Friday, October 9, 2009


So...I have this friend...

(Yes, the same friend who likes those glitter panties)


Let me tell you guys....she's super LAZY. I have honestly never met anyone THAT lazy. I'm going to give you one example.:

She knows how to rearrange her bedroom so that her necessities are within reach from the bed. I've seen her not get off the bed for anything unless she has to pee, shower or get something from the kitchen. When she's completed those tasks, she heads back to the comfort of her bed

(at least it looks comfortable, I wouldn't know. Like I said, it's my lazy friend we're talking about).

You remember those glitter panties I told you about earlier? Well, there just happens to be glitter all over the remote controls for the TV and well as the remote for the air condition.


Her underwear drawer has become her bedside table. She sticks her cans of Cheladas in there when she's watching TV. She sticks anything she is drinking there in her drawer. All she has to do is move the glittering things over a little and make some room in the corner and "VOILA"...lazy bedside table.

She just leans over and never has to leave the bed.

There have been candy wrappers in there. Maybe that's why her glitter things smell like chocolate.


(...err....from what she's told me.)

I think it's practical.

Now, if only that drawer could triple as a bedside commode...

Okay...maybe that might be pushing it a little bit.

She's still LAZY!

So what, she's my friend, who am I to judge?


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

ok, am i the only person who has a sneaking suspicion that this "friend" is really sheila? i mean she sounds JUST like sheila. she acts JUST like sheila. she glitters JUST like sheila.

i think you've developed split personalities. i so think this "lazy glittery friend" is you.

i'ma need you to join yourself and start using, "I" instead of "my friend". cause if there are two of you in this world...we all need to go to church right now.

~Sheila~ said...


Maybe I just attract those type of people. I don't know what that's about.
I also attract the type of people who eat their child's powdered donuts....hmmm.

Mel said...

Gee, you "friend" sure has a lot of problems.

@TUN: I'm thinking the same thing as you!