Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Might be winning the lotto in the future folks...

And please, don't come leaving comments on my blog THEN asking for handouts.

Thanks in advance.

(I'm just practicing being a rich bitch..hee hee)

I bet you're all wondering why I'm planning on being rich (hopefully soon) and will be snubbing my face up to the rest of the world while I'm sitting on my YACHT sipping champagne.

Well, maybe not on a yacht because I get sea sick and probably not sipping champagne because I don't really drink that stuff either (unless you count New Years when EVERYONE is sipping out of those fake, plastic champagne glasses you get from the dollar store).


My rich ass is going to be doing something that rich people do. I don't currently know what that is but...mark my words.

So, this is why:

Devyn came to me the other day and told me that he sees things before they happen.

I was like: What do you mean?

...and he took a deep breath and sighed and said...,

"I see some things in my head and maybe like a week later it happens for real. It happens a lot and it happened today at school. I dreamed about a friend and the same thing happened."

Me: *blink*, *blink*

Me: Oh, ok...How long has this been going on?

Devyn: For awhile, but I only see them in my dreams.

So, I'm not alarmed at all.

I say: Okay, well if you come across any numbers in your dreams, write them down so momma can go to the store and bubble in some numbers.
Maybe if I have him carry around the lotto bubble paper and a pencil, something will inspire him?!
It's worth a shot.

Later, I'm sitting here processing what he's telling me because, well, Dom mentioned something like that in passing the other day and I blew it off because he keeps changing who he is, i.e. Skater, Rocker, Emo and now he's trying to be Wicca. I know it's just a phase but I told him that the only thing he is going to be is GRADES! That is what matters right now or you will end up being a BUM.


I told Angel this and he says, "Well, you remember that guy who came to our house and told us that Devyn was going to be able to see stuff later on?"

Ummm, I remember the man and exactly how he was because he was claiming to be psychic. Angel then reminded me that he told us this WHILE I was pregnant with Devyn. And then I remembered...oh yeah..

SO.....That's my plan people. My 'get rich quick" scheme. Unless this takes all his life. I don't have that long.

OR (please Lord, please don't let this be the case)..Unless he's like this:

Now, I love this show and all but I'm out for the riches. I don't EVER see her predicting any lotto numbers. Just a bunch of dead people wanting her to solve their murders.

I don't want to see any of these around and I don't want Devyn telling me that one might be standing behind me.

I think if we all just pray together then we can send money happy thoughts to Devyn so that my plan will be already in motion.

I can't do this alone, people.



Indigo said...


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i'm saying....can i borrow devyn to go watch some horses?....all kids like horses. i just need some longshots.

ask him if "grady's knees" is gonna upset this sunday. i'll cut him in if he's dreaming at 100% lol

Cyn said...

OMG that used to happen to me... then I became a notorious party girl and got crunk way too many times... I lost my gift :( lol Seriously... Only not to bust your bubble... not sur it works on lotto. BOO ;( but I will hit devyn up too, see if he can score me some numbers.

Beyond Danielle said...

I always found that so weird and I was the only personl that happened to now I find more and more ppl who dreams are really dejavu. I also don't think that it predicts numbers.

But as a child I always found myself in situations where I would say wait a minute this has happened before. I wrote a post about this

Beyond Danielle said...

Mel said...

That has happened to me several times before. It kinda creeped me out. Anywho, kids cannot gamble! lol