Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm pretty sure my house is haunted.

Below is the image at:

Crazy talk, right?

Yeah, probably, but for real tho, I think it may be haunted...just a little bit.

My cousin Cindy mentions strange things happening around here when he ask her to "house sit".
She mentioned her keys not being in the place she was sure she put them.

Of course, that's just her experience.
Mine...well...for some reason, the kids constantly come running to my room saying "Ma'am?"

I look at them confused because I don't know what they are doing in my doorway asking what I wanted.

I didn't want anything. I was watching TV and drinking a beer (most of the time).

Then all of a sudden they show up asking what we wanted and swearing that we called them.
ALL of the kids do this. They swear they heard me calling out their name from my bedroom and *poof* there they are, in my doorway.
So the way I figure it, there are pros and cons to EVERYTHING.

Let's list them, shall we?

1. At least I know my kids aren't deaf.
2. At least I know ALL of my kids are being called. (you know, no favoritism)

3. The kids are getting plenty of exercise running back and forth to my room...all day.

4. I'm out of beer, guess who show up at my door asking if I called them? YESSSS!! NEW BEER!

And the Cons:

1. Who the heck is calling my kids? What ghost is in my house?

2. There might be friggin ghosts in my house! Are they in my bedroom during "adult time"?

3. Stop calling the kids you stupid ghosts! I'm trying to take a nap and the kids are showing up at my door...ALL THE TIME!

4. There might be a ghost in my house. That's CREEPY!

Either way. I can still stay isolated to my room and let the ghost do all the work.
Now, if only it knew how to tell the kids to do their chores.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Or clean! That would be nice.

Beyond Danielle said...

oooooohhhhh! ghost! scary!

some kids just wish you were calling lol

did the ghost make you post this post because you on my blog list is scary now LOL

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

ghost in house scare the hell out of me. seriously. lol. i'm made you said, "at least they call all the kids, no favoritism" that had to be the best line.

any why do they think it's you calling them? is it you? are you living "the other's" existence and just don't know you're the ghost? i'm saying. . .