what she tells me.

She claims to have a drawer full of them so there is always glitter flying all over the place. God forbid she should wash her glitter panties with Angel's work clothes...I mean, with her husband's clothes...if she has one.

Let's keep in mind that my friend isn't exactly shopping at Frederick's of Hollywood or even Victoria's Secret for these super cute panties. So I guess she gets what she pays for.

Well, I don't really know how much she paid for them because I don't know her like that to be all up in her finances and stuff.


Just wanted to let you guys know what's going on with me.

I friend.