Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heading out...

Today is the day we are heading out to our "camping" location.

I say "camping" like that because our plans have been modified a little bit. For instance, We won't actually be "camping" like real campers do even though that was the original plan. You know, sleep in a tent...on the ground...with NO A/C.


I happen "come across" some sites online and found some rooms for us to stay in the whole time we are there.
HEY..I want to be happy. You guys want me to be happy, right?
OKAY...that means a nice soft, comfy bed and clean running water to shower.

That's what we got.
It's right off of the beach just the way Angel likes. know that since we are going on "vacation" I was going to need some new luggage.

Okay, so I didn't really need any new luggage but as I was shopping yesterday with the kids and my cousin CYN for some things for the kids I saw these..

I had seen them several times before but could never bring myself to buy them because each one was around 34.99.
I'm cheap. I can't do that. So I waited.

And I waited....

And waited...

Then, they had them lined up just like that and I saw this little orange sticker on them.
$20.00 for each of the larger ones, the smaller one was priced at $9.99 and the tote on top was $3.

I called Angel and told him about the suitcases and the prices. He asked if I wanted them and said I could get them.


So, Cyn, the kids and I all grabbed one and headed to the register before someone else could snatch them up.

When we got there we noticed a black set. *GASP*

What the hell?

How am I going to choose now?

When we looked closer, we noticed that the black set was missing one of the pieces. So Cyn suggested that I alternate size and color and have the best of both worlds. GENIUS!!

So this is what I ended up with:

To make everything blissfully better, when the cashier rang up the luggage, the prices weren't even the same.

The largest piece rang up at $7.50

The next size down was $10.00

Next down was $10.00

The small black one was $9.99 and the tote was $3.00

So I went from almost paying $73.00 to actually paying $40.49.


Alright. That was the good, happy part of the post.

Now to the gruesome part...

You all know Chupa, right?

See how adorable he is....

Here he plays with the cat. Since the cat has recently been de-clawed, he's pretty much harmless and can't scratch but he can still bite and pounce like nobodies business.

Watch out, Tattoo is a mean bitch slapper.

But of course, Tattoo is not the focus here.

I've encountered the same problem with Chupa that I've had with the other dogs and it's really tripping me out.

I love the little puppy and would like to have him play with me on the bed BUUUUUT.....

HE HAS THE SAME PROBLEM THAT VENUS HAD. (<----Trust me, you want to read that!)

I could be loving on the puppy and playing with it and *snap* in an instant, I'm fixated on watching his butt to make sure nothing slithers out.

GROSS, I know, but still. Anytime I imagine (or see) those damn things this is the image I get:

Yeah, Okay, so it may not actually be THAT bad but still. Have any of you seen a worm's face up close?


I'm talking about the ones that come out of your pet's butts?


Well, then, take my word for it. THAT'S WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!!
Yes, I know they are only the size of a grain of rice but as I've said before..Menacing.


Have a good one you guys. I'll be thinking of you as I sit on the beach sipping on Cheladas (and any other alcoholic beverage I can get my hands on).

Yes I know that the act of sipping on Cheladas doesn't necessarily need a beach and that I'm usually sipping on Cheladas anyway but, today, the beach offers a change of scenery. You know...not like my bedroom, living room or shower. <---what can I say. I get thirsty at random times.

P.S. Dom will be writing in his Blog again once school starts. Hopefully the curriculum isn't to strenuous on him and he will have time. Not like his lazy Mama!


honkeie said...

I love camping and sleeping in the dirt. Its what crazy white people do, we pretend we are homeless for a week and call it a vacation!
And after that little heart worming story I really dont want dogs/cats/hamsters/or any animal that is 2 days of starvation away from becoming a meal lol

Danielle said...

I love the luggage!!! i have skeletons and crossbones tattooed on the back of each arm.

Beyond Danielle said...

I seen this picture of luggage on my homepage and I said Uh oh!!! It doesn't look like camping supplies. I quess this is a situation when it's the thought that counts.

Julie H said...

Love the luggage!! Although the first time you fly that white stuff is going to be a whole 'nother color lol.

Hope you got the puppies some dewormer, that so gross!!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

umm..that worm shit is nasty. that's why i HATE animals. that and their fur. feeding them. training them. taking care of them. looking at

you get my point?

~Sheila~ said...

I would prefer a vacation with room service for a change. I love all animals but they just might be the first to go come apocolypse

I have developed a love for the skulls and crossbones. Only as long as they are cute.

Beyond Danielle:
Yeah, camping supplies are what you make of

I love the luggage too and my friend and mother keep talking about how they are going to borrow it when they go on their trips..NO.

I Got dewormer and have been using it but I don't think it is working. UGHHH

I'm an animal lover. I can't help but have animals around me (this includes my